Thursday, December 26, 2013


Well, I decided to take a bit of a Christmas break, but not so the NCW's. Here's a Christmas wish from one of them. No comment needed. If this is what the NCW produces...RUN!

yes I think you got it. This is Tim's circus, a way to be alive.I guess only 4 to 5 persons are interacting in this blog.Anyhow I liked Zoltan interventions.However I begin to realize that there is no way to communicate.I hope Tim will not fell to bad when he discovers that he Is fighting against God.Courage Tim, Jesus is born also for you, take Him into your house.Maybe one day you will use the NCW to save one of your children. That's the NCW a tool of the Church to save people.Merry Christmas to all of you!Happy New year


  1. Just in case some have missed what I had to say...thought I'd share this again...
    Peace....and by the way Zoltan, unlike you, I prefer to say Merry CHRISTmas unlike your comment to Tim when you said Merry Xmas...I guess you guys do X out Christ out of CHRISTMAS.

    Dear Anonymous, Dec 24th 2013 at 12:50pm...

    In regards to your message to Mary Lou about being so rude, I beg to differ and I, too, have been donating my money to a much more visible cause. I like to know where my money goes.

    I attend non-neo priests/parishes whether it be capuchin or diocesan ...I can honestly say I no longer donate to the collection basket...I give my money in the form of mass intentions because I know where the money goes. If the church needs money for building, maintenance, or any other purpose for that specific church...I give my donation to the parish office for that specific purpose. I will not drop money into to the collection baskets anymore because I know a portion goes to the chancery but for what use? To help support the Redemptorist Mater or whatever the Archbishop sees fit to spend it on? No thank you.

    Yes, I am not a neo and choose not to be one. I know where Jesus is and if I ever need him I could easily go to the blessed sacrament ..and if I need advice, I could go to a priest, and if I need to confess I know I can confess to a priest and ONLY a priest. I know I can count on the Catholic Church as my salvation as long as I am faithful to our lord and to his commandments no one needs to tell me otherwise.

    I was born from a catholic family and baptized in a Catholic Church, raised as a catholic and taught the catholic faith...and as far as I am concerned...I will die a catholic with a traditional catholic mass in a Catholic Church with a catholic priest presiding in union with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church!

    And I definitely know in my heart that the NEO is not thee way!

    when did Jesus establish His Church? When? When He was here upon earth. And how long ago is it that Christ was upon earth? You know our Christian era dates from Him. He was born many centuries ago. That is an historical fact admitted by all. He lived on earth thirty-three years. That is the time Christ established His Church on earth. Any Church, that has not existed this long, is not the Church of Jesus Christ, but is the institution or invention of some man, but not of God, not of Christ.

    And to this we answer, if the Catholic Church had been once the true church, then she is still true, and shall be the true Church of God to the end of time, or Jesus Christ has deceived us. For Christ has promised that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church. He says that He has built it upon a rock, and that the gates of hell shall never prevail against it.

    As for NCW... You can argue and argue that you are under the umbrella of the catholic faith...but as I posted above the words from:
    The One True Church
    by Fr. Arnold Damen, S.J. (1815 - 1890)
    Imprimatur: Michael Augustine, Archbishop of New York.

    Any Church, that has not existed this long, is not the Church of Jesus Christ, but is the institution or invention of some man, but not of God, not of Christ.

    You have to remember...your NCW is the institution or invention of Kiko and Carmen..... Christ already created a is called the Catholic Church in which St. Peter became the first pope. You can not claim your service is catholic if you hold your church outside of the catholic church. Think about it! I mean.. really... think about it!

  2. "I recognize the Neocatechumenal Way as an itinerary of Catholic Formation, valid for our society and for our times."

  3. I, too, stopped giving at Mass. I also stopped donating annually to the seminary. Had I known the truth about the seminary and how are collection monies are used I would have never given a single penny. I feel like I was deceived. I'm not going to give money to a group that wants to displace the Catholic church on Guam. No way. Instead, I now give my money to other causes.

  4. Yes I too, refuse to financially contribute to nor support any solicitation and endeavor in this diocese which ultimately will benefit a community whose goal is to erode the Catholic Church's teachings as taught by Jesus Christ and the traditional followings of Jesus' Way (as opposed to "Kiko's teachings and ways"). A community which also disregards the authority of The Magisterium clearly not only erodes but defiantly goes against The Catholic Church's teaching about the Authority of The Magisterium bestowed by Jesus Christ, Himself, to Peter -- and soly to Peter's successors which does not include Kiko and the NCW's hiarchy on Guam.

    There may be only a few of us emboldened to post our similar sentiments on Tim's blog, but there is a larger percentage of us, non-NCW, who share the same sentiments in this diocese and who would rather go back to the days of our diocese before NCW.

    It very much appears to us that our shepherd's intentions of bringing the NCW seminary to Guam and thereby developing a legacy for himself is, instead, proving to be his tragic ruination.

    1. Dear Maria, your spewing hatred is duly appreciated. I have already announced my New Year Resolution to abandon Tim Rohr's Jungle blog starting by New Year's Day because of his blatant intellectual dishonesty. I also called my sisters and brothers to do the same.

      Before I'll leave this blog, let me recall that the only charge Tim Rohr could dig up against the Neocatechumenal Way is that we have a contemplated consumption of the Eucharistic Host. He is lying in your face claiming that this is against the regulations while it is not. Contemplated consumption is a variation and not violation as attested by Popes Paul 6th, John Paul 2nd and Benedict 16th who all cheerfully participated in Eucharistic celebrations in the Way!


      While the charges against the Neocatechumenal Way fall apart, there is no acknowledgement by the owner of this blog that the charges were false. This is a sign of Tim's deliberate dishonesty. Rather than admitting his falsehood, this blog creates an avalanche of superstitions and slanderous babbles. All this is spread by hired trolls who disguise themselves as Anonymous. There is evidence that these trolls were hired to spread lies and hatred without self-restrain.

      Dear Maria, all these trolls do is entrapping the gullible like yourself by Anonymous comments into making indecent comments of sheer hatred and dubious charges against public authorities so that you would incriminate yourself. Then this would force you to take side in the ensuing defamation lawsuit between the named public authority and the originator of vicious and unrestricted defamation that is spread in this Jungle blog, who is nobody else than the owner of the blog.

      I'll pray for you, dear Maria, and for those who are gullible like you that you do not fall into the wicked schemes of these nameless trolls who will all disappear at the first sight of prospective legal troubles with the Junglewatch blog and its owner. Please, also pray for me.

    2. Re: Zoltan - January 1st can't get here fast enough. You lies and deceptions will not be missed. I pray for you and the poor souls of those you have mislead.

    3. Shame on you, Anonymous. You are a hired troll making slanderous and defamatory charges without any evidence.

      "Paid trolls profit each time you click on one of their posts or respond to one of their comments. You’re not accomplishing anything by engaging them. You’re paying them. Please do not feed."


    4. Remember come January on the 12 or 13, there will be testimonies given at each mass in every parish again. Hope the archbishop gives his honest and true testimony. This will begin new cycles of communities in the parishes.

    5. Zoltan, if your charge against me is my gullability to the teachings of Jesus and Jesus' Way as taught in the Traditional Catholic Church and not to the "teachings" and "ways of Kiko", then I gladly plead guilty because that is my sole purpose for merely using this medium to post my sentiments.

      My opinions and sentiments are my own, generated by my experiences, my observations and my very own God-given intellect and reason, and based on an acquired knowledge of my Faith thru Catechesis; not at all blindly led, coerced (nor paid) by any member of my Faith or by any hierarchical member within the Traditional Catholic Church of this diocese.

      I regard this particular site as merely a medium for us (for you, as well, in spite of your opposition to statements posted) and for anyone who wishes to avail themselves of it to share, explain or defend one's sentiments for or against what is discussed in this blog.

      You Zoltan, in fact, have been the one spewing your hatred and been the one slapping negative labels on anyone who opposes your views or beliefs. A very poor sportsman-like attitude and demeanor I might add, for one who wants to convince us, non-NCW of the legitimacy, credibility and relevancy of "Kiko's way" because, after all, there is only One Way and that is JESUS' WAY as practiced by all the traditional Catholic Church communities and parishes and led by no other than one Leader and Authority: The Magisterium. Can you then, blame us for not merely standing by the side and being silent about altered and refashioned practices when it comes to the Sum and Summit of our Catholic Faith and for vehemently defending the Matisterium and the traditional Catholic Church teachings which has Jesus as its founder as opposed to a mere human, named Kiko?

      If NCW members claim membership to the Catholic Faith and Church founded by Jesus Christ, why the need to separate from and establish the NCW isolated from the parishes in more visible ways than one? That's where we are coming from. There are countless more who share my sentiments and the sentiments of those you label as "paid trolls" than you think you know. Yes, I will pray for you, too, as you request.

    6. Thanks, Maria! Peace be with you.

  5. 1 Thessalonians 5: 1-28 Vigilance.1Concerning times and seasons, brothers, you have no need for anything to be written to you.a2For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief at night.b3When people are saying, “Peace and security,” then sudden disaster comes upon them, like labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.4But you, brothers, are not in darkness, for that day to overtake you like a thief.c5For all of you are children of the light* and children of the day. We are not of the night or of darkness.6Therefore, let us not sleep as the rest do, but let us stay alert and sober.d7Those who sleep go to sleep at night, and those who are drunk get drunk at night.8But since we are of the day, let us be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love and the helmet that is hope for salvation.e9For God did not destine us for wrath, but to gain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,10who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep we may live together with him.*11Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do.fChurch Order.12We ask you, brothers, to respect those who are laboring among you and who are over you in the Lord and who admonish you,13and to show esteem for them with special love on account of their work. Be at peace among yourselves.14We urge you, brothers, admonish the idle, cheer the fainthearted, support the weak, be patient with all.15See that no one returns evil for evil; rather, always seek what is good [both] for each other and for all.g16Rejoice always.17Pray without ceasing.18In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.h19* Do not quench the Spirit.20Do not despise prophetic utterances.21Test everything; retain what is good.22Refrain from every kind of evil.Concluding Prayer.23* May the God of peace himself make you perfectly holy and may you entirely, spirit, soul, and body, be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.i24The one who calls you is faithful, and he will also accomplish it.25Brothers, pray for us [too].26Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss.*27I adjure you by the Lord that this letter be read to all the brothers.28The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

  6. Maria. When the archbishop decided to bring the NCW to Guam one of his hopes was that Guam would become a cardinal seat in the pacific. He believed it would pave the way to him being made cardinal Anthony Apuron . When this news reached the Holy see a leading prelate in Rome stated this would never happen. Archbishop Apuron has chased a dream , he looked for a way to make it a reality, but his ambition as an airport bishop, with the intention of being promoted, has caused division to the church on Guam, and is a prime example of what pope Francis is trying to change in the church today.

    1. Ouch, shame on you. You are a hired troll making slanderous and defamatory charges against the Archbishop without any evidence.

      "Paid trolls profit each time you click on one of their posts or respond to one of their comments. You’re not accomplishing anything by engaging them. You’re paying them. Please do not feed."


    2. Read anonymous at 12:09 and reflect on the word unity , true celebration, one bread one body.

  7. But the Pope emphasised that every Eucharistic celebration “is ultimately directed by the bishop” and must be open to all Catholics, not just members of the Neocatechumenal Way.

    “The progressive maturation in the faith” of each member and small community “must favour their insertion in the life of the greater ecclesial community, which is found in the liturgical celebration of the parish”, he said.

    But during the neocatechumenate’s journey of formation “it’s important not to be separated from the parish community, precisely in the Eucharistic celebration, which is the true place of unity for everyone, where the Lord embraces us in our different stages of spiritual maturity and unites us in the one bread that makes us one body.”

    The Pope said the latest oversight measure reflected the way in which the Church “accompanies you with attention in a patient discernment, understands your richness, but looks, too, toward the communion and harmony of the whole ecclesial body”.

  8. I guess my prayers were answered!!! As of January 01, 2014... No more Zoltan and followers with their many excuses regarding the NCW ... Now we can go back to informing all the Catholics about NCW not being in conformity with the church and we can talk about supporting Fr. Paul and his cause. Maybe the people in the Vatican will see what the Archbishop has done to the island of Guam and it's surrounding islands! How DARE he call the CATHOLIC PEOPLE ON GUAM trolls! For shame!!! You are not even from this island and you call us trolls! You have insulted the people of a Guam!

    1. You wish what you say, dear Maria. You do not sound like a Catholic who shows respect to the Church and Church authorities.

      Despite your claim, Catholic people on Guam are not trolls. Catholic people of basic decency are not posting here inflammatory material disguised as Anonymous. Trolls are those "brave and courageous" Anonymous people who spread slanderous and defamatory charges on Internet blogs without any shred of evidence. If you still don't know the meaning of the word, please read this:

      The Sad Truths of Internet Trolls:

      1. Trolls are immune to criticism and logical arguments. True trolls cannot be reasoned with, regardless of how sound your logical argument is.

      2. Trolls do not feel remorse like you and me. They have sociopathic tendencies, and accordingly, they delight in other people having hurt feelings.

      3. Trolls consider themselves separate from the social order.

      4. Trolls do not abide by etiquette or the rules of common courtesy.

      5. Trolls consider themselves above social responsibility.

      6. Trolls gain energy by you insulting them.

      7, Trolls gain energy when you get angry.

      8. The only way to deal with a troll is to ignore him, or take away his ability to post online.

    2. You labeled us as trolls and gave definitions of a troll so here is yours.
      (1)Neocatatonic: how one feels after sitting through another Neocat "sermon".

      (2) Neocatnap: means of avoiding neocatatonia.

      (3) Neocategory: classification used by Neocats to divide a community into us and them.

      (4) Neocatabolism: process of breaking down a community through delivery of a sermon.

      (5)Neocatafalque: platform from which deadly boring sermons are delivered: thought by Neocats to imbue them with life-like characteristics.

      (6) Neocatlike: tunnel vision, lacking in subtlety.

      (7) Neocatspaw: digit raised by Neocats as form of abuse of congregation.

      (8) Neocatholicism: I am the ahhhhhhhh archbishop.

  9. For me, New Year's Day is today!

    God bless those who deserve His blessing.

    May the Lord Jesus bring you all a joyous year 2014.

  10. Dear zoltan. Thank God you are leaving this blog on January first. We have studied your blogs which illustrate to readers you rea
    Ly have no idea how dangerous the NCW movement is. We pray that in time you wil
    Understand that this movement does not belong on our island home of Guam. Thank you.

  11. Danger ? Yeah what danger ?

  12. Cant we all just get along? Its Christmas Time! God so loved the Holy Family that he sent an angel to them so that they can move to avoid harm. God sends us this same love too. To avoid these things that cause so much hatred, bitterness and anger. Peace to everyone this Christmas time.
    -From an NCW member

    1. To Anonymous December 28, 2013 at 11:38 PM, AKA "an NCW member", that would be nice to get along if only the archbishop didn't make us feel like orphans because we didn't join his group. It's easy to say let's all get along since you have the archbishop on your side. Maybe you can talk to the archbishop and ask him to stop making us feel unwanted, unless we join his NCW club. I still remember how he talked to us when he was on the radio like he was mad at us because we didn't want to become neo. I wish the archbishop loves us like he loves you.

    2. Your problem is with the archbishop not the NCW. Complain about him and not about the members of the NCW. If you feel he treats you different, write him a letter, talk to him after mass, do many things. Don't put blame on the NCW.

    3. Anonymous Dec28 @12:10am

      THANK YOU!

      This is how Ive been received on this blog time and time again.

      Let me share with you my personal story....

      I have always been involved in the church. Growing up I was fortunate to have been blessed with a family that supported the church faithfully. Into my teenage years and my young adult life my commitments with the daily life of the church remained and if anything only grew more. My parish had long been a capuchin ministered parish, within the last decade we have to this day been a diocesan parish. In the language of those on this blog, we are a "neo" parish now. I consider myself blessed because even before experiencing the NCW I never felt neglected or unwanted by the Archbishop. Nothing ever led me to believe anything contrary to the fact that he truly cares for his island church and its people.
      I want to share that I too was once a big critic of the NCW and I did everything in my power to avoid them. I remember even playing "spy" with a group of my "church friends" on a couple of communities during their celebrations. We would drive around the island and park outside and try our best to see what these people were doing. During those days, we concluded that the NCW was a group of "crazies" with their dancing and clapping.
      One day I realized that I needed to truly find out what this whole "neo" thing was all about. I couldnt stand to judge something that I truly never experienced for myself. I received an invitation after one of the Sunday Masses and decided to come back the following day for the Catechesis. Mind you, I already was hesitant because In my view, I felt "catechesis" was something that I had already accomplished through my teenage years. During the first night of catechesis I felt it wasnt for me and that the topic was too elementary for me. I left that evening thinking I wasnt gonna return again. Later that night it dawned on me and I realized the message that was intended for me. I returned again and again and again. It was something that was helping me. I continued.
      For what it is worth, In all honesty, the misconceptions of the NCW are in fact misconceptions. I had to find this out through attending. The critiques that you find online do no justice for the NCW.
      I am not trying to tell you that your salvation can only be realized through the NCW. There are many things out there that can help you. You may not be a part of the NCW but without realizing it you may already be living the Christian Life in your family, at work and even in your daily life.
      The Archbishop has his flaws, he is no different from us, even the Pope is at risk of falling victim to his humanity. This is evident through this blog.
      We cannot love each other enough in our humanity. We will never see peace on our own. We can only do this through and with God. Indeed, words of hate, hurt, anger and resentment have been exchanged on this blog between individuals with different views but this is because we want to accomplish things in our own time. We've put God on the sidelines. I only say this because if we gave control to God for our every move, words and thoughts, I dont think the negative dialogues on this blog would exist.
      Im not trying to ensue another debate or exchange of words, Im now trying to say that you dont have a right to your opinion. All Im trying to say is that while Fr. Pauls case goes to Rome, the NCW works on fixing their issues and Tim resolves his case with the Archbishop, that we continue to pray for peace, love and resolve in our church so that we can give reason for our brothers to return to the church rather than stray away.
      This sounds like a great plan. What do you think?
      -an NCW member

    4. correction...

      "Im NOT trying to say that you dont have a right to your opinion"

    5. Problem is we have an Atchbishop as our so called Shepherd yet anything and everything has yo have the involvement of Pius Sammut. Apuron is under the rules and regulations of Samutt. It seems that he cannot budge without the consent of samutt. Foreigners come in and locals go. When one wants to enter the religious life and they are not of the NCW it's a no no so they are sent elsewhere. Come on Archbishop what is wrong with our convents here. Sammut makes the decisions NOT you

  13. They have titles you know? And from your statement, what you said isn't fact, it's what you think.

    1. If you are saying that I need to give Pius a title sorry. I have no respect for a man who bluntly tells me that something must be wrong with me since I refuse to give up everything and follow him. I have my own way of talking,praising and givivg honor and glory to the Lord.

    2. To anonymous 12-29-13 -- 12:29 am
      Re your statement: "Your problem is with the archbishop not the NCW."

      You can't separate the person from the community that is the source of the problem with the person.

      NCW + Samut = Shepherd; Shepherd + Samut = NCW; therefore NCW+Samut+Shepherd = PROBLEM

      and to Anonymous 4:37am: Re your statement: "They have titles you know?"

      Titles makes not the man nor brings honor to a man; it's humility, trustworthiness and character that bring honor to him -- if they don't display these things, then they have not earned a place of honor.

  14. Among 4:37 who has titles and what isn't fact? Please clarify

  15. Thank you December 29 240am. All men and women of Good will on this blog remain open to the spirit of good will that you write about . Amen. however, at the same time we can no longer remain silent on the issues of grave disunity that now exists on Guam between archbishop Apuron and the people. The archbishop has caused grave disunity by creating two churches on Guam.
    At the same time, over an extended period of time Archbishop Apuron has Seriously damaged, insulted , lyed, bullied, and removed basic rights of victims of sexual abuse on Guam. he has concealed information, he has destroyed anyone who he believes is not furthering his personal agenda. Above all of this he is a dangerous man and to be very honest needs to resign this archdiocese before he

  16. Continues to cause further disunity. The archbishop, fr. Pius, Asian, and David, are presently the cause of grave disunity of the church on Guam and the Mariana islands, and it is unacceptable . It is clearly fr. Pius who is now governing archbishop Apuron. The archbishop should resign the archdioce in the best interest of the people and clergy of Guam. He has lost his capacity to govern this local church.

    Tim... God gave you a gift. You are using it unwisely.
    I am not in the "Way", but I would never destroy God's people.

  18. Virginia, Archbishop is not a personable man. He needs to go out and socialize with people. Examples, he loves to sing, why didn't he at least sing to the children in the pediatric ward? Does he visit the prison or DYA? Does he even greet people after he celebrates mass? He seems to be one that has no interest in people unless there is something in it for him.

    He needs to get involved in the community not just the ones he opts to be in. He is perceived by many as a man who always needs to be in the mist of the rich and the famous. I can say more, but I won't.

    1. The Archbishop should take a lesson or two from Cardinal Tagle. This is a Cardinal who is loved by his people especially the poorest of the poor.

  19. He is our Archbishop... approach him respectfully and let him know of your concerns...

  20. Anonymous December 29, 2013 at 12:29 AM: I tried to talk to the archbishop but he doesn't want to listen because I'm not coming to give him money just to talk to him. I do blame the NCW because before they came to Guam we didn't have all these problems in the church.

    Maria: "You can't separate the person from the community that is the source of the problem with the person." AMEN

    Anonymous December 29 at 9:52 AM: I agree that the archbishop, Fr. Adrian and Msgr. David have caused grave disunity and that he has lost the capacity to govern our local church. But I don't think he will resign because he only cares about himself and not about the good of the church on Guam.

    Virginia_AH: the archbishop lost the respect of many catholics who are not neos a long time ago. He made things worse when he tried to run Fr. Gofigan off island. He lied about Fr. Gofigan. He tried to make it sound like Fr. Gofigan let a child molester work at the church. He said that Fr. Gofigan disobeyed his order to fire the man. But he was lying.
    Also the archbishop stopped being a real leader when became a follower of the neos. Bishops in other places are in charge of the neos in their diocese but not this archbishop. He is a follower and not a leader. I respect his position but I do not respect the man in the position. As long as the NCW priests let themselves be used to destroy the church in Guam I don't respect them either.

    Anonymous December 29, 2013 at 9:26 PM: I think you are right. It sounds the archbishop only likes to socialize with his neo people. If you're not neo he doesn't care for you unless you can give him lots of money. That's sad.

    1. I never said anything about the NEOS. I merely said that he needs to take a more serious approach and interest in all people. In other words his personality needs to change without people feeling intimidated by him. If the bonding with the NEOS is more comfortable for him so be it. We may not be in his circle but I really don't give a ****. I do what I need to and have to in order to live my life by abiding to the teachings of the Catholic Church. If my belief in attaining salvation does not meet the standards of the NEO then that is their problem and not mine.

  21. Thank you for all your posts. When one seriously studies all the issues it will be impossible for the NCW movement to make a home on Guam beyond the 75th birthday of tony Apuron. At the very most NCW has a life span of ten more years. One must look at the larger picture. Given what we have seen it is now highly unlikely David, Adrian, or pius will be named a bishop. Infact, it is likely that the next bishop of Guam may be from the main land USA , non neo, and will be able to clean up our mess. Adrain and David wanted to be the bishop of the commonwealth of the northern Mariana islands, thank God pope Francis has not appointd them , or we know the NCW would rule for eternity.
    The church in our metropolitan archdiocese now needs new blood. The church of Guam and the Mariana islands now needs to be cleaned up , it needs leadership, it needs holiness, it needs men in the spirit of our Holy Father. It does need, Apuron, it does not need pius, nor the other two, who have destroyed us for so long.

  22. Have been asking for a meeting with archbishop Apuron for a long time. But unfortunately, the archbishop does not respond to letters, phone calls. He always has gate keepers, who seem to die off rather early in life, one was once his nephew, then it was a nun, then another, then that poor deacon who died so young, we think it was the stress that killed him from all,the untruths he had to tell to protect archbishop. Now we have pius as gate keeper. The poor archbishop has never been a leader, he has no back bone, the last one that gives him a thought, is the thought he implements. When pius entered his office, he gave him a thought, and just supported it. Had an opus priest walked in apurons office, he would have turned opus die, and Guam today would be opus dei. In other words Apuron has no personal direction in his spiritual ecclesial life, so anyone who gave him a thought he would implement. Obviously that is not the case now, since archbishop pius, is really governing Guam, with his aux bishops Adrain and David.