Tuesday, March 29, 2022


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A memo circulating among Cardinals, regarding the next conclave is not only making waves, it is fast becoming a huge tsunami.

Famous Italian journalist, Sandro Magister, specialist of the Vatican and its complexities revealed in the Italian newspaper L'Espresso the whole issue. You can read it Here

This is indeed a tsunami, and it tells us about the unease of many of the fathers of the Church with Pope Francis actions and decisions.

The Great Catholic journalist Phil Lowler wrote about the issues in his excellent collumn, on the Catholic Culture Blog.

Read attentively, as he lays out the issues in his usual articulate way.

Read Here 

This is very relevant for us here on Guam, as we attempt to close on a painful past, which should lead us to a temporary tight financial situation.

Several behind the curtains actors both at the Chancery and outside of it, are not happy with the conciliatory outreach between the parties.

We know that there are people who are (like in the Vatican) doing a work of termites against our Church.

Understanding the Macro view of the problem, allows us to understand the micro consequences here on Guam 

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