Saturday, February 18, 2023


By Tim Rohr

A partial headline from the Pacific Daily News is "GEC to hold abortion referendum if injunction lifted."  

Local radio talk show host Bob Klitzkie tries to make sense of the story - which you can catch here.

Meanwhile, I'll just interject that none of this drama over a thirty year old piece of legislation that was left hanging in the Guam Code Annotated like a forgotten appendix in an appendectomy gone bad is necessary if the lawmakers we just elected and/or re-elected, would just do their job. 

The pro-aborts, like Sen. Parkinson, could simply introduce a bill to make the 1990 law, aka Belle's Law, null and void, and replace it with a bill requiring easy abortions for all. 

And the pro-lifers in the legislature, whoever they are, could introduce a bill to make Belle's Law null and void and replace it with a bill to fully ban abortion as Belle's Law did, but without the 30 year old baggage. 

Meanwhile, we don't hear from either side and we are now probably forced to endure months of expensive litigation at our expense and even more stupid news stories. 

Screw that.

Call your senators and tell them to do their job. Let's end this. 

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