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 (Posted by frenchie)

One of the hardest challenge for most citizens today, for most Catholics for sure is to discern right from wrong, lies from truth, propaganda manipulation from reality.

One of the good friend, and occasional contributor to this website has been Senator/Judge Robert Klitzkie. Despite, or perhaps because of his rapidly advancing age, Bob has made it his mission to try to educate the people of Guam and beyond, through his columns and letters to the editors, but also through his afternoon radio show called Tall Tales on " the Point" radio and internet network.

On a private level, if you happen to have a chance meeting with "his honor", you can easily get swept into a challenging and mind teasing discussion on a broad range of issues. Most will notched this Etat des faits, as an intellectual search, or a philosophical quest for a better world. Having had the privilege of exchanging and sparring with Bob on many subjects, I have concluded that this curiosity is actually more grounded in a spiritual and perpetual search for truth.

This website, which is rapidly approaching the 11 millions readers, has been at the heart of the struggle to discern truth from falsehoods and manipulations for several years now. This has led to some vicious and very personal attacks against its founder and conceptor Tim Rohr. Unfortunately Tim has paid a steep and very personal price, in this venture. The attempts to destroy this site and its founder are a testament of the length which agents of evil are willing to go to, in order to achieve their goal. 

Unfortunately this is not unique to the Junglewatch, we have witnessed for several years now, the immoral and vicious attacks anyone trying to give a contrary view of the current doxa on any subject, being the target of endless lies and destruction campaigns. People have penned the process as cancelation. Individuals have lost their jobs, have been ostracized, condemned publicly and accused of an endless list of antisocial characterizations.Some have even had their bank accounts frozen, or even been subjected to judicial retaliations.

On a National level we have seen the administration of the 2nd Catholic President of the USA, spying and surveying "conservative Catholics" , only to later find out that the spying and surveillance was indeed of all what the administration deemed as "Christian Nationalists" whatever the large encompassing definition is being meant to be, in the dystopian world reminiscent of Orwell's " the animal farm" or  "1984". One thing is certainly clear, there are dark and evil forces working overtime to silence the truths taught to us by Jesus Christ himself. This, ladies and gentlemen is the definition of evil incarnate.

In fact the situation appeared so dired  here on Guam, that Archbishop Emeritus Byrnes decided it was urgently necessary to designate an exorcist for our island. A process that he started before getting sidelined by a deteriorating illness.

To make matters even more complex and confusing for us, the permanent State in our country, which works against its own citizens for the benefit of a small cadre of wealthy oligarchs who believe in destroying our Church, our families and our own existence by promoting a culture of death, lies and inequities, under the false pretense of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, with the goal to promote an arrogant secular world of transhumanist cultish Freemasonry ideology. They see a world where the creation of God is a danger to earth, rather than its safekeeper, where men should refrain to follow God's teaching to go and multiply, because they see themselves as equal to God, and all knowledgeable of what is best for the rest of humanity.

These people sow division, hatred and wars around us to achieve their goal, which is to reduce the world population to 500 million humans rather than the 8 billions souls on our planet. They are willing to use abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide and of course major conflicts around the world, that have the potential to eradicate millions of human being with the push of a button.

Jesus warned us, about false prophets and evils. They are right under our eyes, but most people fail to discern falsehoods from truth. This is why this website and individuals like Bob Klitzkie and many other brave souls have an essential role to play in helping our brothers and sisters follow a righteous pass. It is a thankless and at time dangerous job. Evil does not like light being shone on its lies , yet it is our duty to continue lifting the veil of truth, specially when it is hidden behind walls of lies and inequities.

In conclusion, it is sad that the average Catholic on Guam and in the United States is impermeable to many facets of this insidious propaganda, which is meant to divert us from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Many good persons, with good intentions are being misled and/or distracted by false narratives. Often pride, narrow mindedness and certitudes based on false narratives make it impossible for these good people to sublimate the truth that lies right in front of our eyes. The old adage tells us that the way to hell is paved with good intentions.  Matthew 7:13-14 also tells us :" Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, only a few find it.

St Michael the Archangel pray for us.


  1. Hi Frenchie! Since you seem to like Solzhenitsyn, did he not say that the line separating good and evil does not pass through States, nor between classes, nor political parties, but through every human heart?

  2. Hello Anon at 11.48, thank you for your question. I do not recall the exact quote, but I believe you got the idea right. This is why I am always dubious about many claims of righteousness. The most flagrant to me at this time would be people who make it be known that they are pro-life, but yet refuse to consider the question of the death penalty for example. Of course it goes both way. This is also true of pro abortion people advocating for the death of an innocent human being, who claims in the same breath, they are against the death penalty because of racial inequities, in its application.
    To me these examples are obviously hypocritical, and Solzhenitsyn analysis is very pertinent. As a Catholic who respect life from conception to natural death, it makes me very quizzy to observe the same advocates for life, being totally oblivious about the taking of the life of 10s of thousands of innocent children in Gaza, based on some loose notions of self defense which do not cut the mustard under the Augustinian definition of just war. I find it even more hypocritical since it is mostly based on a disturbing racialist and religious discrimination for the most part rooted in ignorance (voluntary or not). Here Solzhenitsyn is absolutely right good and evil separation goes through every human heart. We shall be called to answer for these inequities and contradictions.

  3. Hello Frenchie!
    I once called you the Alexis de Tocqueville of Guam on the radio. Maybe some day you will pen Democracy on Guam. I hope Bob is well. True, there is rot, but not just on Guam, but globally. At times it feels like we Catholics are losing the war be we know the truth, “the gates of hell will not prevail”.
    But I wanted to share some good news related to your post.
    1. Conversion: only by the grace of God are we converted. So to add to the list of growing the Catholic fold, Candice Owens has come home, joining Shia LeBeof, Tammy Roberts(Jordon Peterson’s wife) as our Lord is merciful and kind in giving all of us hope no matter our age.
    2. Humility: a glance at the tragedies of the day reminds us no matter how bad we think we have it on Guam, others have it a lot worse.
    3. Truth and facts: As a long time caller on the radio and junglewatch reader,the greatest obstacle facing western civilization is psychological. Today feelings and identity is what matters.
    Simply put…fear, willful blindness, and institutional corruption pollutes our material as well as spiritual life, a conversation for later.

    I hope you are doing well.
    Yours in faith,
    Drive-thru Jack

    1. Hello Jack, Thank you for your comments. You are right in the sense that while the evil one uses fear and darkness to spread his influence, like an oil spill of sort, there are thousands of little lights around the world to give us hope, and give a meaning to what Jesus promised us. Ultimately they will set the world on fire and shine a righteous light over us.
      As for Bob, the mind is still very willing, even if the body is not as able as before. I know he appreciates our prayers and thoughts. Recovery past a certain point in life, becomes a question of patience. Lets pray that he will return to us sooner than later.
      Yours in Christ