Thursday, November 14, 2013


During the discussion of the INFANT CHILD'S RIGHT TO LIFE ACT (Bill 195-32), Senator Mike San Nicolas gives an impassioned pro-life speech. Immediately behind him, and through the window, sits Anita Arriola, one of Guam's most famous abortion champions.

At the beginning of San Nicolas' speech, she is speaking with someone else. At about 3:38 into the speech she apparently notices that San Nicholas isn't keeping with the script. 

As a Democrat and a former employee of Guam's other most famous abortion champion, Bank of Guam President, Lou Leon Guerrero, we're sure they expected San Nicholas to at least keep his mouth shut if he had any pro-life leanings. 

However, San Nicolas gives one of the strongest pro-life statements in recent memory on the Session Floor. And Arriola is clearly not amused.

The juxtaposition of one of the strongest ever pro-life speeches on the Session Floor against the backdrop of the face (and facial expressions) of Guam's most prolific pro-abortion champion is, well…"we could not have planned it better." 


And thank you Senator San Nicolas. We look forward to your continued advocacy in all matters of protecting our most innocent and defenseless brothers and sisters, both born and unborn.

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