Wednesday, March 30, 2022


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Last year we exposed the attempts by little Ricky to sell us a new group  of Neo friendly religious order from Spain called  the little sisters of the abandoned elderly.

On June 30 2021, we ran an article explaining the duplicity of Rick Eusebio , and underlined the issues with this Congregation, he was arguing for us to welcome on Guam.

Things quickly went underground from there, but as always with the NCW, they did not go far, and they continued their work of infiltration.

Last month guess who appeared in Saipan for a evaluation tour? ....but two sisters from the little sisters of the abandoned elderly, at the request of some laity, and with the accord of the local Bishop.

We know that Bishop Jimenez has a laissez faire attitude regarding the Neos, which most likely got him where he is. Yet he has not come out openly about his support. He prefers to keep things discreet, but accomodates almost always.

As a Suffragan of the Archdiocese of Agana perhaps he should be more careful , but it appears that he has been convinced to let the Sisters get a foothold in Saipan and the Northern Marianas. A situation which should facilitate greatly the future installation of said sisters here on Guam, should there were a new team at the Chancery

Perhaps it would be wise, to keep this in mind, while we are distracted, by falling Altar areas, lawsuits, and other shenanigans.

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