Monday, November 25, 2013


"Lou (Leon Guerrero) attributes her becoming pro-choice to her Catholic education..."

- Dames, Vivian Loyola. Asian/Pacific Islander American Women, A Historical Anthology/Chamorro Women and the politics of Abortion in Guam, Ed. Shirley Hune and Gail M. Nomura. New York University Press, 2003. Pg. 375. 

"The pro-choice advocates drew strength from the encouragement received behind the scenes from other women, including nuns, who could not express their support publicly..."

- ibid. Pg. 376


  1. Shame on them! To be a bride of Christ and to go against the commandment "thou Shall Not Kill". No matter how many prayers you pray your judgement will be between you and The Lord!

    To Senator Lou Leon Guerrero and to any other government officials who approves of ANY form of abortion I pity your soul! You not only end the life of that end the life of all generations that would have existed from that child had you not approved abortion.

    To all pregnant women...choose wisely.

    To everyone:
    for our God did say "Amen: I say to you, what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me". Matthew 25 31:46

  2. Also, choose your bank wisely. The Archdiocese does millions of dollars of business with Leon Guerrero's bank, despite her record of being Guam's most staunch and vociferous advocate for the right to kill children in the womb, and in the case of her public opposition to Bill 195, even killing them after they have left the womb.

  3. Unfortunately, the local church also lavishes Lou LG with awards and accolades. She is a member of AOLG's Hall of Fame. For those of us trying to fight abortion on Guam it is really demoralizing to see how the local church lauds the leading advocate of abortion (along with Anita Arriola) on Guam. Indeed, people have cited to the local church's praise of Lou LG as evidence that even the church -- the presumed arbiter of what is moral and immoral -- does not think abortion is wrong and that my efforts in trying to curtail abortion do not accord with the views of the church. My response, that the local version of the church as led by Archbishop Apuron is a tragic aberration and a sad farce that does not reflect the teachings of the universal church, always falls flat. So, in our efforts to fight abortion we find ourselves (shockingly) having to overcome the efforts of not only the likes of Lou LG and Anita Arriola, but the local church itself.