Tuesday, January 10, 2023


Rather than a "Mass of Thanksgiving" for the re-election of two of the most anti-Catholic (in practice) people ever elected to their offices, Fr. Romeo Convocar, who now leads the Archdiocese of Agana in the absence of Archbishop Byrnes, should have called for a Mass of Reparation, Penance, Conversion  - anything but a "Mass of Thanksgiving."  

Only days earlier, the same Fr. Convocar compared the re-elected governor to Herod and his Slaughter of the Innocents:

Father Romeo Convocar, vicar general of the Archdiocese of Agaña, said the timing of the governor's action was ironic.

"The decision of Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to veto Bill 291-36 which would give life to the Guam Heartbeat Act of 2022 comes on this particular day, the Feast of the Holy Innocents," Convocar said. "The feast commemorates the young children in Bethlehem who were massacred by King Herod of Judea in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus."

But now Convocar wants us to join him in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in THANKSGIVING for re-electing "Herod" - as Convocar himself functionally labels her. 

Maybe it's time we Catholics start withholding our money again. The silence of empty collection plates appears to be the only thing our local church hierarchy hears. 

Or maybe another picket...given the speculation that Convocar could be our next bishop.

NOTE: As you can see from the script below the picture, Convocar had the comments turned off for his Facebook announcement.  The Comments are open on JungleWatch. 


  1. At the moment LLG received Holy Communion I commented that at times like this our island needed someone like Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. I guess it was deleted and comments were disabled because it was deemed inappropriate.

    The fact remains that LLG has a history of being unapologetically ProAbortion and she has not indicated any change in her beliefs. Even if she went to Confession prior to presenting herself for Holy Communion, without a Firm Purpose of Amendment to reverse her decades-long support for the murder of the Innocent Unborn Babies, she should not have presented herself to receive the Precious Body that day. She could have approached Fr. Romy to receive a blessing, but not commit the sacrilege of receiving Holy Communion … and Fr. Romy, knowing her history, was complicit in an effort to be “politically correct.”

    We need true shepherds who are faithful and orthodox to what the Church teaches to lead our Faithful. We don’t need wolves in shepherd’s clothing to lead us to the Road of Perdition.

    1. Unfortunately we get the shepherds we deserve. Since it is Guam's Catholics who procure the vast majority of abortions, and have so for decades, God has given us shepherds who not only look the other way, but now offer Masses of Thanksgiving for them. Meanwhile, more than likely, the vast majority of Catholics also keep their money in her bank.


    2. Therefore, God handed them over to impurity through the lusts of their hearts* for the mutual degradation of their bodies. Romans 1:24

      From Bible Hub:
      Of the most popular English versions in use today, only the New International Version and New American Standard Bible use the phrase God gave them over. Most modern Bible versions say, “God gave them up” (e.g., ESV, NKJV). The Greek word translated “gave over” or “gave up” means “surrendered, yielded up, entrusted, or transmitted.” In this context, it refers to the act of God completely abandoning the unrighteous. As the wicked deserted God, God in turn deserted them, no longer giving them divine direction or restraint, but allowing them to corrupt themselves as they wished. Because they would not honor Him, He let them do what they pleased to dishonor themselves. Being given over or yielded up to one’s sinful desires is a judgment from God.

    3. You ‘Catholics’ would rather women die than receive necessary medical care when a pregnancy threatens their lives or isn’t viable. I hope you all get what you deserve. That being the opportunity to witness someone you know suffer this fate. Mind you, I’m not wishing women ill; I just want you to see it with your own eyes when the inevitable happens.

    4. Thanks Anonymous at 1/26/23. I gave you your own post: http://www.junglewatch.info/2023/06/who-you-callin-catholic.html

  2. Curious about Convocar's background and associates. Why is he in consideration for the next archbishop? I don't think this sits well with the majority of faithful Catholics who have lived here all their life.

    1. While I have no idea whatsoever of Fr. Convocar's chances of being named our next (arch)bishop, I do know one thing: his chances have little to do with the opinion of the "majority of faithful Catholics" here. They're the same ones who gave us Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. Twice.