Monday, January 20, 2014


P.S. Relative to the post ANONYMOUS NEO below: this conflict between the Neocatecumenal Way and the rest of the universal Church is at the very heart of the Apuron-Gofigan conflict. In January 2006, Archbishop Apuron said "I will follow Kiko." And Father Gofigan said "I will follow Rome." The post THE PASSION OF THE PRIEST will show you why Fr. Gofigan, from then on, became a marked man and his "firing" was only a matter of time.

And sure, most of us make mistakes and misspeak sometimes. But the criticism by the Archbishop of the papal directive to the Neocatechumenal Way to conform its liturgy to the liturgical books has not only never been retracted, the Archbishop and the leaders of "the Way" have persisted both in propagating the illicit practice addressed by the directive and have been teaching its members that the practice was approved. Obviously, there was no "mis-speaking".

The strategy now for the leaders of the Way is a hoped for approval from Pope if (if it comes) that will suddenly wipe aways the past years of open transgression and defiance.

NOTE to the good priests in the Way: Please read your Statute. Please be honest with yourself, your parishioners, and your communities about what is permitted by the Statute and what is not. You have been told that there were private agreements made. They may have. But they do not trump your Statute.

NOTE to the good members of the Way: Ask your catechists to show you where your Statute allows for the manner of the distribution of Holy Communion practiced in your Eucharists. I know you are not supposed to question your catechist. But if you do not, then you become an accomplice to the error and culpable for the consequences.

This is very dangerous stuff. There are many priests who take unauthorized liberties with the liturgy, but nowhere, other than in the Neocatechumenal Way, are unauthorized liberties institutionalized by an entire worldwide organization.

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