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By Tim Rohr

Initially Hon (Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai) gave all the right cues. Shortly after arriving in Guam in his appointed capacity as Apostolic Administrator to the Archdiocese of Agana, Hon stated the following on June 26, 2016:

I would like to reassure the faithful and all people of good will that Church has taken into serious consideration the allegations made against Archbishop Anthony Apuron, OFM Cap., in recent months by Mr. Walter Denton, Mrs. Doris Concepcion, Mr. Roy Quintanilla, and Mr. Roland Paul Lizama Sondia, and that all of the relevant documentation received by the Church related to these allegations has been duly sent to the Holy See, which has final authority in cases related to Bishops. I would further like to assure everyone that I have recognized the issues raised by all those concerned and, being deeply moved by the way they expressed themselves, am earnestly praying for them, without prejudice to both the alleged victims and the accused and ask for the prayers and support of the entire Church community.  -  SOURCE

However, Hon's comments during some of his homilies indicated that he thought otherwise, and on Jul. 10, 2016, Hon let slip what he really thought:

Modern societies have sharpened the tools of the law and people may be led to the belief that wrongdoings can be solved simply by lawsuits or the passage of certain Bills.  SOURCE (Note: At this point, Hon was referring to the introduction of legislation that would lift the civil statute of limitations on sexual abuse of minors.)

Within a few weeks, Hon (most likely at the direction of his Kiko-affiliated boss, Cardinal Filoni - aka "The Red Pope") had gone from "praying for them" to vilifying legislation - the sort of legislation that would bring real justice to the aggrieved persons Hon had said he was praying for. 

I wasn't surprised. 

I had appeared before Hon's "inquisition" - otherwise called an apostolic visitation - in January 2015:

(Note: This video is a screenshot recording of the original KUAM video which can be found here. The video shows Hon and his Vatican entourage arriving in Guam and being met by then-Archbishop Apuron and two mayors.)

After the niceties, Hon wasted little time in accusing me of carrying out a vendetta against Apuron for personal reasons. 

I held up my hand to his face and stopped him. I then said - and I remember every word: 

"Look, I'm the father of 11 children and I'm trying to help them go to heaven and I have to fight against priests and bishops like you." 

Needless to say "my" inquisition was over at that point. 

Another bishop escorted me out of the building (the former Carmelite monastery in Tamuning). I'll withhold his name but I will tell you what he said: "That was great. Thank you." 

That bishop knew the real story, but he wasn't allowed to say anything at Hon's inquisition. So he took the opportunity to see me out and encourage me (and others) to keep up the fight - which we did.

(Note: This whole thing, once consolidated into a comprehensive story, would rival "The Name of the Rose" - a novel founded in history, or "The DaVinci Code" - which wasn't.) 

So it was quite clear to me from January 2015 that Hon had not come to Guam to learn the truth and fix the problem. 

Hon had been sent to Guam to get rid of those of us who had exposed the problem. 

And a year and a half later (June 2016) when Hon was assigned to Guam as the Apostolic Administrator after Apuron had fled, I had every reason to believe that he had come back to finish the job: shut down the troublemakers, me, the CCOG, the LFM, etc...and save the NCW and specifically: RMS. *


*Redemptoris Mater Seminary

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