Thursday, February 20, 2014


On SOMEONE TELL THE ITALIANS, we see the animated rendering of the proposed "pastoral center" (aka "Neocatechumenary") for the Barrigada parish. The artist/animator added a soundtrack of beautiful tropical bird sounds. Guess he thought that since Guam was a tropical island, we'd have beautiful tropical birds.

Someone commented:

Change the sound effects to chickens and roosters then maybe the people will be fooled that this place is for them and then all the funds will poor in! 

Another example, albeit a small one, of the lack of cultural sensitivity demonstrated by the Neos and criticized by Francis. 

By the way, "Neocatechumenary" is a new word for us, so if we're not spelling it right, let us know. And another "by the way", be honest. This isn't a pastoral it?


  1. Neocatechumenary is really a new definition for The word AVIARY. It is a place where KIKO'S Ko'ko birds are confined.

  2. A neocatechumenary Aviary to house all Kiko's "cuckoos"? These cuckoos may range from what Merriam-Webster defines as those "silly or slightly crackbrained persons" to those that are " a largely grayish-brown European bird (Cuculus canorus) that is a parasite, GIVEN TO LAYING ITS EGGS IN THE NESTS OF OTHER BIRDS ..." -- those are Merriam-Webster's written words! :)

    1. Aviary sure seems appropriate...everything they do is lock step with each margin for difference. What is that saying again.....oh yes...
      Birds of a feather flock together!
      Hence, NeoCuckooWay

  3. I would hate to see you lose any credibility for lying about Guam not having birds. I am presently sitting next to my window where I can actually see and hear birds in the tree outside. Maybe we don't have the many varieties that there may be in other places but we do have birds: Pigeons, Chichirikas, and Crows at the very least, and don't forget the flightless Ko'ku. Don't start telling lies now!