Sunday, January 26, 2014


Well, I didn't even have to go to sleep and wake up to get new material. It pretty much started coming right after this morning's posts. But since Sunday is a day of rest, I took one, even though our neocats were quite busy.

Actually, by the english-as-a-second-language structure of these comments, it appears that most or all the comments were from the same person (from the seminary?). Here's a few:

  1. All I can say is you must really love the NCW keep on God loves us in all our messes.
  2. Thanks again for your love of the way. God bless you. 
  3. Thanks for your love of the way.
  4. Then why is it still being allowed off you raise so much furor about it. God bless you. 
  5. You must love NCW so much spending so much time researching and blogging about it. God loves you very much in all the facts of your life. 

We'll address a couple of these individually, but first a comment about using God's name in vain. As you can see, there's the attempt to mock, slap, and insult, and then there's the "God loves you, God bless you", etc. This is an abuse of God's name, and rather blasphemous at that. 

But it's rather typical of what I commonly receive. I normally don't post them because such fork-tongued drivel is so infantile. Of course such asinine comments don't harm me, but since God is abused, they certainly harm the person who says them. A bonus for the rest of us is that they give us a window into Kiko's catechesis which sees people like me as "Judas". (See JUDAS, LIARS, SLAVES TO SATAN)

Let's take a look individually at comments 4 and 5. 

Anonymous Neo asks: Then why is it still being allowed off (sic) you raise so much furor about it. The comment was left on the post External Concerns wherein we once again addressed the illicit manner of distributing Holy Communion in the Neocatechumenal celebration of the Eucharist. 

So here's the answer: It is still being allowed because the Archbishop is allowing it. Ultimately the bishop of a diocese is the guardian of church doctrine and church law. The pope doesn't send out liturgy cops, he expects his bishops to do what they are supposed to do, especially in overseeing the proper celebration of the Eucharist which is the "source and summit" of our faith, and is to be guarded as such. 

No bishop has the authority to pick and choose what he will follow in liturgical matters. Exceptions can be made and permissions can be granted where necessity is demonstrated, but Rome has a process for that. 

If Archbishop Apuron has permission to depart from the manner of distributing Holy Communion as required by the liturgical books, then he only needs to produce the document and the whole diocese would have to fall silent on this matter. If there is no document, then the Archbishop is himself engaging in an illicit practice, and worse, propagating scandal and error. 

From the beginning of this conversation I have only compared what the NCW actually does versus what its Statute allows, and have asked for evidence of other documentation where there is an obvious variance. I have not asked this for me, but for the many Catholics who are also asking and have been asking for several years. However, as you have seen from the many comments, my request is repeatedly met with only derision, mockery, and personal attacks. 

If there is a permission we don't know about, then the Archbishop has a duty to prevent scandal and produce it. If there is no such permission, then the Archbishop has a duty to comply with what is permitted in the Statute. 

In comment 5, Anonymous Neo says: You must love NCW so much spending so much time researching and blogging about it.

My answer: No. I actually love MY CHURCH so much that I spend "so much time researching and blogging" in an attempt to expose impostors and heretics. People like you make it easy. Keep it coming. 


  1. You should see how the seminarians handle the eucharist when they were at the parish. Seems like the crumbs of the host doesnt matter, which is not how I was taught. And why the neck ties? They look nothing like the seminarians I knew growing up, they look more of mormons than catholics.

    1. I published this comment because I thought your comment about handling the eucharist important. I have seen and heard likewise, and I also believe the reason they are not careful is founded in some peculiarities of Kiko's teachings about the Eucharist. However, I would have preferred that the observation about the neckties not be part of the comment but am unable to edit.

  2. Please read

    Is the Neo-Catechumenate Way Compatible with Religious Life?

    Updated version of an article first published in Religious Life Review, Ireland, Jan-Feb 1994 , Vol.33, No.164.

    by Gerald A. Arbuckle, sm

    Gerald Arbuckle, sm, Ph.D., is a graduate in social anthropology from Cambridge University, a former assistant-general of the Marist Fathers, Rome, and professor of pastoral anthropology at the East Asian Pastoral Institute, University of Manila, Philippines. He is currently a co-director of the Refounding and Pastoral Development Research Unit, Sydney. Of his ten published books, four have received awards from the Catholic Press Association of the United States. He has been appointed consultant theologian by the Union of Superiors General, Rome, for the Congress on the Future of Religious Life, 2004.

  3. I ask forgiveness. Peace.

  4. We are not asking for an apology. We are asking why you persist in disobedience to the Holy Father giving grave scandal to the rest of the church. Simply show us where you have permission to distribute Holy Communion different than the rest of us other than remaining in your place standing. See footnote 49 of your statute. Other than the permission to remain in your place, but now standing NOT sitting, the demands made on 12/1/05 still apply. Yet you do otherwise. To us this is arrogance, disobedience, and a sign that you do not follow the same magisterial authority as the rest of us.