Tuesday, January 10, 2023


By Tim Rohr

In the video in this news story, Atty. Ed Caldie breaks into a passionate speech about "those who came forward" and how "we all got a huge gift from them for doing that." 

A typical lawyer speech - especially one who is walking away with millions regardless of the outcome. But beyond that:

Who exactly "came forward?" 

Other than Leo Tudela, Roy Quintanilla, Walter Denton, Roland Sondia, and Doris Concepcion - for her deceased son ("Sonny" Quinata), every one of the hundreds of other "survivors," save one or two others, have hidden behind their initials instead of putting their names and faces out there like the brave few just named.


it was ONLY the a-forenamed brave FEW who publicly testified in support of the bill that eventually gave the hundreds of other "survivors" the opportunity to sue the Archdiocese of Agana for damages. 


If there's going to be "justice" - if anything is left after the attorneys are done - then REAL "justice" should disproportionately compensate the very few who actually did "come forward," and DID NOT cower behind an attorney or their initials in a court filing.

And that's another thing. 

Those FIRST FEW who actually did "come forward," came "forward" without an attorney and without a law to protect them from the WRATH of Apuron and his Goblins. 

In fact, Apuron and his Goblins responded to these FIRST FEW with threats to sue civilly and canonically. 

Here is one example:

Tim Rohr and his associates launched a vicious and calumnious attack on the Archbishop and the Church...The perpetrators of these calumnies have resorted to insults and violence revealing their true intention to destroy the Catholic Church and discredit the Archbishop by whatever means. Their method is to confuse and mislead the faithful, even to the point of inducing some to bring false testimony. This was predicted even before the first accusation was revealed.

Those who are orchestrating this campaign are inciting people into hatred of the Archbishop and the Catholic Church. They have produced scandal, confusion and grave errors with the cruel intent to injure the Archbishop, the Catholic Church in Guam and many other people of good will who have been outraged and harassed. Therefore, the Archdiocese of Agana is in the process of taking canonical and legal measures against those perpetrating these malicious lies.

And let's not forget the late John Toves who was and is still the real hero here. 

It was John Toves who first pointed a public finger at Apuron. 

It was John Toves who first marched on "Fortress Apuron" on San Ramon Hill.  

And it was John Toves who was first thrown off that hill by Apuron's Goblin-in-Chief, the now disgraced and defrocked run-away, the former Fr. Adrian Cristobal. 

Toves died without receiving a single cent for his courage. 

NOTE: The references to Toves are many. See here to all references on JW. 

SO: Let us see some REAL JUSTICE. 

Let's see to it that the survivors who put their REAL NAMES and FACES out there when there was not only no hope of compensation, but the full expectation that they would be sued into poverty and oblivion by the "filthy" machine - including the New Jersey Mafia who protected Apuron and sought to crush anyone and everyone who stood up to "the filth in the Church." 

"How much filth there is in the church, even among those who, in the priesthood, should belong entirely to Him. How much pride, how much self-sufficiency." - Pope Benedict XVI

And now let us speak of others who "came forward." 

How about the Catholics who spent FIFTY-FOUR SUNDAYS marching in front of the Agana Cathedral during the 9:30am Mass - "Apuron's Mass." 

Yes. What about them? 

What about the sneers and the hate from fellow "Catholics" (?) who intentionally and brazenly pushed through the marchers' picket line Sunday after Sunday and who entered the once-hallowed walls of the Agana Cathedral and presented themselves for "Holy Communion" -  with nary a thought to the "FILTH" that was perpetrated from THAT same altar. 

And what about the many Catholics who testified in support of the bill to lift the civil statute of limitations so that survivors could finally seek justice - EVEN THOUGH those same Catholics knew that they would have to pay the bill because the actual perpetrators would never be required to pay a single shekel?

Yes. What about them?

SETTLE THIS and give whatever is left to the real SURVIVORS who dared put their names and faces up against the MONSTERS OF SAN RAMON when they had nothing to gain and everything to lose. 

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