Monday, May 23, 2022


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Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco crossed the proverbial Rubicon of the Woke totalitarian agenda, which forces people to use words intended to blurr the original meaning and/or intention.

On May 20th 2022 the Archbishop, took the extra ordinary step to sanction one of the most powerful person in the United States.

Both the president and the speaker of the House like to put forward their belonging to the Catholic faith, as an argument to support some of their actions in the political arena, which are in direct contradiction to Catholic teachings and Canon law.

The Archbishop had tried on several occasions to hand an olive branch to Nancy Pelosi, despite her repeated scandalous positions. He wrote to her highlighting the path to redemption, only to be greeted by scorn and derision. Leaving Archbishop Cordileone, no other choice that the one he took


In doing so, he has become an exception among Bishops, (including the Archbishop of Rome) in being willing to call a cat a cat. The lukewarm  USCCB has mostly shined by its silence and lack of courage.

You can read all the details of the situation Here

A couple of weeks ago, I  questioned why the Agana Archdiocese had not taken the same actions in regards to two local activists who continue to bring scandal and discord, to the Catholic Church on Guam, for advocating the same things that the Speaker of the House

Both Governor Lou Leon Guerrero

and her pitbull at the BWA

Jayne Flores

Have brought Scandal and division in the Catholic Church of Guam

The question therefore is where is Archbishop Byrnes?



Before you leave Archbishop, why don't you do the right, and the courageous thing for your flock?

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