Friday, December 30, 2022


By Tim Rohr

Just some thoughts.

It was always known that should the Heartbeat Bill make it through the Legislature that Guam's most vociferous and powerful proponent of abortion for more than three decades and who is now the governor would veto it. And it was also known that there would never be enough votes to override the veto. 

As set forth several times previously in this blog, the Heartbeat Bill, at the time it was introduced was a good move and the best that pro-life advocates could do under Roe. The Heartbeat Bill also followed in the footsteps of eight Esperansa Project backed bills that were enacted into law, all of which incrementally combined to shut down Guam's abortion industry in 2018. 

However, the Dobbs decision overturning Roe changed all that. It is now possible to completely ban abortion and that will be the bottom line for the 37th Guam Legislature. No more beating around the bush. No more half measures. No more "I'm personally pro-life, but..." 

The Heartbeat Act, even if enacted into law, would not have banned abortion after detection of a fetal heartbeat. It simply permitted civil suits against certain persons involved in the abortion. 

Any senator who was truly pro-life at the time Dobbs was decided in June 2022, should have immediately introduced a bill to wholly ban abortion or remove the injunction on the 1990 Belle's Law. But no one did. 

And they probably didn't because they know what Jayne Flores knows:

“We are very glad that the override fail, because this bill does not reflect the will of the people,” said Jayne Flores, director of the Guam Bureau of Women’s Affairs.

Flores points to the many more testimonies against the bill than for it, but that count does not reflect "the will of the people."  

The real will of the people is reflected in Guam voters electing and re-electing "Guam's most vociferous and powerful proponent of abortion for more than three decades."

In short, the election and re-election of Lou Leon Guerrero demonstrates that the majority of Guam voters support abortion even though the primary target of abortion for decades has been CHamoru babies and the incremental but absolute destruction of a CHamoru future. 



  1. I’ve always contended that “abortion” has never been a pre-eminent issue in Guam’s elections as evidenced by the election and re-election of politicians who are clearly pro-abortion, i.e., our current governor and elected pro-abortion senators. And it doesn’t really matter that the vast majority of voters are Catholics and of other Christian denominations. Voters as a whole are willing to overlook the fact that abortion is “bad” and “evil” and favor the good things that the governor and her administration does to improve the lives of impoverished and struggling individuals and families. A person who is in desperate straits could care less about the evil of abortion. And if they’re not swayed by the anti-abortion opposition that they could do better, then guess who will win out?

    1. Precisely. And the responsibility for that falls to a Church leadership that isn't there. As far as I know all of the very public pro-abortion politicians continue to present themselves for Holy Communion.