Tuesday, January 18, 2022


posted by Frenchie

Beware of the snakes in our island community, doing the work of the Evil One under the guise of Equity.

Last week, Mr Manny Cruz a long time fixture of the Guam public arena, wrote a letter to the Editor of the Pacific Daily News which I have often criticized for its unabashed anti Catholicism.

you can read it Here 

Mr Cruz had taken umbrage of the latest column of "Dr" Bevacqua, the habitual historical revisionist in chief of the Chamorro separatist movement on Guam.

As he is used to, in his weekly column in the PDN where he has had a friendly window to expand on his narrow and sectarian views, Mr Bevacqua had once again taken things out of context, and repackaged it, to take another cheap shot at the history of Catholicism and the Chamorro Culture.

This is what the former assistant professor of the UOG, former assistant to the one term gadfly senator Kelly Marsh "Taitano", and now curator of the Guam Museum, usually does in his weekly columns.

It is part of his constant drumbeat, made of half truths, innuendos, half baked studies, and outright lies, which he unleashes constantly on the Guam Public, with the wink, wink, nod, nod aquiescence of the majority of our local media, and with the protection of a substantial part of our political class.

You can read his column here

One could have hope that since we got rid of the corrupt and disgraced Apuron, our Archbishop, or someone from the Chancery would have had the fortitude to denounce this kind of stone age anti Christian, and specifically anti Catholic diatribes.

This would be a perfect opportunity for the official Press Secretary of the Chancery to justify his own salary by writing his own letter to the Editor, with the Archbishop's blessing.

Alas this would be too nice to be true!

Thanks God for strong Catholic men, specially for a man like Mr Manny Cruz, who clearly challenged the good Dr.

His letter must have hit its mark, because Mr Bevacqua (often called the Che Bevacqua because of his mimetism of the famous communist Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevarra, partner in crime of Fidel Castro), decided to attack Mr Cruz on his Facebook account, and remove his veil of respectability by making personal, vicious and obviously false accusation against Mr Cruz. Very much in line with the tactics of the former senator and openly racist Hope Cristobal.

Che Bevacqua posing in front of the UN assembly in NYC

with the failed Tahitian independence leader Oscar Temaru. Also a strong Anti Catholic.


We should therefore be thankful for strong Catholic men like Mr Cruz, for his courageous stand, and keep a close watch for the likes of Bevacqua, Underwood, Won Pat, Borja,Perez, Cristobal and their ilks for their termite work against our Church and against the political stability of our island. 


  1. Thank you Frenchie. True, we need more men, especially more Catholic men like Manny Cruz. We also need you and JungleWatch to keep these sorts of things in public view. I see that JungleWatch has surpassed TEN MILLION views. There are a lot of people reading JungleWatch that would never see a letter to the editor to a paper in Guam. Please keep it up.

    1. Good afternoon, anon at 1.14. We appreciate your support. We shall keep to endeavor. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  2. Bevacqua is a dangerous leftist agitator, who never work an honest day in his life. Yet I shall pray for his soul.