Saturday, January 22, 2022


By Deacon Steve Martinez

Hell Yes I Am Pro-Choice

Someone asked me today how come I am not “pro-choice”? Is it just because I work for the Church, or do I truly believe that “pro-choice” is wrong?

My response shocked them…

I am very much pro-choice…all the way to my core. And every court in the land has also affirmed the concept of pro-choice. Case after case, courts have ruled that mothers AND FATHERS not only have a right to choose, but a solemn responsibility to choose on behalf of their children. 

BUT, that right/responsibility comes with a catch. When we make a choice on behalf of our children, we are required to do what we believe is in the best interest of our children. The court does not allow room for selfish interests of the parents. And God expects the same of us parents as well. So this right to choose is both legal and moral!

I’ve done more than 50 mediations for child custody for the Guam courts, and I always apply that same imperative, and no judge has ever found that guideline to be wrong. Every court in our country calls upon parents to do what is in the best interest of the child. And when the court has to choose one parent over the other in matters of custody, it is only interested in what is best for the child. 

That responsibility only goes away when the child reaches the age of majority, or 18, but only if they are competent to make those decisions for themselves. If they are not competent, when they turn 18, then the responsibility continues with the parents, unless they relinquish responsibility to the state. Then the state assumes that burden of choice on behalf of the child/adult. 

So, can anyone explain to me why that same right/responsibility would not apply to parents for the unborn child as well? I cannot think of any legal or moral reason why parents would be relieved of this “pro-choice” requirement for the most vulnerable children in the world. The only reason is selfishness, and that just doesn’t carry any weight at all in this discussion. 

No illness or disease gives a parent the right to terminate the life of a child already born. Ending their life is NOT in the child’s best interest, no matter what the circumstances! Even if it presents a huge inconvenience to one or both parents. 

AND, no illness, or disease should give any parent a right to end the life of their unborn child, either. 

So, hell yes I am pro-choice. And so are all US courts. And, obviously, so is God. 

But the choice must be in the best interest of the child. No consideration is given to the parents, and how the child may affect their life/lives. 

Any questions?

They had no response.  

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