Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The post about Fr. Wadeson was precipitated by his July 15 email condemning the release of information from the clergy meeting this past Monday with Archbishop Krebs. If not for that email, nothing here would have been said of Fr. Wadeson or his sex abuse record. 

How coincidental (?) that Fr. Wadeson and his record, and by extension, Archbishop Apuron's harboring of a person with said record, be made known ONE YEAR LATER TO THE DAY (July 16) of Archbishop Apuron's accusation of Fr. Paul for harboring a person who was allegedly "a danger to children" - an accusation that has turned out to be grossly untrue, but could be VERY TRUE about Archbishop Apuron.

What better way of commemorating the "Gofigan Ambush" than for that ambush to ricochet right back to the chancery on the very date of the original ambush while we surge past a half million views. God is not sleeping. 

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