Monday, July 31, 2023


By Tim Rohr

On July 25, 2023, I presented oral argument before the Supreme Court of Guam relative to Governor Lou Leon Guerrero's request for declaratory judgment on certain questions relative to the standing of "Belle's Law" (P.L. 20-134). 

A previous post set forth the text of my argument. This is a link to the YouTube recording at the point where I begin to present oral argument.

For those deeply interested in the full scope of the matter, you are encouraged to listen to all oral arguments from the beginning of the recording. 

The curious point is that between 1989-1992, when "Belle's Law" (P.L. 20-134) was all the rage and was being hotly debated all the way to the Ninth Circuit, the specter of a case known as Webster v Reproductive Health Services dominated the debate. 

More than three decades later when "Belle's Law" raised its previously buried head via the Dobb's Decision, it's curious that no one on either side of the debate referenced Webster

It's even more curious given that all one has to do is read the history of the case to know that Webster was the direct impetus for "Belle's Law," as well as the basis for the 9th Circuit finding Guam's argument unpersuasive. 

As an aside, I will thank a personal friend and mentor for urging me to present oral argument. 

After filing my amicus brief, I really had no interest in the case thereafter. However, said friend insisted that I present oral argument. The original date for oral argument before the Supreme Court of Guam was May 24, 2023, the day Typhoon Mawar "decided" to attack Guam. 

Prior to the advent of Mawar, I had filed papers with the court to present oral argument remotely since I was off-island at that time. Later, the court issued a memo identifying July 25 as the date for oral argument. I made early plane reservations and made sure I was here.

Full recording of Oral Argument is posted below.


TEXT of Oral Argument linked here

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