Thursday, January 30, 2014


Is the Neo-Catechumenate Way Compatible with Religious Life?

NEOCATECHUMENATE COMMUNITY - Archdiocese of Melbourne - Report of activity in one parish

Neocat violation - open letter to Prindiville

Neocat assault

Open Letter to the local Neocatechumenate communities at St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Bristol, England

NEOCATECHUMEN INFILTRATION - Testimonial from members of the Good Shepherd Parish in Kelmscott Perth Western Australia



  1. "He rose from death" by Justin de Zylvan which are songs of the neocats. As I was browsing the songs I notice that the song song Holy,holy,holy had the word Yaweh. Were we not asked to respect the Jewish religion by not using the word Yaweh in our songs? Even the Eucharistic prayers are not the same? Do you know if they made the changes and are following the liturgical books used at our regular masses?

    1. Anonymous (January 30, 2014 at 9:00 PM): According to the e-book “Cult Fiction: The Protestant Cuckoo in the Catholic Nest,” which is based on interviews with former NCW members and excerpts from “Neocatechumenate Orientation Guide” by Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernandez certain prayers are omitted from the NCW services:

      • The Credo (no explanation is provided for this omission);
      • The Lavabo symbolizes God purifying us; however according to Kiko’s belief God cannot purify us because — following Luther's theology — we are unredeemable;
      • The Orate Fratres mentions “sacrifice” and Kiko denies that the Mass is a sacrifice;
      • The Agnus Dei mentions taking "away the sins of the world"; however Kiko denies that Christ takes away sin;
      • The Domine Non Sum Dignus … states that Christ can sanctify us; however according to Kiko we are — and always will be “Zero Plus Sin” and there is nothing that we, or grace, or God can do about it.

      The irregularities in the NCW services have been addressed in other posts, but you can learn more by reading this book, which is available at

    2. SATANIC I have say...

  2. The articles listed are dated as early as 1990 w the latest as 2005, I think. I wonder if there are any chsnges. Please post latest articles.

    1. If you want the freshest reports of the NCW's sectarianism, you have to go to where it's big: Italy, Spain, and South America.

      Check out
      If you hit it with Chrome, you can get a passable English translation.

  3. The collaborative effort of Kiko Arguello, Carmen Hernandez, and F. Mario Pezzi, Statue Of The Neocatechumenal Way is meticulously translated from the Italian into English and presents the statues developed by a unique group of Catholic Christians to reflect their rigid code of conduct. Over 20,000 Neocatechumenal communities with over a million members have been formed in parishes around the world, yet those following this way resist being called a movement and insist that they do not pursue a new order, but rather strive to bring contemporary spiritual renewal to the Christian community. A straightforward presentation, Statue Of The Neocatechumenal Way is a unique and very highly recommended contribution to Christian Studies and Catholic Studies reference shelves. ...Shrink

    What is the rigid code of conduct?

    1. It's S-T-A-T-U-T-E, not "Statue". Just saying.

    2. Everyone needs to look at ALL these links. It sounds so familiar it is frightening. Remember when Fr Alberto refused to allow rosaries on Thursday evenings? Remember when Fr Fabio refused to allow a family to have a funeral at their parish? How about the Agat family denied by Fr Jason a funeral mass because their son was cremated? Remember when our fiestas used to be celebrated at later times, but now Anthony insists they all take place at 4:30 so he can attend his Neo-Kiko worship and skip your na taotao tumanao?
      Look at these links and you will see what our parishes will be like when the Neo trained priests are in every parish. These new priests do not understand our people, they look down on us, and they can hardly wait to get shipped somewhere else. And each year there will be a fresh batch of this kind of priest?!? Our local boys get shipped off elsewhere, like James Arriola to Florida. Our local women get shipped off to Fr Pius' New Jersey monastery rather than serving their own people here on Guam.
      If Guam becomes like these other places we will have lost 350 years of faith on Guam.
      People must stand and let the Nuncio and Rome know that this is not what Jesus says His church should be like.
      ANTHONY-by your silence you have tacitly admitted that all these things said are true, but you don't care because you have decided to be a shepherd for a select few. We the people of Guam will not allow our local Church to be ruined by the foreign invasion. We welcome and respect all who come, but we expect them to also respect our ways and our culture. So far they have failed miserably, and you, Anthony, have done nothing to protect your people. Why have you abandoned us in this way?
      If the Neo is good for you fantastic, but we will not allow you to ruin our spirits by this heretical group that has brought disunity wherever it has gone.
      PEOPLE OF GUAM - pray, pray, pray. Then write, write, write. This may be our only change to preserve the Church handed to out parents, by their parents, and by their parents before them.
      Forget complacency. Tim Rohr cannot do this on his own. We the people are being called to save our own faith, so let's get to action!!!

  4. Just had the opportunity to look at the website cruxsanta. There was an interesting photo of Kiko Arguello. Is he clothed as a mongsignor, cardinal, bishop, or head of some other church. SCARY!

    1. I too saw the website. It's interesting how some cardinals, bishops, and priests worship this layman.

    2. It's easy to see why (they worship him). Kiko knows how to make them look good. Sadly, our archdiocese was a sitting duck for the NCW. We were doing nothing to very little in the way of much needed adult catechesis, ministries to families, married couples, divorced people, etc., and the lack created a perfect environment for the fact, a perfect environment for just about any religious group, which is why in the last 25 years there has been an exponential proliferation of other "churches". While it would be good for our pastors to actually address this lack, meanwhile, we lay people must begin with or without them. Several years ago I started a study group which simply reads through and discusses the Catechism. It's simple. No priest is needed...though wanted. Do it.

  5. The priests and people of Guam must assist mr. Tim Rohr in his ministry to protect the church of Guam. History will judge mr. Rohr well and he will be forever respected as protecting our catholic life and culture.

  6. Mr. Rohr has simply provided us with an opportunity to reflect and think about what is happening on Guam today. He has provided us an opportunity to express concerns on his page. But mr. Rohr cannot do this alone. The question becomes what is the next step now needed to deal with the issues on Guam today. One constructive peaceful way is to begin with the appeal. To withdraw support until such a time we can return support. Letters to the archbishop of Guam informing him why we have withdrawn support. This to me is a fair and just approach to the immediate problem.