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Cardinal Sarah

Former Prefect of the Congregation of the Divine Worship


Discipline of Sacraments


Cardinal Sarah, the de facto leader of African Catholic bishops ( the fastest growing constituency of the Catholic Church) submitted his resignation to Pope Francis almost a year ago, on February 20 2021, having reached the age of mandatory retirement.

Pope Francis accepted the Cardinal's resignation, even if  as contrary to tradition he did not have an immediate replacement, for such an essential and prestigious Congregation.

A prolific writer, Cardinal Sarah, just released his latest book, in France. The title being:

"Pour l'eternite" Meditations sur la figure du pretre.

(For the Eternity." Reflections on the image of the priest.)

Published by Fayard in French, it should be available to English readers around the time of Lent.

Pope Francis instead waited a few months before appointing a replacement in the person of Bishop Arthur Roche from England, (in May of last year) who was soon after elevated to the title of Cardinal. Becoming in the process the highest and most powerful British episcopal figure in an extremely long time. This also assures Francis of a less confrontational relationship with the congregation for the time being.


In the same sweep, Pope Francis revamped the whole leadership of the Congregation with the appointment of Bishop Vittorio Francesco Viola OFM as Secretary of the Congregation; as well as Spanish priest Aurelio Garcia Macias, a protege of Cardinal Blasquez the president of the Spanish Conference of Bishops.

For those interested in this musical chair game, and how it has consequences for the future, you can read an excellent article from the site Monday Vatican Here

(you will need to scroll down a couple of pages, click on previous to find the post from May 2021 titled Pope Francis begins the curia domino)


Just three months in his tenure as new Prefect of the Congregation of divine worship and the Discipline of Sacraments, the Vatican announced the Motus Proprio "Traditionis Custodes" which literally upends the long and difficult work of Pope St John Paul and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, in regards to the traditional latin mass and the sacraments tied to its celebration.

You can read the excellent essay by Phil Lawler the long time Catholic journalist of Catholic Culture, which highlights the issues brought forth by said Motus Proprio.

Read Here

I hope that this will help you understand a little better a corner stone of what is happening to our Church under the veil of the pandemic, and some of the epic challenges facing us, right now.


  1. The Phil Lawler essay is spot on. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you Anon at 1.23 Indeed Phil Lawler is a very insightful writer, and analyst. In this article he plainly explain, without hyperbole the facts about traditionis Custodes, and the dire consequences for our Church.