Friday, May 20, 2022


 Posted by frenchie

Apuron the disgraced former Archbishop of Agana and accused child rapist

apparently has not stayed still while the Archdiocese is reeling from 30 years of mismanagement, and when many good will people try to find a meaningful way to give some sense of closing to the victims of sexual abuse .

Kandit News, the Breaking News Organization run by Mr Torres (himself a victim of sexual abuse) reveals some of the Real Estate shenanigans  Apuron has engaged in, just before and after leaving the island.

You can read the article from Kandit News Here

Apparently Kandit News has dug into the real estate transactions of Apuron, and found these new revelations.

For those of us that are familiar with the depth of depravity of Apuron, it will not be surprising. To those who still think he was the "victim" of a cabal, perhaps it will be a wake-up call


  1. Thank you for posting this, Frenchie. Tim commented on our page with some advice we will be pursuing.

  2. Apuron is most likely divesting property that is vested in his personal name, and not property vested in the Archdiocese of Agana, aka Archbishop of Agana, a Corporation Sole. However, Apuron, apart from the Archdiocese, has his own lawsuits against him, and his cashing in assets is something attorneys for the Plaintiff's in the personal lawsuits should be attending to. There is also the matter of who is handling the escrow, sales, recording of deeds, etc. relative to Apuron's sales of personally owned real property. Atty. Jacqueline Terlaje has long been Apuron's personal counsel. Perhaps she knows.

  3. A follow up note to the above. Secular clergy (such as Apuron) do not take a vow of poverty. They may accumulate assets and wealth the same as any one else. At one point Apuron was known to own homes in Guam, Las Vegas, and Santa Ana, CA.