Sunday, July 2, 2023


By Tim Rohr

I just noticed that JW has just surpassed 10.5 Million Page Views. 

This month, July, will mark ten years since JW took off when we began chronicling that Apuron v Gofigan Saga, which began in July, 2013. 

So that's an average of a million views a year, 87,500 per month, or about 3,000 per day. 

Our highest page view day ever was about 14k on this post about Apuron's removal of Msgr. James Benavente as rector of the Cathedral: MSGR. JAMES BENAVENTE REMOVED AS RECTOR OF CATHEDRAL BASILICA

The post which has received the most views overall is actually not a story, but a picture posted in September 2015: ARCHBISHOP APURON WITH CARDINAL SEAN O'MALLEY AT THE VATICAN, SEPTEMBER 2015 It has 77k+ views. 

Additionally, there have been 5,273 posts, and 68,734 comments, everyone of which I have read and sometimes responded to.

After the Vatican took over the Apuron thing, JW essentially took a rest. And I personally took a nearly 5 year break to deal with personal matters. 

While those personal matters will never be fully settled in this world, they are at a place that has allowed me to return to JW and keep the lights on, or more specifically, the "spotlights" on. 

In the relative absence of Apuron-related scandal stuff, JW has kept busy with other matters, especially the abortion issue in Guam. 

However, as already shared many times, Guam really isn't interested in the abortion thing. 

That's understandable. As the legislatively-mandated abortion reports continue to show, Guamanians, and specifically those who ethnically identify as "Chamorro" - despite being a demographic minority - represent the largest number of those who procure abortions.

So, for the last several months - if not years - JW has been bumping along at about 20k page views per month. 

However, as already shared in a previous post, JW, just like the old days, received some wonderful help from our old friend, The Diana, the "spokesperson" for Guam's NCW - or at least its leadership, and we got a nice bump in this past month of June:

From an average of just below 20k views per month to nearly 50k...well that was nice. And it was only a post or two. Thank you to The Diana. Please continue to find fault with JW. Nothing else seems to interest our viewership as much. 


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