Saturday, January 11, 2014


Anonymous Neo posts a link to a story about Pope Francis receiving Kiko A story I've seen and read ad nauseum. Here, read it yourself:

Two things.
  1. Once again, it is all Kiko. He gets to tell us about the meeting.
  2. So WHAT if the pope received the "initiators"? Obviously Benedict received them many times and they simply gave him the finger, and continue to do so every time the Neos celebrate the Eucharist in violation of the norms HE ORDERED them to follow. 
Here. Sound familiar?

"In the present situation, many Christians feel as prisoners in what should be and is no more their own home, while the Pope asserts that “the Church is everybody’s home.” We wonder if in the word ‘everybody’ we must include the heretics. The disappointed Christians are forced to undertake an endless diaspora to find Parishes that are not contaminated by Kiko’s new doctrine—artfully camouflaged as ‘Catholic Church'..."


  1. Nothing would be more hideous is that if Apuron suggests during his up coming trip to Rome to declare before the NCW that KIko, Carmen and Father Pius are truly living saints like Mother Teresa of Caulcatta. Who knows maybe his next project is to erect a statue of the three outside the San Vicente Church is Barrigada where the first Neo community was formed. After all the brightness of kiko's paintings draped the church. The Cathedral of the Neocathecumenal is what it should be called. it surely would be Lord help us and grant us mercy

  2. A LOL comment. It should read Apuron announces that KIKO, CARMEN, and PIUS are truly the living saints of the MARIANAS ISLANDS.

  3. In support of the Neo practice of receiving the Eucharist while sitting, Archbishop asked rhetorically: "What sort of a banquet does one go to which requires you to stand rather than sit?" The implication of this rhetorical question is significant because it not only supports the Neo practice of accepting the Eucharist while seated but also casts into question the practice of the regular Church of receiving the Eucharist while standing. It also suggests that the archbishop does not understand a fundamental aspect of our liturgy. We stand after the consecration because the King of Kings has thus entered his court. For this same reason we stand (or when liturgy dictates, kneel) until the Eucharist is returned to the tabernacle. Does the archbishop think the Eucharist is mere food, to be eaten at one's leisure while in recline? Someone needs to give the archbishop a copy of The Lamb's Supper, The Mass of the Early Christians, Revelations and appropriate excerpts from the Didache, St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. Clement of Rome, etc. If he were to read these, he would realize that the early church that the Neos have returned to derives entirely from the imagination of Kiko. There was no dancing around the altar in the early liturgy. Indeed, such dancing would be more discordant to the apostolic fathers and their understanding of what the Eucharist celebration was about than it would be even to modern standard Catholic sensibilities. It's really tragic that so many people who obviously care a lot about their faith are being misled in this way by Kiko and the Neo leadership.