Thursday, September 14, 2023


By Tim Rohr

The Honorable Telo T. Taitague (Minority Whip) was a disaster in the previous Calvo administration. I don't even want to get into the why's and how's. Basically, she was a politician and did the minimum to get paid. I didn't vote for her in every election since 2012. 

However, I will vote for Telo in 2024 and ever thereafter so long as she keeps this up:

Woman to woman: You’re not representing all the women of this island • By Troy Torres


Telo Taitague told the governor’s director of women’s affairs, a taxpayer-funded position, that her advocacy of abortion is not representative of all women on the island. 

Ms. Taitague, in a two minute lecture to Jayne Flores Wednesday at the legislative public hearing room,  asked “I have to bring this up because it’s just been bugging me, that the women’s bureau here is representing who? What? Just people who [want] to murder babies?”

She questioned why Ms. Flores was testifying in favor of two pro-choice bills the legislature was hearing, in her capacity as the director of women’s affairs. 

The Bureau of Women’s Affairs’ enabling statute charges the agency and its director with specific duties and responsibilities over the use of the tax dollars it receives. Among these duties are the promotion of equitable wages for women, and stopping violence against women. Neither abortion nor reproductive health issues are found in its mandate. 

“I wouldn’t say anything if you came on your own personal time to testify in favor of murdering babies,” she said. 

“On any of these bills you should have a neutral position because you represent all of the women of Guam,” Ms. Taitague told Ms. Flores. “You’re a director paid with taxpayer money! You are not representing all the women of this island, that’s for sure.”

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  1. Pleasant surprise coming from Telo. As the adage would have it: it's never too late to start doing good things