Monday, January 13, 2014


We have to remove the psychological fear which is being conveyed by the three on the hill. They use fear to mentally break priests. It's been going on for years from Archbishop Apuron and Fr. Adrian. Some priests are sick at this time because of what's happening. We must clear up this fear that has been perpetrated on our priests. It's a very unhealthy situation and I believe it is destroying priests in the region.  It's about healing the past and renewing. I believe priests on Guam are silently hurting, afraid to express themselves because of fear. We need to heal. It's time to prepare for priest-people power.

There is nothing we can really do until the Holy See decides to send a visitor to Guam. Priests and people need to be individually interviewed  so there is no fear of revenge by Archbishop Apuron, Fr. Adrian, or Msgr. David. A group of priests who see the danger Guam is in will have to come together and seek an appointment with Archbishop Krebs the Apostolic Nuncio. Guam’s people will back these priests.

- Name withheld out of fear

MY NOTE: See “Apostolic Nuncio” tab above for how to contact him and ask for help.

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  1. This post, coupled with the later one from Fr. Paul Gofigan about the Archbishop's slanderous statements about him, is indicative that the spiritual condition of this Archdiocese is CRITICAL! The spiritual leader — and I use that phrase very loosely! — cannot continue his Reign of Psychological Fear over our island’s clergy.

    From the start, Fr. Paul has done what no other priest in this archdiocese has dared to do — challenge the Archbishop’s bullying tactics. To be sure, he has paid a high price, starting with the loss of his parish and culminating with EVIL words issuing from the Archbishop’s mouth. When told verbally that he could only concelebrate Mass, Fr. Paul persisted in getting the directive in writing. Eventually Fr. Paul was able to celebrate Mass again on the Birthday of Our Lady, September 8, 2013. I was there and saw the overwhelming show of support — the church was SRO!

    Based on the statements attributed to him contained in Fr. Paul’s letter of December 6, 2013, it appears that the Archbishop is under the illusion that he is omnipotent and can say and do anything he pleases without any fear of consequences. From the very beginning of the fiasco with Fr. Paul, the Archbishop and the Chancery have resorted to lies and innuendoes.

    As a matter of fact, the Archbishop and his minions also demonstrate a couple of characteristics of the “Bullying Boss.” The first is the making of false accusations. From the beginning Apuron accused Fr. Paul of not terminating an employee, despite evidence that the employee had, in fact, been terminated. Then there was a concerted attempt to portray Fr. Paul as someone who had endangered the children and youth of the parish, even though — again! — that charge was false. The latest accusation insinuating that Fr. Paul is engaged in a homosexual relation with the former employee is PURE EVIL and I’m quite sure false as well.

    Another characteristic of a “Bullying Boss” is the act of encouraging the person to quit or transfer than to face more mistreatment. The infamous words from the Archbishop’s letter of July 16, 2013 to Fr. Paul fits this perfectly: “It is to your advantage to resign immediately rather than experience a MORE ARDUOUS AND PAINFUL CLOSURE to your assignment at Santa Barbara Church.”

    The time has come for the clergy and laity to reveal their concerns to the Apostolic Nuncio. Yes, Fr. Paul has had to deal with the consequences of refusing to kowtow to Apuron and his minions. They were able to strike back at him because he alone stood up for his rights and was an easy target. It is said that there is strength in numbers. Based on the posts on this blog — albeit mostly by “Anonymous” sources — I believe that Apuron’s resources (and energies) would not be able to withstand a full-scale revelation of all the ills of this archdiocese. It is definitely time for PRIEST-PEOPLE POWER. It is time to FREE THE PRIESTS from the bondage of Psychological Fear.