Thursday, January 16, 2014


Viginia_AH writes:
I know Pat Cottman... the woman you named Patricia. She is a respectable person and I know she would never "slam her fist on the table and storm out". Now I know that you all embellish / exaggerate your stories. What a mess you weave Tim and Paul. I still respect you Fr. Paul as a man of God, and I pray for you.

Not sure how she can respect a man she just called a liar. The account of the fist banging was Fr. Paul's own account, in his own words. In fact, since Fr. Paul says that the four other priests present at the meeting could corroborate his story, Virginia is presuming that the four other priests present at the meeting are liars as well:

  • Fr. Patrick Garcia
  • Fr. Joel De Los Reyes
  • Fr. Vito San Andres
  • Fr. Eugene Santa Ana
And of course, "Tim" is a liar too since he is supposedly weaving this mess. Exhibit A: they're getting desperate out there. 


  1. I respect all priests... God knows who are His worthy servants. I don't judge any priest, God will take care of that ( Pieta, 'Our Lord's revelations to Mutter Vogel'). Years ago you told me that
    you did not care for our parish Priest's homolies and mannerism (you said to
    me that is one of the main reason for
    leaving Mt Carmel). I shared how
    unhappy I was w the Priest then...Tim you personally showed me this page in the Pieta prayer book and told me to pray for that priest. I still have that
    prayer book. I took your advice and left my parish. I've since moved and attend my parish church. And I am not
    "desperate". I called you and Fr Paul by name ... not the other priests you mentioned. So there you go again...

    1. Fr. Paul named four other priests besides himself who were at the meeting and who would corroborate his account, an account you imply is a lie. Take the advice of the other commenter and ask Patricia if she did or did not do it. If she did not, then I would be happy to post her account of the meeting.

    2. Until ALL four Priests present write on your blog and say it is true - of course with each name listed as the original authors - then I will concede and say Father Paul is telling the truth.

    3. St Thomas did not believe the other Apostles statement that Jesus had risen until he saw Jesus standing in front of him. Go look for Ms. Cotman and lookk for the nail marks in her hands (ask her if she did bang ed her fist on the table)

    4. Virginia: Fortunately, Fr. Gofigan's credibility does not hinge on your acceptance or denial of truth.
      However, after originally stating "I respect all priests . . ." and then essentially implying that Fr. Gofigan is not reliable for the truth, your credibility may have diminished. Good luck and God bless you in your life.

  2. Dear Virginia:

    If you know this lady, then you are probably in the NCW. So, it is easy to resolve this. Ask Ms. Cottman if she did it because if she is true to what she preaches, she will tell you the truth. Get ready to be disappointed!

  3. WOW! Virginia_AH

    Who gave you the advice of moving to another parish based on the homilies and mannerisms of the priest? I guess put eyu na klasi na ma move siha guato Guam? Yannggen ta chogue eyu kada simana esta ki man magof hit nui pale-ta, siempre gaige hit Africa. Esta gof oson yu yan este na bisio ni ha popolu mona este na taotao. Ti ha kumprende yan ni ngaian para u fan kumprende sa esta guaha hinassona put i Way. Hu fumino chamorro sa yanggen ti ha guiya iyota post ha polu gi san papa. Siempre put mas rason na ha chogue este si Atsbispo as Gofigan. Buente guaha mas baban bidana. Este siha na taotao ha chuchule i silencion i Atsbispo ya mana mababa gui put este. Ekua siha, lao guaha na un hungok na yanggen dimesiao silencio, adahe hamyu?
    Ta tayuyut I Saina, para todu ni man-male.
    Hu lie gi facebook gi as pale' Crisostomo bunito na tinayuyut ginen as Santo John Vianney. "I Pale, man taotao-siha ha lokue"

  4. Never had the delight of meeting Ms. Patricia but will certainly be looking out for who she is. Was amused about her actions in front of four priests who we all respect. Fr.Pat Garcia does not spread untruths. However, Ms. Patricia is a member of the Way. The episode reminds us of Fr. Adrain as vocations director years ago. He acted violently in the kitchen of the cathedral throwing things around, shouting sick statements at those in the rectory. Fr. Adrain would sit hugging and kissing his smelly cats like a challenged individual. So we are not surprised at the division he has contributed to in the Archdiocese of Agana Guam.