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Now here is a useful comment. Anonymous Neo says
We all need to pray clearly the tools of the enemy are division and unrest. The NCW has helped many, many souls and the enemy is not happy about this. 
I have been meeting regularly with a non-Catholic friend for friendly chats about our religions. He has been quite forthright about his invitation to me to join his church. His main argument has been the "fruits" of his religion. And there are many, including being the wealthiest church on earth per capita, and being the currently fastest growing church in the world. There are also no poor people in his church. Their church sees to every member's material welfare. In fact, he invited me to come to him should I ever need financial assistance whether I joined his church or not. 

It's hard to beat back those facts. But of course I've had years of experience. The Neocatehumenal Way uses the exact same arguments: their material care for their members, their explosive growth, the many people who have been helped, the marriages saved, the credentialed people amongst their membership, in short: the "fruits". 

But both fail when I present one question: By what authority?

For my friend, authority is the authority of the Holy Spirit as revealed to the leader of his church. For Catholics, authority is the authority of the Holy Spirit as revealed by Christ to the apostles and handed down through time via apostolic succession and the Church Jesus left us. 

So when the Archbishop publicly impugned the credentials of Cardinal Arinze, who spoke for Pope Benedict in requiring the Neocatechumenal Way to conform its liturgy to the liturgical books, and when the Neocatechumenal Way persisted in its illicit manner of distributing communion long after the period of transition had expired, I inquired: "By what authority do you persist?" As detailed elsewhere, I was told the following: 
"...there are no documents to show you at this point.  All our instruction have been oral, but we are satisfied with that.  We have no choice." 
The "instruction" was from Kiko. And the priest who responded said nothing more than what Archbishop Apuron had already, in effect, publicly said: "We will obey Kiko, not the pope." 

Read it for yourself*, and if at some point I am forced to post the audio of the Archbishop's public defiance of Rome, I will. But back to the comment which provoked this post. 

Mr. Anonymous, the division and unrest you think is the work of the enemy (Satan) began long before this blog. The division and unrest you abhor is embodied in your continued disobedience to Rome and your obedience to Kiko, and is continually evidenced by your refusal to conform your liturgy to the liturgical books AS REQUIRED even by your own Statute.

This Saturday you will again celebrate your Eucharist in an unconsecrated space in violation of church law. And you will again distribute and receive communion in the following illicit manner:

  1. You will stand in place while the minister of Holy Communion comes to you and places the sacred species (host) in your hand. (Allowed.)
  2. You will then sit (or in some cases even chat with your neighbors) with the host still in your hand. (Not allowed.)
  3. You will then wait until all the other communicants have received the sacred species and have similarly sat or chatted with their neighbors (Not allowed.)
  4. You will then consume the host corporately upon a signal from the minister (Not allowed.)
Mr. Anonymous:

  • You were commanded NOT to do this in December of 2005, in the name of the pope, a command which occasioned the Archbishop's public discrediting of the Cardinal who issued it.
  • You were commanded NOT to do this in April of 2008 upon the final approval of your Statute wherein the original 2005 instruction is referenced (Footnote 49). 
  • And you continue to do this in opposition to the magisterial authority of the church and in separation from the rest of the Catholic world. 

"Division and unrest" is indeed the work of the Enemy, and it appears he is quite happy with you. This is what happens when you "obey your catechist", and not the Church. It's just that now, with this blog, what has been secret, is secret no more. 

*NOTE: All references can be found at AND YOU WONDER WHY PEOPLE ARE MAD

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