Wednesday, July 16, 2014


DEFINITION OF TERMS: You/You clergy = those members of the clergy who object to our knowing what happened at your meeting. (Not all do.)


So you demand our time, talent, and treasure, but you want us to shut the hell up when it comes to your "privileged conversations." What makes you think you would have even had an opportunity for a "privileged conversation" if we the people who are supposed to shut the hell up hadn't raised hell to begin with?

It was the laity who came to your rescue when you were being thrown in the trash. It was the laity who came forward with their "time (LOTS OF IT), talent, and treasure" to stop Apuron when none of you had the guts to because you might get the same treatment as Fr. Paul. It was the laity which banged on Rome's door when you hid in the corners and watched!

It is the laity who are being forced into being refugees from their own parishes. It is the laity who who are seeing the collapse of their years of work to hold their parishes up while you clergy come and go at our expense. 

You cry on and on about the need for stewardship, Vatican II, and "active participation of the laity", but it seems all you want us to be is glorified "yes Father yes Father" altar boys. Yah. So much for Vatican II. 

So you think you have a right to privileged conversations about our Church without us? You think you have a right to an "internal forum". Well then call up the archbishop yourself and go have a private meeting and have your "internal forum". Yah, you're too chicken to do that. Your meeting Monday was a PUBLIC MEETING whether you wanted it to be or not. 

What you don't get is that now that Krebs is gone the only thing standing between you and the Chancery Three is US! WE ARE ALL YOU HAVE!

And YOU Wadeson! And to think that just recently on this blog I stood up for you. To think that I have been filtering out comments on this blog for nearly a year about the mysterious circumstances surrounding your sudden incardination and about your name being on a certain list. And you are going to call us, and ME in particular, SATAN?

Let's look your sad little email:

On Jul 15, 2014, at 6:13, John Howard Wadeson <> wrote:
Dear Brothers, 
I am told that details of our meeting with the Nuncio yesterday have been posted on a blog. I want to express my deep concern and hurt concerning this, especially since the Nuncio explicitly requested this not be done, and we gave our assent to this request. I consider this a grave violation of our privacy, an act of blatant disobedience, a deliberate break of communion. 
I also appreciate the presence of our Archbishop at these meetings, and hope there is no thought of ever precluding him from our discussions. In a family conversation no one is every excluded, and as a Church we have the benefit of the Holy Spirit in our midst to bring healing and understanding. If some do not feel free to speak in front of the Archbishop, this is certainly not the problem of the Archbishop. Even in matters of disagreement, the Archbishop has always expressed an open heart and a pastoral and fatherly concern towards me and all others. 
The real battle we are fighting is not against each other, but against Satan and all his wiles. He is the one who can fool us all to make us turn against each other. 
Fr. John Howard Wadeson

Redemptoris Mater Seminary

130 Chalan Seminariu

Ilig Bay, Yoña 96915

Your words: "In a family conversation no one is ever excluded..." Yah, except us, RIGHT? I guess we're not part of the family. 

And "If some do not feel free to speak in front of the Archbishop, this is certainly not the problem of the Archbishop." LIKE HELL! It means that there is SOMETHING VERY WRONG with the Archbishop. 

The truth is, Wadeson, the truth is that because he covered your ass now you're covering his, right? He incardinated you lickety-split when you needed to drop the S.V.D.  from your name and escape to some place far away while others who had served this diocese for decades were denied incardination and given ultimatums to join the Neocatechumenal freaking Way or get the hell out!

So maybe you want to tell us about this:
The following clergy have no faculties to minister (no permission to exercise the priestly office) in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Please call the Parish Office and/or the Vicar for Clergy Office should they present themselves for any ministry here. 
  • Rev. John Howard Wadeson Archdiocese of Agaña, Guam
I fought to protect you for many months. I am aware that there are often false allegations against priests. Many people sent me information about you. I held them off. But now you can do that yourself. And the Archbishop needs to explain to us why he can so easily persecute a priest who simply showed kindness to a man who committed a crime three decades ago and sought reconciliation with his church, but he immediately incardinates and gives refuge to (at our expense of course) a priest who has two credible sexual abuse accusations lodged against him:

I believe the Archbishop owes us an explanation, don't you think?

And since you all don't want us to know what you're talking about, well hey, we'll let you know what we're talking about. Here's an email I got this morning. Enjoy....I'll be back. Oh, and just an FYI, this post is going out as a press release to all the Media. Expect a knock on your door...if you're still here. 

Dear Mr. Rohr:

A priest after mass today was talking to several parishioners and mentioned that Fr. John Wadeson, a Neo priest from WHO KNOWS WHERE, was complaining that he was hurt by the disclosure in your blog of the details of Monday morning’s clergy meeting with the Nuncio, and said that this was blatant disobedience and break of communion. 

My my, such audacious words from a man who has gotten a FREE RIDE from the archdiocese of Agana, at OUR EXPENSE. Is this not the same Neo priest who needed to be incardinated somewhere because he was homeless (as to why, that is a good question). The world’s most ardent and only Neo bishop (good ole Apuron) promptly incardinated him in Guam without canonical notice, investigation of his background, canonical consultation, etc. He then pays him a monthly stipend, make him part of the retirement plan, puts him under our medical and dental insurance, and then warmly bids him goodbye (with a double kiss of course!) as he sails back to Northern California where his Neo base of operation is. 

How laughable is it that he would now lecture us about not breaking communion when he, of everyone, is getting a FREE AND EASY RIDE, from the parishioners of Guam. Of course, he would be upset because this disclosure may tip over the apple cart that he has been riding for years now, at OUR EXPENSE. He comes to Guam only during Easter and Christmas (or when the Neo giants are here), much like an immigrant with a green card who has to make periodic contact in order to maintain his green card status.

Fr. John also said that he is thankful for the archbishop who has only been kind, fatherly, and loving to him. Of course, he is thankful because this archbishop saved his ass and continues to do so, at OUR EXPENSE. 

Fr. John should ask Fr. Paul, Fr, Jun, Fr, Manny, and Fr. Simoen to be thankful for the archbishop’s fatherly concern, open heart, and pastoral understanding to them! I am really sick and tired of Neo priests who simply look the other way and pretend that nothing bad is happening in our archdiocese. I pray that the Nuncio grasped the underlying bitter division and disunity among Guam Catholics caused by Archbishop Apuron and his NEO comrades.


Sick of IT

Oh, and here's one more. It says it all:

  1. Ai adai si Archbishop. Gag order for everyone.

    Shh. We are not supposed to know.

The Oceania Rectors’ Meeting 2013 was held at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary (RMS) of Guam in Yona June 3-7, 2013. Seated, front row L-R: Fr. Clement Papa (Papua New Guinea), Msgr. Anthony Randazzo (Australia), Fr. Pablo Ponce Rodriguez (Rector of RMS Guam), Most Rev. Anthony S. Apuron, OFM, Cap., D.D. (Archbishop of Agaña), Fr. Kevin Long (Australia), Fr. Michael Moore (Australia), and Fr. Vincent Twomey (Ireland). Back row L-R: Br. James Mungovan (Papua New Guinea), Fr. Falany Terry (Fiji), Fr. Desmond Moloney (Australia), Fr. Teclemicael Tewolde Neguse CM (Solomon Islands), Fr. Francis Walsh (Professor of Theology, RMS Guam), Fr. Julio Cesar Sanchez (Vice Rector, RMS Guam), Fr. Steve Lowe (New Zealand), Fr. Peter Artiken (Papau New Guinea), Fr. Eric Sckruzny (Australia), and Fr. John Wadeson (Formator, RMS Guam). Photo courtesy of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.


  1. Very serious. We demand this priest is removed from public ministry pending an investigation.

    We demand an investigation into archbishop Apuron by law by Guam social services.

    1. As they used to say in the old Dragnet series:
      Fr John Wadeson and Archbishop Anthony: do not make any travel plans for the next few weeks."
      Hey - popo comin to getcha.

  2. how dare Father wadeson call the people Satan. People of Guam stand up to thiis.

  3. Fr. John. Insulting to call people Satan. Who hell do you think you are.

    Archbishop why have you allowed this man in our archdiocese?

  4. Priest must be removed today from active ministry pending investigation.

  5. Children may be in danger by the reckless actions of archbishop anthony Apuron.

    1. Yes, the children at the Seminary may be in danger. Why has Wadeson been gone so long?

  6. He's listed as a "formator" of our seminarians in the Umatuna. Somebody grab that article before they yank it.

  7. Fr. Wadeson points his finger but he forgot the three pointing back at him. How nice of him to say "our" meeting when he is hardly even here! Sorry Charlie, that meeting and everything of it belongs to the Catholic faithful of Guam and where do you reside?

    How ironic that the Archbishop shows kindness to Fr. Wadeson with the same hand that damns Fr. Paul for doing the same for a reconciling parishioner. The Archbishop protects Fr. Wadeson, a stranger to this island and banishes Fr. Paul, a beloved son of Guam all because the Neo factor!

  8. If the Archbishop is truly concerned about children, he would REQUIRE proper background checks on those who enter the Yona factory. We truly don't know these men, but I guess parishioners will soon know.

    Archbishop, yet again with your inaction, you have exposed us to more threats. Is this your way of inviting a major lawsuit on us, more so, on you? Where is your sex abuse policy? How are you protecting children?

    1. Children of Guam exposed,to danger.

    2. Wadeson's letter to priests July 16th insulting .

  9. God help us. . Victims may sue Guam. .

  10. Dear Tim:

    I checked around my sources at the Chancery and they are not aware of any background check on Wadeson before he was incardinated by Apuron. Unbelievable! In fact, it was done so quickly and quietly that everyone was surprised and shocked, EXCEPT the NCW who got Apuron to act quickly, secretly, and without consultation to do it. This is BAD.

  11. If no background check was made on this Fr. John Wadeson, has Archbishop Apuron put this archdiocese in immediate danger and harm? In the words of an attorney friend of mine, who has been practicing law for many years, this is gross and willful negligence, the highest type of negligence under civil law.

  12. How can Fr. John be listed as a "formator" at the RMS in Yona when he is barely here? Don't you have to be physically present to teach and form the students? I mean, one of the keys of formation is to observe the growth of a seminarian and you cannot do that if you are not physically present! Something very wrong is going on here.

    1. Archbishop Apuron reckless leader of Archdiocese. Children, young men are in danger .

  13. My jaws dropped when I read that this priest is named as an abuser. I'm shaking my head. Archbishop, PLEASE for the love of God, make things right!

  14. Nevermind about asking because the Chancery will tell you "ti bisnes-mu" (none of your business).

  15. Archbishop Apuron, you must report this man and yourself to SNAP! What you did to Father Paul is turning around on you. You continually support this priest Father Wadeson and put the youths of the island in danger! Two quotes apply to you...Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you and what goes around comes around !

    SNAP, SNAP, SNAP!!!!!!!! Turn yourself In Father Wadeson! Are you wanted that you needed to change SVD to RMS? Being a NEO does not solve your crimes! The RMS is not a sanctuary for you! Do not hide behind the cloth!

    1. I will continue to emphasize that Fr. Wadeson is only "accused". No case has been brought against him yet. I will still stick with the innocent until proven guilty with Fr. Wadeson. The real question is why was incardinated by Apuron so quickly and without any background check. Answer: He was ordered to by Kiko, Gennarini, Pius, et. al.

    2. The question Tim still remains..BUT WHY? What is it with Wadeson and the Kiko head hunchos?

    3. It's quite easy to see. With Apuron the honchos have a bishop who submits to them. This allows them to use Guam as a base of operations where they can get the episcopal rubber stamp for anything: renegade priests, seminarians who wouldn't be accepted anywhere else, shady real estate deals, a vacation spot in the tropics....He's theirs.

    4. To Anonymous at 9.13am.
      Your question is of course excellent.
      I believe Tim and several of us have made it clear why, over the past few weeks.
      Please refer to my post, which Tim relayed under the Column name:
      "Frenchie Knows..."
      It is painfully obvious.
      In the case at hand, it is even more perverse, since it appears that Father Wademan left the Diocese of Los Angeles under "cloudy" conditions.
      The notice from the archdiocese to all dioceses makes it clear, that something was afoot.
      Unbeknown to all on this island, and apparently (this has not been verified yet, but the preponderance of facts pulls us to this conclusion) unbeknown to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Father Wademan was taken out in haste from LA by his NCW protectors, and shelter was requested from Archbishop Apuron, and granted, to everybody's surprise.
      To muddy the water even more, father Wademan was then "detached" to San Francisco while being listed at the RSM as a "formator".
      You will also noticed that many of the professors listed previously on the RSM website (info that suddenly disappeared a few months back) were mostly itinerant professors who actually had full time jobs in other NCW locations.
      (this of course opens a whole new set of questions regarding the funding and movements of money from Guam to other NCW locations, and possible money laundering between states, thru the use of salaries paid to individuals that never set foot on this island.)
      Again, this is a very perverse game of musical chairs.
      What is compounding this issue, is that all this was done under a coat of secrecy, and at the expense of the Catholics on Guam, who unknowingly footed up the bills.

  16. Hey, I think the archdiocese should post on its website the background of every priest that has been incardinated in Guam, when they were incardinated, what seminary, etc. W have the right to know!

  17. Will someone please tell me who this Father John Wadeson is? I check my neo friends and they are clueless other than the fact that he is a neo priest.

  18. Strange & DisturbingJuly 16, 2014 at 9:04 AM

    What business does Archbishop Apuron have in incardinating a priest from Australia who resides elsewhere? This is strange an disturbing.

  19. Signed Sick of it 2

  20. Demand an investigation. Even if accused he has to be removed until cleared. Children in danger. Archbishop Apuron resign for endangering children.

  21. Reckless action archbishop..

  22. PDN media release immediately.

  23. Reckless callous. Snap return to Guam.

  24. Archbishop Apuron is a master of hypocrisy. I'm forwarding the press release to SNAP Hawaii Chapter this morning

  25. Needs to be removed from the seminary immediately.


  26. Please inform BJ Cruz.

  27. Priest only accused should not be in active ministry.

  28. Archbishop explain why.

  29. Apuron and Wadeson seen together today.

    1. Archie and Wadeson protecting each other.

  30. Was the Archbishop returning a favor from the Kiko's when he quickly incardinated Fr. Wadeson? Fr. Wadeson, by the way, was the pastor of at least one parish in New Jersey: St. Peter Claver in the Asbury Park area in the early nineties. Same guy as the one in LA.

  31. Bet dollars to donuts that it was the Archbishop who imposed the hush rule. Why on earth would the Nuncio ask for secrecy? He is trying to get to the bottom of this poop pile we have been smelling up in here for much too long. Too much pizza nai gives you indigestion.

    1. You are correct:

      "I don’t want anybody going to the blogs or spreading the news again so that it’s all over the place. We need to start the healing within ourselves and not spread it out there so it becomes like wildfire and everybody interpreting and misinterpreting things." - Archbishop Apuron.

      Translation: SHUT UP. And "start the healing within ourselves"???? That was said to pacify Krebs. He's been the bishop for three decades and the clergy have had many meetings like this. It only gets worse.

    2. If I was the clergy I'd be scared of this Dr Jeckyl - Mr Hyde thing the Archbishop has going on.

      He does the sorry spiel for the Nuncio but give it time....bwahahaha...he will be back to his Dr Jeckyl ways punishing all who go against the Neo. This has truly been his way for so long. We saw it with Fr Paul. To your face "yeah, its all good" Behind your back "ill destroy you"

      Heard the clergy had a second meeting. Wonder how productive that was.More empty promises? I hope to goodness the Archbishop is a changed man and proves me wrong!

  32. Been waiting for fourteen years for archbishop to begin healing. He never did. He travels all over the world never once visited those he damaged. Do not believe you archbishop. But now I have no reason to see you anyway.

  33. Greatest respect For Tim Rohr. He remains a dedicated loyal catholic .committed to what is true, good, and beautiful. Standing for the cause of truth and Justice walking humbly with the Lord.

    Father Matthew Blockley.

  34. Father Mike has been a beacon of light and hope to so many. Admiration and respect for him and all priests who speak on behalf of truth and justice and for the good of the church. The truth is like a diamond, the more you chop it, the brighter it shines.

    Father Matthew Blockley.
    makati City
    Republic of the Philippines.

  35. John Howard Wadeson's travels:
    Born in Australia, circa 1942
    Dropped out of Gregory Terrace Christian Brothers High School, Brisbane, Australia
    His father was a doctor and his mother was a nurse. They divorced.
    St. Vincent's Seminary in Marburg, Queensland, Australia for two years
    Conesus, NY 1962-65 (Divine Word (SVD) seminary)
    Major Seminary in Chicago (Catholic Theological Union)
    Ordained 1969
    1972-73 Verbum Dei High School Los Angeles
    1974-74 St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church Los Angeles
    [Two credible accusations of sexual abuse from 1973-77]
    1975-1980 - status unknown
    circa 1980 - Assisted at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church, San Bernardino CA
    1981-81 Casa Guadalupe Los Angeles
    1982-83 St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church Los Angeles CA
    1984-85 Verbum Dei High School Los Angeles
    Early 90's: St. Peter Claver in the Asbury Park, NJ

  36. Archbishop Apuron why did you quickly and without any apparent due diligence incardinate an accused sex offender priest Fr John Wadeson? Or was it that you knew of his record but incardinated him anyway? What do you cite for your actions, Ignorance or Malfeasance?

    Why Archbishop, guardian of the innocent children? Why Archbishop, to be fatherly and merciful? And if he's incardinated on Guam what is he doing in California while on the Diocese Payroll?

    Should we let the victims' advocates know that your harboring him here? Should we let Guam public officials here know that your harboring him here? Oops, i already have.

  37. United,

    "accused sex offender" yes. Which means he is innocent. Anybody can be accused of anything.

    Innocent until proven guilty...

    1. David. Two questions:
      1. If innocent till proven guilty is the standard then why isn’t Father Paul Pastor of Santa Barbara? His case has not been heard yet.
      2. If innocent till proven guilty is the standard why is the archdiocese of Los Angeles asking people to report him to the Vicar General of the archdiocese?

      Archbishop Apuron has only to state that Wadeson was properly vetted before incardination and that the allegations against Wadeson are untrue. He also needs to state that he understands that should a lawsuit against Wadeson ever arise (it is not uncommon for these to happen decades later), as a priest incardinated in the Archdiocese of Agana, the people of this archdiocese would be made to pay for it.

    2. To David G., I agree that he is innocent until proven guilty, but we are not trying Fr. John here. We are demanding answers from the archbishop on why Fr. John was incardinated without any background check, notice, canonical consultation, etc. Why the rush and secrecy? It is only prudent and wise that the archbishop did these things and he did not. In fact, he was required to do so. But he did not. Why? Why? Why?

    3. Well said, but don't expect an answer. They don't want our questions. Just our money.

    4. To David G.


      There is enough data on Fr. John's case, two accusations not made public because it is an ongoing case, in New Jersey to require the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to issue a public warning about him.

      The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is both protecting itself from the risk of exposure and protecting it's parishoners by advising on the background of this priest.

      Archdiocese of Agana should be doing the same. But wait, ABAA incardinated him then shipped him off island paying him for Diocesan services. Maybe he performs his pastorly work like me, a remote worker, logging over from my console everyday?

      Perhaps if we cut this guy loose we can afford to pay for Aaron Quitugua.

      And why are we even bothering with Fr. John and his CLOUDED HISTORY when we HAVE THE FRUIT OF SO MANY SEMINARIANS TO PICK FROM.

  38. It is true and correct to say that Fr. John is innocent until proven guilty,
    but we are not putting Fr. John's innocence or guilt on trial. We are
    putting on trial the obligations of Fr. John to this archdiocese when he
    sought incardination and Archbishop Apuron's obligation to his faithful in
    Guam in addressing said application.

    Fr. Wadeson had a clear obligation to disclose all material or significant
    information in his application to be incardinated here. As a priest, he
    knows that he was duty bound to disclose the alleged sexual molestations
    accusations against him from the archdiocese of Los Angles. He was duty
    bound to disclose the details of said accusations and the result of any
    investigation. He was duty bound to disclose his last place of
    incardination, and why he is not incardinated there anymore. He was duty
    bound to do all this under the eyes of God. He did not, as far as we know.

    Archbishop Apuron had a clear obligation to ask the above questions. He was
    duty bound to discover if there was any kind of criminal or civil record on
    Fr. John. He was duty bound to take all steps necessary to investigate the
    background of Fr. John by seeking the references of his previous diocese of
    incardination. He was duty bound to disclose to his faithful in Guam the
    pending application of Fr. John's application. He was duty bound to consult
    his councils on the application of Fr. John. He was duty bound to do all
    this under the eyes of God. He did not, as far as we know.

    These are clear violations of duty, moral and canonical, by both men, and
    the the just consequence of such violations is equally clear as well:
    resignation by both men. For Fr. John, from being incardinated here, and for
    Archbishop Apuron, from being archbishop.

    Do the right thing Fr. John and Archbishop Apuron, for the Catholic Church,
    Guam, and God.

  39. This is so funny...

    Next time Fr. John W. and Archbishop when you are hiding from something don't make yourselves targets.

  40. These men all where Black. There are other color clerical shirts. Question is behind all this black what is being concealed. Looking at the photo few would have known about Father wadeson. But now we know it raises questions.

  41. Hard to accept Archbishop as spiritual leader.

  42. aaa Is a stamp for the n way to do what they want. They cannot do what they have in the catholic church without the local,bishop supporting them. My question becomes why did the Archbishop allow this. I do not believe aaa acted for the future good of the archdiocese. What is the real reason why aaa lavished this n way on the church of Guam. aaa is just a pawn, but I suspect made very rich in the process.