Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Posted by Tim Rohr 

That an unborn child is a human being is no longer the issue. Science has long demonstrated that the unborn child is not "potential life" as Roe termed it, but a real, living, growing human person. 

The issue now is who can kill that child and when. That's the only issue. And the Supreme Court has said that it's up to you, i.e. the states.

In Guam, given who we just re-elected, apparently Guamanians support not only killing an unborn child all the way until birth, but even after the child is born to a mother who doesn't want to be a mother. (Per the now-governor's testimony to in opposition to a bill mandating normal medical care for a child who survived a failed abortion.)

This is not to say good or bad. This is to say this is Guam: one of the world's most "Catholic" populations per capita. We need to stop lying to ourselves. Guam is NOT "pro-life." Guam is pro-death. Over and over again the majority has voted for death. And we just did that again yesterday.

But not only are the majority of Guam voters "pro-death in the womb," they are pro-self-extermination since nearly 2/3 of abortions are of Chamorro children while the Chamorro population of Guam has sunk to less than 30%.


Well , that's what and who you voted for.

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