Monday, November 20, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Should you read the previous post, wherein is linked the recent Guam Supreme Court opinion upholding our governor's baby-killing agenda, you will see, particularly in Justice Carbullido's concurrence (beginning on Pg. 30), that both my amicus curia and my oral argument counted for at least a small part of a big loss.

Link to my Amicus Curiae and the text of my Oral Argument - and also a video recording of my argument.

Functionally, I was the only "layman" participating in the whole fiasco"

"Amicus Curiae Timothy J. Rohr, appearing pro se" 

I certainly don't take the Guam Supreme Court's "slap-down" personally. And why I call it a "fiasco," I will save for later, because for now, I want to tell you...

Why I don't care

Now, that may seem odd to some. 

Since around 2008 I have been at the forefront of pro-life/anti-abortion legislation, and as just mentioned, I was the only layman to try to stop our abortion-rabid governor's grotesque use of the Guam Supreme Court to back up her vile baby-killing agenda.

And that's why I don't care if "I" - or more generally - "our side," lost.

The fact is that Lou Leon Guerrero's baby-killing agenda is not a hidden agenda. In fact, this is what makes LLG unique amongst almost all political pro-aborts. 

Most of those other baby-haters try never to broach the issue and only do so when pressed. However, LLG, for more than three decades, has been PROUDLY front and center in this war to kill Guam babies - and more and more Guam babies.

Oh yes, certainly under the usual guise of "reproductive health" etc., but the stats show that the radical majority of babies who never get to breath Guam's air are WANTED dead (and not ALIVE) by mothers who identify their ethnicity as Chamorro/CHamoru.

LINK to Reports

It's a staggering, head-shaking reality when we inform ourselves that the Chamorro/CHamoru has already been reduced, in Guam, to just 30% of the population. 

However, I don't shake my head. I know why these mothers want their children dead. 

And it has nothing to do with not being able to afford "another mouth to feed," or whatever. Heck, unmarried mothers have more access to government programs and benefices than married mothers. So money ain't the issue.

The real driver of Guam's abortion culture

The real driver of Guam's abortion culture is the same driver of the horrific clergy sex abuse scandal - which is now 14 times per capita the size of the Archdiocese of Boston's - which led to the Academy Award winning movie: "Spotlight." 

As an aside, given that "Spotlight" won an Academy Award, Guam's story, if it ever made the movies, would darn well sweep the awards given that our story is much more prolific, brutal, and demonically infested by our being even more "Catholic" than Boston. 

What I mean is that the real problem is a greasy sexual under-culture in Guam that is rife with incest of every kind and which is protected by "the family" protecting "the family." 

Abortion is necessary because without it we would all know about Uncle Bill, or Father so-and so, or the next door neighbor. 

Don't feel bad Guam. You are not alone. 

Destruction of the evidence (the baby) is the real reason behind abortion rights everywhere. It's just that most of "everywhere," at least in the U.S., does not parade a Madonna through its streets on December 8 after electing viciously baby-killing pro-abortion politicians the month before.  

But we do. 

And there will be a price to be the end.

But back to why "I don't care." 

Well, of course I do. 

I care about every brutal, mutilating death of every helpless, innocent, defenseless, human being, which is the very definition of a child in the womb. They can't scream (audibly anyway), and they can't run.

They can only be stabbed to death, burned to death, cut into little pieces, or (via partial birth abortion) be delivered whole and entire with their brains sucked out through a hole in the back of their almost delivered heads.


And if Guam, or more specifically, the CHamoru, want to self exterminate via the doctrines of the likes of Lou Leon Guerrero and Michael Bevacqua, then another culture, another ethnicity, another people, another nation...will takes its place - after you kill your own. 

Good Night Guahan. You elected this.

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  1. It is significant to note that all of the parties AGAINST the killing of Guam children in the womb - other than the AG who was just doing his job - were non-CHamoru's, and all of the parties FOR the killing of Guam children in the womb (or eve after birth) were CHamoru's - if not directly, then by their hired proxies.