Wednesday, July 16, 2014


DEFINITION OF TERMS: You/You clergy = those members of the clergy who object to our knowing what happened at your meeting. (Not all do.)


So you demand our time, talent, and treasure, but you want us to shut the hell up when it comes to your "privileged conversations." What makes you think you would have even had an opportunity for a "privileged conversation" if we the people who are supposed to shut the hell up hadn't raised hell to begin with?

It was the laity who came to your rescue when you were being thrown in the trash. It was the laity who came forward with their "time (LOTS OF IT), talent, and treasure" to stop Apuron when none of you had the guts to because you might get the same treatment as Fr. Paul. It was the laity which banged on Rome's door when you hid in the corners and watched!

It is the laity who are being forced into being refugees from their own parishes. It is the laity who who are seeing the collapse of their years of work to hold their parishes up while you clergy come and go at our expense. 

You cry on and on about the need for stewardship, Vatican II, and "active participation of the laity", but it seems all you want us to be is glorified "yes Father yes Father" altar boys. Yah. So much for Vatican II. 

So you think you have a right to privileged conversations about our Church without us? You think you have a right to an "internal forum". Well then call up the archbishop yourself and go have a private meeting and have your "internal forum". Yah, you're too chicken to do that. Your meeting Monday was a PUBLIC MEETING whether you wanted it to be or not. 

What you don't get is that now that Krebs is gone the only thing standing between you and the Chancery Three is US! WE ARE ALL YOU HAVE!

And YOU Wadeson! And to think that just recently on this blog I stood up for you. To think that I have been filtering out comments on this blog for nearly a year about the mysterious circumstances surrounding your sudden incardination and about your name being on a certain list. And you are going to call us, and ME in particular, SATAN?

Let's look your sad little email:

On Jul 15, 2014, at 6:13, John Howard Wadeson <> wrote:
Dear Brothers, 
I am told that details of our meeting with the Nuncio yesterday have been posted on a blog. I want to express my deep concern and hurt concerning this, especially since the Nuncio explicitly requested this not be done, and we gave our assent to this request. I consider this a grave violation of our privacy, an act of blatant disobedience, a deliberate break of communion. 
I also appreciate the presence of our Archbishop at these meetings, and hope there is no thought of ever precluding him from our discussions. In a family conversation no one is every excluded, and as a Church we have the benefit of the Holy Spirit in our midst to bring healing and understanding. If some do not feel free to speak in front of the Archbishop, this is certainly not the problem of the Archbishop. Even in matters of disagreement, the Archbishop has always expressed an open heart and a pastoral and fatherly concern towards me and all others. 
The real battle we are fighting is not against each other, but against Satan and all his wiles. He is the one who can fool us all to make us turn against each other. 
Fr. John Howard Wadeson

Redemptoris Mater Seminary

130 Chalan Seminariu

Ilig Bay, Yoña 96915

Your words: "In a family conversation no one is ever excluded..." Yah, except us, RIGHT? I guess we're not part of the family. 

And "If some do not feel free to speak in front of the Archbishop, this is certainly not the problem of the Archbishop." LIKE HELL! It means that there is SOMETHING VERY WRONG with the Archbishop. 

The truth is, Wadeson, the truth is that because he covered your ass now you're covering his, right? He incardinated you lickety-split when you needed to drop the S.V.D.  from your name and escape to some place far away while others who had served this diocese for decades were denied incardination and given ultimatums to join the Neocatechumenal freaking Way or get the hell out!

So maybe you want to tell us about this:
The following clergy have no faculties to minister (no permission to exercise the priestly office) in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Please call the Parish Office and/or the Vicar for Clergy Office should they present themselves for any ministry here. 
  • Rev. John Howard Wadeson Archdiocese of Agaña, Guam
I fought to protect you for many months. I am aware that there are often false allegations against priests. Many people sent me information about you. I held them off. But now you can do that yourself. And the Archbishop needs to explain to us why he can so easily persecute a priest who simply showed kindness to a man who committed a crime three decades ago and sought reconciliation with his church, but he immediately incardinates and gives refuge to (at our expense of course) a priest who has two credible sexual abuse accusations lodged against him:

I believe the Archbishop owes us an explanation, don't you think?

And since you all don't want us to know what you're talking about, well hey, we'll let you know what we're talking about. Here's an email I got this morning. Enjoy....I'll be back. Oh, and just an FYI, this post is going out as a press release to all the Media. Expect a knock on your door...if you're still here. 

Dear Mr. Rohr:

A priest after mass today was talking to several parishioners and mentioned that Fr. John Wadeson, a Neo priest from WHO KNOWS WHERE, was complaining that he was hurt by the disclosure in your blog of the details of Monday morning’s clergy meeting with the Nuncio, and said that this was blatant disobedience and break of communion. 

My my, such audacious words from a man who has gotten a FREE RIDE from the archdiocese of Agana, at OUR EXPENSE. Is this not the same Neo priest who needed to be incardinated somewhere because he was homeless (as to why, that is a good question). The world’s most ardent and only Neo bishop (good ole Apuron) promptly incardinated him in Guam without canonical notice, investigation of his background, canonical consultation, etc. He then pays him a monthly stipend, make him part of the retirement plan, puts him under our medical and dental insurance, and then warmly bids him goodbye (with a double kiss of course!) as he sails back to Northern California where his Neo base of operation is. 

How laughable is it that he would now lecture us about not breaking communion when he, of everyone, is getting a FREE AND EASY RIDE, from the parishioners of Guam. Of course, he would be upset because this disclosure may tip over the apple cart that he has been riding for years now, at OUR EXPENSE. He comes to Guam only during Easter and Christmas (or when the Neo giants are here), much like an immigrant with a green card who has to make periodic contact in order to maintain his green card status.

Fr. John also said that he is thankful for the archbishop who has only been kind, fatherly, and loving to him. Of course, he is thankful because this archbishop saved his ass and continues to do so, at OUR EXPENSE. 

Fr. John should ask Fr. Paul, Fr, Jun, Fr, Manny, and Fr. Simoen to be thankful for the archbishop’s fatherly concern, open heart, and pastoral understanding to them! I am really sick and tired of Neo priests who simply look the other way and pretend that nothing bad is happening in our archdiocese. I pray that the Nuncio grasped the underlying bitter division and disunity among Guam Catholics caused by Archbishop Apuron and his NEO comrades.


Sick of IT

Oh, and here's one more. It says it all:

  1. Ai adai si Archbishop. Gag order for everyone.

    Shh. We are not supposed to know.

The Oceania Rectors’ Meeting 2013 was held at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary (RMS) of Guam in Yona June 3-7, 2013. Seated, front row L-R: Fr. Clement Papa (Papua New Guinea), Msgr. Anthony Randazzo (Australia), Fr. Pablo Ponce Rodriguez (Rector of RMS Guam), Most Rev. Anthony S. Apuron, OFM, Cap., D.D. (Archbishop of Agaña), Fr. Kevin Long (Australia), Fr. Michael Moore (Australia), and Fr. Vincent Twomey (Ireland). Back row L-R: Br. James Mungovan (Papua New Guinea), Fr. Falany Terry (Fiji), Fr. Desmond Moloney (Australia), Fr. Teclemicael Tewolde Neguse CM (Solomon Islands), Fr. Francis Walsh (Professor of Theology, RMS Guam), Fr. Julio Cesar Sanchez (Vice Rector, RMS Guam), Fr. Steve Lowe (New Zealand), Fr. Peter Artiken (Papau New Guinea), Fr. Eric Sckruzny (Australia), and Fr. John Wadeson (Formator, RMS Guam). Photo courtesy of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

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