Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So many hits on original link to excerpt from Archbishop Apuron's comments on KOLG discrediting the letter from Cardinal Arinze that Google shut down the link. Alternatives found.

If you're trying to access the audio file of the Archbishop's talk on KOLG you may be getting this message:
Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time.
Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.
We are working on providing an alternative link. Thanks for your patience.

Here is an alternative link on SoundCloud. 

Or on YouTube:


  1. Thank you. I just got home as I've been out and about; I found that exact message when I tried to listen.

    I look forward to hearing it when it's available.

  2. Was able to listen to Apuron. What a disgrace. He has no respect for the church at all. his only concern is money and kiko. Apuron will end his days being the most disliked archbishop of Guam. This is the sad fact.

  3. "I don't know what credentials he has." Apuron on Arinze. And Apuron's credentials? Swallows whatever Kiko and Carmen say.

  4. wow! did the archbishop really just say, "i don't know why he wants us to conform?..." ?!?! last i checked, the church was not a democracy where things like this can be negotiated between parties - the teachings and guidelines set forth by the church are there to be accepted 100% by her followers. last i checked, if a follower did not agree with the teachings and was not wanting to conform - well, that was fine, but, you excused yourself from said religion and found another religion you were comfortable "conforming" to.

    i am flabbergasted. so very shocked and saddened - this soundbite really pushed me over the edge - i have completely lost my faith in this man's ability to lead our church in guam. i don't even have words adequate enough to touch on the arrogance that riddles his questioning of arinze's credentials. or discrediting of him because he is not for the way.

    disgusting, seriously disgusting! what is the process to remove an archbishop from his position? i can't be the only one wanting to rally for this change!

  5. Place of the sign of peace is what separates the East from the West, Archbishop? What about the Filioque controversy? Talk about Card. Arinze's credentials!!!!!

  6. Kiko and Carmen must be paying Apuron to use his diocese as a platform. Why else would tony allow them to rule him. Only money talks with tony.

  7. I don't understand what this is suppose to prove. Didn't one of the things you post also say that it's okay to voice your disagreements with the Pope?

    1. Sure it is. And in doing so the Archbishop has given us license to disagree with him. And so we are. But actually, in matter of the liturgy, while a bishop may disagree on a matter, he is NOT free to do as he wishes, as Apuron is doing.

  8. When I first heard Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron defending the NCW on KOLG 8 years ago, I was taken aback when I heard him say, “I don’t know what credentials he has …” in reference to Cardinal Arinze. It was not only the words but also the tone of the Archbishop’s voice that I found to be scandalous. I couldn’t believe that I had just heard the Archbishop of Guam speaking publicly in such a disrespectful manner about a Cardinal who was communicating directives on behalf of the Pope.

    Then I thought I might have judged him too harshly and decided to wait for the episode to be rebroadcast so I could listen again. That episode was never played on the air again but I could “hear” the words and tone in my memory. There were different reasons provided as to the unavailability of the recording, but I had a strong feeling that the Archbishop had realized that his words could get him in trouble and had ordered its destruction.

    This is the first time in 8 years that I heard what and how the Archbishop spoke back in January 2006. It turns out that my memory — of BOTH the words and the tone of his voice — was accurate and confirms what I realized back then: The Archbishop had chosen to follow the directives of Kiko Argüello and ignore those of the Pope. And he continues to do so today.

  9. Apuron is plastic he confirms himself. The question is when are the priests and people of Guam going to face reality. How can one take the man seriously he is a joke.

  10. There's a running joke in the Way about Kiko. He's on his death bed and his "kikos" are asking him what will happen when he's gone. Kiko gets up and smiles sarcastically and says "Brothers you'll only have to wait for three days."

    The worship that goes towards this man is really quite horrendous and it's quite sad that our archbishop would rather follow him than the Pope.

  11. Re: Feb. 4 10:45 PM -- That's right! If you go to that recording above to 1:46 you will clearly hear how archbishop began his sentence: "I don't know why he (referring to Cardinal Arinze) wants us to conform to" and then he must have realized what he was saying and instead changed entirely to a new sentence or statement! Was archbishop wanting to say: "I don't know why he wants us to conform WITH ROME!?" That statement says a lot about archbishop's arrogance for and disobedience of our Magisterium, then Pope Benedict IV !!! Does Rome need anymore information about this archbishop after listening to this?!!! How can Catholics on Guam continue any level of regard for this archbishop?!! This is just SCANDALOUS

  12. It's a cult within the catholic church. Kiko set himself up as a church founder with the intention of creating a church within the church. Tim is correct, to follow the NCW will bring only further disaster to Guam and Saipan.

  13. I remember at one Lenten Friday reflections at the Cathedral the topic being Baptism someone asked a question? it went something like this. " so you are saying that when we were baptized we belonged to the community of God, the community of the Catholic Church, the presenter said yes. Same person asked so if we already belong to a community, why is there so many communities within the church like the NEO. His response was....we need to be very careful because that is where danger starts. Boy oh boy, you can see the fumes rising within the NEO group. Funny part was seeing the NEOS shaking their heads in disagreement and the non NEOs shaking their heads also in agreement. It was a sight to see.
    Trouble is the NEOS have become defensive in what they believe in. Yes, we are all Catholics, yet we don't see eye to eye in what should and shouldn't be.
    I need to take out my old Baltimore Catechism and read it again.

    Ai Yu'us, ayuda yan giha ham mo'na gi kareran-mami. (O Lord help and guide us forward into the right path)