Tuesday, December 27, 2022


 By Tim Rohr

Former Senator Aline Yamashita's Christmas Day letter as posted by the Pacific Daily News could have been a real heart-warmer. 

Yamashita begins with a story of how her adult son, who lives with "severe OCD and autism," and who "starts every day watching mass on EWTN." Yamashita then goes on to include warm messages of faith: 

"God has been my main navigator...God, Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Holy Spirit help me breathe minute by minute...I am grateful...I believe...Happy Birthday, Jesus. Thank you so much."

However, in between the story about her son and "Happy Birthday, Jesus," Yamashita makes a strange left turn into politics, polls, abortion, and religion with her message essentially being "keep your religion to yourself and out of public life" - though she does it nicely:

"I think our conversations with God are intensely personal and private. As sinners, we need to have a relationship with Him to help us navigate survival, repentance." 

While "our conversations with God" may be "personal and private," our actions as persons of faith are not to remain so:

"So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." - Matt. 5:16 

"Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world." - Matt. 28:19-20 

One who doesn't know Yamashita's pro-abortion history may not pick up on the real reason for her letter, so here's a little history:

"But Senator Aline Yamashita was against the bill, saying women shouldn't be subjected to laws to make decisions around pregnancy." - SOURCE

"Guam women insulted by abortion law: Republican senator" - SOURCE

"The four senators voting against the bill were Senators Ada, Yamashita, Ben Pangelinan, and Speaker Judi Won Pat." - SOURCE

Yamashita is certainly not alone among Catholics who believe they can be Catholic and still support or even politically advance abortion - Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi being the two most prominent examples.

However, religion or no religion, abortion is not a religious issue, it is a human rights issue because it is about whether or not we as a society are okay with killing helpless, innocent, defenseless human beings and because - at least according to Dr. Seuss: 

"a person's a person no matter how small" - SOURCE

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