Thursday, January 16, 2014


No Archbishop. Thousands are after you. THOUSANDS! See pageview counter to the right. It will soon surpass the population of Guam. Read the comments. People do not come to this blog to see what I say. They come to see what you say, and what you have done. I only post it. Regardless of what Rome does, there WILL BE PEOPLE POWER. So sad. At this meeting, you could have made me and this blog completely irrelevant by reconciling with Fr. Paul. He came to you in good faith, as a son to a father, and all you cared about was getting him to call the dogs off, me. I could have been history by now. Instead, you have given me a chance to make it. Count on it.

NOW is the time for the rest of you to come out from under the rocks!
Put your name on it.

One last chance, Archbishop. Throw off your neo collar and get rid of the stooges who put you up to this stupid charade. The people may still forgive you...maybe.


  1. John from Chalan PagoJanuary 16, 2014 at 11:33 PM

    The archbishop should dust off the covers of the bible on his night stand and read the parable of the Prodigal Son, not about the son but about the father who reached out to his son, embraced him, and celebrated that he came back home. A true and selfless father never abandons his children. The archbishop indeed had an opportunity to do the fatherly thing which would have brought much healing to this community, as any GOOD FATHER would do for his household. And you know what? He still can, but won't because of HIS PRIDE.

  2. Yes, if the archbishop had done the right thing and reconcile with Fr. Paul at that meeting, he would have given Mr. Rohr a much needed rest! Instead, his remarks about Mr. Rohr galvanized Mr. Rohr, much like awakening a lion in the desert.

  3. The meeting was POINTLESS. It was absolutely infantile of the archbishop to seek out Fr. Paul to ask him to cool things off and let the canonical process run its course. I mean, it's like a team getting walloped at a football game and asking for a indefinite allow his team to recuperate and recover so that they can again play the game. How ludicrous! Father Paul...I pray you find a BENOVOLENT BADASS LAWYER and sue the smithereens out of the archbishop!

  4. I must admit that when I first saw it, I found the title of this post, “Mr. Rohr Is After Me!” amusing. It sounded to me that the Archbishop was getting paranoid, quite a departure of his past displays of apparent delusions of omnipotence. And then I realized that the “history” between Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron and Timothy J. Rohr was quite extensive.

    For years, Apuron relied on Tim to defend him and the Church in Guam. In 2009 when a senator introduced the same-sex union bill in the Legislature, who did Apuron send to do battle? Tim Rohr. In 2010 when the same introduced a bill to lift the statute of limitations on sex crimes and make the Archbishop a “mandated reporter”, who did Apuron send to do battle? Tim Rohr.

    But wait! Back in 2006 the hosts of KOLG’s “Why Do Catholics Do That?” were receiving calls voicing questions and concerns about the NCW, following the publication of Cardinal Arinze’s letter. The Archbishop made a spontaneous and unprecedented in-studio visit to KOLG to defend the movement. That morning Apuron (1) spoke derisively about the credentials of Cardinal Arinze, who had written a letter to the NCW on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI; (2) clearly rejected the instructions of the Pope; and then (3) needed to ensure that the episode would not rebroadcast, as was the usual practice. Who did the Archbishop call on to do damage control? Tim Rohr.

    Yes, for years Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron could always count on sending Timothy J. Rohr to do his battles. Unfortunately for Apuron, he — or his advisors — decided that the time had come to attack Tim by threatening to have him removed from the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem for documenting the conflict between the Chancery and Fr. Paul Gofigan via his blog.

    Apuron already had a battle on his hands with Fr. Paul, a priest who had refused to submit to his bullying tactics and instead challenged him for not providing due process, per Canon Law. Apuron then decided to go after Tim Rohr by having Cardinal Edwin O’Brien sign a letter that directed him to “desist in this potentially scandalous activity” of publicly criticizing the Archbishop and undermining his “legitimate authority” in order to remain a Knight in good standing.

    I have to wonder what thought process went through Apuron’s head — or his advisors’ heads — when it was decided to start another battle in his Grand Scheme of Converting the Church in Guam to The Way! Did they really think that Tim would back down? Did they not learn their lesson with Fr. Paul’s refusal to back down?

    Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron, you made huge mistake of trying to bully two intelligent men who are NOT AFRAID of you. In reviewing instances that demonstrate how Timothy J. Rohr used to be your faithful warrior in battle, I can understand why you are now worried that he is after you — he knows all too well what your weaknesses are. BUT as mentioned in this post, Mr. Rohr is NOT the only one after you. There are many, many more who have endured decades of your abuse of power and bullying tactics. Others are starting to reveal your misdeeds and some are actually coming out from the Veil of Anonymity and signing — at least — their first names.

    Your Day of Reckoning is approaching, even if Rome does nothing. I, for one, am ready for PEOPLE POWER — hopefully, PEOPLE-PRIEST POWER — to free the priests from their Bondage of Psychological Fear and to restore the Church in Guam, preserving it from the Takeover by the NeoCats.

  5. Archbishop, you’ve been duped, ill-advised, misguided and misinformed! I would not, if I were you, continue listening to your trio of “advisers” and your other “gatekeepers” who obviously are not-in-the-loop and not-in-the-pulse of the average Parish Catholic member of this Diocese. Open your eyes Archbishop, look at where your “Trio los Stooges” have led you! Read Tim’s blog! Soon (and very soon) you will also be able to “read our lips”: Tim is not the one you have to be wary about.

    Tim simply presents the facts as they are uncovered and shared, observed and revealed enabling countless PARISH MEMBERS to jump at an opportunity to unify our overarching knowledge and observations about the goings-on in our diocese that’s been a fact, for years. It was just a matter of time before the opportunity to unleash our stifled sentiments would have arisen. If it was not the opportunity in Tim’s blog, it would have been another. The straw for many of us was your mistreatment of Father Gofigan. Our collective sentiments are linked to your offensively biased disregard for and your scandalous apathetic treatment of the rest of us non-NCW members of this diocese, at various levels.

    The inability on your part to lead or unify the flock is magnified and flushed out as we observe NCW’s desperate and obviously bald-faced attempt to eventually take-over our parishes and thus to eventually dictate how we Catholics on Guam should practice our Cathlicity. NCW attempts this by using you and your position in our diocese, by wittingly wrapping you around their fingers and sadly, to your unequivocal accommodation of NCW and their devious ways.

    The facades to cover up and mask your own un-becoming-of-a-shepherd actions as well as your ulterior and uncharitable motives; your undisguised lack of humility; your blatant insult of our intelligence by your disregard of us as brainless, ignorant and unable to add 2+2 together ABOUT WHAT WE KNOW AND SEE are all unconscionable and mostly, obscenely deliberate strategies.

    How many more scapegoats will you and your “Trio los Stooges” hijack in your efforts to exploit and manipulate all non-NCW Catholics of this diocese?

    At this point and time archbishop, if you seriously take your position and vocation to heart, show an AUTHENTIC LOVE for ALL CATHOLICS on Guam; have a GENUINE DESIRE TO HUMBLY DISPLAY THAT LOVE FOR ALL CATHOLICS ON GUAM; and if you have a SINCERE INTEREST in regaining our respectful regard for you, for no other reason than because of your genuine fatherly CONCERN for our spiritual welfare, and therefore want to shepherd and lead us in our Catholic Faith journey; then Archbishop, humbly submit to doing the following simple two steps which Jesus asks and expects of you as His and your flocks’ servant in your position as Archbishop:

    1. Knuckle down to showing unconditional love for all members of your flock, as Jesus displayed and practiced and asks of you as His servant.

    2. Shed your pride and humbly succumb to asking for your flocks’ forgiveness (especially the ones you’ve personally and directly wounded) as Jesus says you must do if you expect Him to forgive you.

    We know these steps require humbly acknowledging the rightness of these actions and doing it, as difficult a task as it might be but, Archbishop… Oh! What an example of a humble Father, a Shepherd and a Leader you would be in the eyes of all members of your flock on Guam!