Saturday, June 24, 2023


By Tim Rohr

June 22 was the feast day of St. Thomas More.

(Here is a link to a good historical article on him.) 

 While he is usually remembered for standing up to a King (Henry VIII) and losing his head for it, he also had a lesser known struggle with his wife who badgered Thomas to give into the King lest their family be financially and socially ruined. 

As we know, Thomas More gave into neither the king nor his wife, (choosing his Catholic Faith over both) which is why he is a saint. And yes, his widow and children were financially and socially ruined. 

So perhaps not only should Thomas More be the patron saint of politicians and lawyers (which he is), but also married men. And God knows married men need a patron like St. Thomas More today more than ever. 

As Thomas was preparing to die (he was initially sentenced to die by being hung, drawn and quartered but was granted beheading by Henry as an act of mercy) Thomas wrote a letter to his wife. Here is how it starts. 

3 September 1529

Lady Alice, in my most hearty way, I commend me to you.

And as I am informed by our son Heron of the loss of our barns and our neighbors' also with all the corn that was in them, except if it were not God's pleasure, it would be a great pity that so much good corn was lost. Yet since it has pleased him to send us such a chance, we must, and are bound, not only to be content, but also to be glad of his visitation. He sent us all that we have lost, and since he has by such a chance taken it away again, his pleasure be fulfilled; let us never grudge at it, but take it in good worth, and heartily thank him as well for adversity as for prosperity.  CONTINUED

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