Friday, March 10, 2023


Bishop Athanasius Schneider is no longer the only bishop to publicly label the teachings of Kiko Arguello a "heresy," he is now joined by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who in the course of this extensive three part article has much to say about Kiko Arguello and the heretical waywardness of the Neocatechumenal Way including this:

This then is the situation of the Nuns, who arrive in Italy with the mark of infamy of having escaped the manipulations and heretical indoctrination of the powerful Spanish guru.

The series by Vigano is about the sufferings of a group of nuns, originally brought together by Kiko, but who eventually fled the "heretical indoctrination of the powerful Spanish guru.

After fleeing the heretical clutches of Kiko and his Neocat generals (see the article), the nuns attempted to embrace a life of Traditional Catholicism. However, upon doing so they have been made to suffer the most grotesque indignities. 

This is what happens to people who dare oppose the Kiko's. 

The untrained eye (and maybe even Vigano's) may see the persecution of these nuns as just another attack by the current pope on anything that even smells of actual Catholicism. 

However, for those of us who have fought our way out of the Belly of the Kiko Beast (here in Guam), it is quite clear that due to the Kiko's undue influence in a corrupt Vatican, those who will not submit to the Kiko's - just like these nuns, will pay a catastrophic price. 


Following are some key quotes from Vigano's article - Part 1:

  • This monastery in the Italian region of Marche experienced a moment of rebirth when it began to welcome female vocations from the so-called “Neocatechumenal Way” [the Cammino] of Kiko Argüello. As has already happened in Santa Maria delle Rose and in practically all the communities under Kiko’s control, so too in Holland the autonomy of government of the Monastery was put to the test by the serious and undue interference of the leaders of the Cammino.  This parallel Neocatechumenal hierarchy established by Argüello and his “catechists” led the Sisters to the decision – taken collegially in Chapter – to distance themselves from the Cammino.  
  • Because of the problems caused in the Dioceses and parishes by the Cammino, the Neocatechumenals no longer enjoy the enthusiastic welcome they received in the past, and this mistrust also affects the Nuns, who are rejected precisely because of their origin. 
  • Bishop Manetti applied the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum in their favor, believing that the occasional celebration of the Mass in the ancient rite could help the Community to definitively free itself from its Neocatechumenal formation. 
  • The victims are the thirteen Nuns. Victims because of their troubled past, in which they were able to grow spiritually and escape the pressures and obsessive interference of the establishment of the Neocatechumenal Way...

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