Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Gofigan says archbishop slandered him, lawsuit mulled


  1. According to the article from the Variety, the trinity at the Chancery are finally starting to speak out. And the wisdom they impart is ...........
    The matter is under advisement.

    Well, I certainly hope you didn't pay an image consultant too much for that advice. After all this time and the best you can say is that the issue is under advisement?

    Let me give you some free advice. Step down...all three of you. You have taken a situation and have twisted it up so badly there is no hope for you to come out of it. You completely bungled the firing of one of your pastors. Your procedural missteps are now the case study for new canon law students. In order to try and justify your devious actions of July 16, you started to weave an extensive network of lies. One built upon another, and then another to cover that. All of this damage and harm you have inflicted in this one case stands as a testament to how your entire administration system has been operating for the past 25 years.

    Bully, intimidate. Lie and cheat. Spend and excess mismanagement. You do not represent a bad corporate entity, or a greedy board. What is most sad is that with these actions you have maligned the Church God has formed to bring us out of the abyss.

    If you do nothing else, watch the movie "A Simple Plan". I think Hollywood has hit your situation pretty accurately. In the end, all your lies, crimes, and actions will bring you will all be for naught. Unfortunately, all the harm you have caused cannot be easily reversed.

    Take THAT under advisement!

  2. I started walking the Way some years ago. I was not in a rocky marriage or dealing with alcohol or drug addiction. I just wanted to do something more in my faith journey. I really did like the message and I did grow spiritually. One of the first things I started to be uncomfortable with was the negative and condescending remarks by some in the Way about those not in the Way especially the priests. As I saw and heard more I started to hear our Archbishop say negative things, something in a vague way but then sometimes clearly, about the priests and even his own brother Capuchins. Something inside me said this is not the spirit of Jesus. Little by little I startted having reservations. They gave me a hard time. Thankfully two and a half years away from Guam when I had to go to the mainland was my way out. I am back home now and saddened by what's going on. Please do not think all who are walking the Way are like this. I have dear dear friends and spiritual brothers and sisters in the Way still. Many are sincere. But there is something very dark in the hearts of our leaders (not all). But the higher up they go it seems the darker it is. I do know the Archbishop will never turn against the leaders in the Way. Rome has to step in. God bless us all.

  3. And since we non-neo Catholics still outnumber the neo following; and the Gofigan supporters still outnumber the supporters of the trio on the hill, one can be rest assurd that Janet-B Mangilao's advisement to the trio will be a resounding endless echo of agreement that will come from members of this diocese!