Wednesday, February 12, 2014


More pathetic, panicked, grasping. These people are satanically sleepless in their mad desire to discredit and destroy me. And with every attempt they further incriminate themselves and their cause. 

Only pure evil writhes and spits like this when it is wounded. And if nothing else, 
  • even if this blog does not save Fr. Paul; 
  • even if Apuron gets his way and hands the archdiocese over to the Kikos, lock, stock, and seminary;
  • even if every true diocesan priest is forced out of Guam as appears to be the plan; 
  • even if vocations like that of Aaron Quitugua and others like him who earnestly desire to serve this diocese as priests and not neos continue to be squashed and demeaned; 
  • even if Guam is completely recolonized by the squads of Kikos; 
  • AND even if any of the things THEY say about me could ever be true; 
NOTHING will EVER erase or mend the evil that the Kiko's have demonstrated on this blog. 

The Kiko's try to counter this very sad fact by pointing fingers at some of the comments coming from the opposition. Yes, plenty of them are fairly nasty, conjured up in angry souls who have been kicked to the ground for decades. (And I have filtered the really nasty ones.) 

  • WE aren't the ones claiming to be "happy". 
  • WE aren't the ones inviting you to join our "Way". 
  • WE aren't the ones using every photo op with a pope or bishop to canonize our aberrations and stomp on the opposition. 
  • WE aren't the ones greeting you with "Peace" before we rip into you. 
  • WE aren't the ones saying "I am a sinner" and then condemning anyone outside your Way as "unsalted" and "Judases". 
  • WE aren't the ones calling any question or opposition "persecutions". 
  • WE aren't the ones hijacking the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with illicit infomercials.
  • WE aren't the ones buying bishops.
I was going to give you another example of the malignancy which prompted this post, but I'll save that for a separate one. I'll just say this. Every attack on me makes me bolder and more secure that I am doing the right thing. So bring it on. Add to my collection of evidence that Satan rules your roost.

And just as an FYI:


  1. Everyone who follows this blog should share it. Post a link to Jungle Watch on your facebook and help get the word out!

  2. Keep at it, Tim. You certainly opened up a hornets nest!

    And you are right, your page views will pass the population total of Guam very soon, like in a few days!

  3. Tim, I really believe your blog is the most popular. Why? Because people want to know the TRUTH! And to that NCW member in another post who hated on us because we are "Tim's followers"..haha..I follow the blog. God is using Tim as his instrument to reveal the truth. Thank you Tim! Thank you Lord!

  4. 831am very much agree. For many years we have known how archbishop Apuron operates. He has used and abused people, now is the time we will go after him and expose the truth.

  5. It is sad that this is happening in the Catholic Church. If the reality of the Neo taking the helm of the church's leadership, the Capuchins forced to move out, and our faith being dictated by the rules and regulations written by a lay person, the Catholic Church will see a few more empty pews.

    I am a frequent visitor at the SDA bookstore, Harvest Christian and Faith Book store and the first question is are you a Catholic? Next is why is there so much opposition in your church? What can I say, I just shrug my shoulders.

    Comments as "you are most welcome to come to our services just to observe how we praise God. For the SDA they say "Father God is always present with us, come and worship with.

    Members of the Protestant churches are also reading this blog and they are out there with their hooks, lines, and sinkers to be the fishermen of their faith.

    I have been reading articles about how the Neos would proclaim their new evangelization. It was through testimonies in the church. Instead they went out in groups with their guitars and signs to different areas of their community signing and proclaiming the Gospel. So are the Neos afraid to proclaim their belief in a public area such as the Tumon strip,, or even at the intersections where abortion clinics are? Why give testimony in a church? it is not us who need the conversion of the Catholic faith, instead reach out to those who have left the church for one reason or another.

    If you all say "Let us spread the GOOD NEWS, then spread out in public.

    I am just very disappointed with everything that is happening now.

    1. It has been done, and it still continues. Tumor strip occurred. Walking through the villages spreading the gospel. Going to St. Dominic's Senior Home.

    2. Tell them that the division in our church started with the 12 apostles and apostate bishops started with Judas, and Jesus chose them all himself personally.

      Tell them that Satan doesn't waste time with false churches but aims only at the one true church because it is in fact the one, true church.

      Tell them that the division and turmoil is the exact sign Jesus promised us that would accompany his one true, Church, because Jesus knew that Satan would "sift you like wheat".

      Tell them to show you how the 30 thousand plus different churches that call themselves Christian are not themselves the result of centuries of division and division and division.

      As regards your comment about the neos not praying or protesting in front of abortion clinics is not just interesting, it is revealing. What it reveals, we'll talk about another time.

    3. If my post in one way or another was offensive whatsoever sorry. I guess I will just tune out and sign out.

    4. No, it wasn't offensive. It was the truth. I'm just sharing with you how to engage the people with their "hooks, lines, and sinkers." See their questions as an opportunity to show them the true church - as it looks, battered by Satan.

    5. "Members of the Protestant churches are also reading this blog"

      True and some of us are here to support Tim and his right to worship as he chooses.

    6. I am very aware of my non-Catholic Christian friends who frequent this blog and who also, while maybe not understanding everything, offer their support and encouragement, and as the above mentions, my right to worship as I choose. Also, as I am probably the most public Catholic person they have ever encountered, they are very aware of what I believe and why I believe it. The respect is mutual.

    7. From 9:55 a.m.

      I want to thank you for posting my comment on what I have been faced with. I am not one to answer questions by anyone regarding my faith or my church. I am just a simple person who loves the Catholic Church so much that I ignore to see what is happening until,I stumbled on to this blog.

      It pains me so to see the Catholic Church crumbling to,pieces.

      May God bless each and everyone of you.

    8. I appreciate your comment. The Catholic Church has "crumbled" many times, the first of which was when, except for John, Jesus was abandoned by his apostles and left to die on the cross. Jesus warned us that the church would be assaulted from within, that we would see the abomination in the temple. Let all this make your faith stronger.

  6. Thank you Tim! May I add to your list, this: We aren't the ones recruiting "missionaries" to illicitly disrupt the The Very Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, to pontificate and insinuate to the congregation present, that unlike the “missionary”, we are ignorant about the Love of Jesus for us, therefore we are so un-catechized; also: we aren’t the ones (subtly and coercively) stealing property and estate belonging to an island people’s diocese to greedily amass wealth and power.

  7. Anon 10:40 a.m. Yes, you walk the villages, but all you do is hand out your cards of invitations. I was one that was approached. This is how it went..."we are parishioners of xxxxx church and would like to invite you to ....then you walk away. This is not proclaiming the goal. I do frequent the Tumon strip to have dinner many a times, and I do not see you with your guitars and banners walking down the sidewalk singing and proclaiming the good news.

  8. Peace,

    Was just curious why it seems you have this hate or judgement for the "Neocats" and why you spend so much energy to put down the Neocatechumenal Way when there are far greater things happening in this world that are more serious, like the crimes, the terrorism, the diseases, the catastrophes, etc.

    Maybe I don't understand but I have witness that there have been fruits from this Neocatechumenal Way. Is there anything wrong with bringing those who strayed away from the church, back to the church? rebuilding marriages? rebuilding families? Vocations to the priesthood? Vocations to be a nun? Vocations to be catechists (teachers)? etc.

    I am glad that God allows people such as you, to persecute the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Without this persecution, I think many of us would have not been adamant on seeking God for refuge and understanding.

    I pray that God will make light of all the events in our lives whether good or bad.


    1. "Is there anything wrong with bringing those who strayed away from the church, back to the church?"

      Ummm, do you see the problem?

    2. We don't HATE the Neos, as Anon @11:59am claims. Tim is just bringing to awareness the liturgical abuses practiced by the Neos, and sadly and unfortunately, practiced and condoned by Archbishop Apuron. Tim has said countless times to produce the document that proves those liturgical abuses are not abuses. But to date, NO DOCUMENT! Just a lot of hate from the Neos.
      I must question the statement of rebuilding marriages - like the woman who proclaimed to the congregation that she joined the Way because she "needed to fix her husband." Vocations to the priesthood? Well, here on Guam, vocation to the priesthood is granted if you're a Neo. If not, as in the case of Aaron Quitugua, the Archbishop shoves you out the door and into the street, not giving a damn about you and your desire to serve God's Church and the local people. So WE are not persecuting anything. Everyone has gifts and talents that the Lord has given us to help each other BUILD his Church. Sadly, it is the members of the NCW who trash talk and cause the division. Peace to you!

    3. One Aaron Q for how many decade????? Not true what you claim. Check again. These are words state facts...

    4. Neo at 3:57 . Even if it is one, one is enough. How many does it take before your eyes are opened and your heart no longer hardened?

    5. To Peace... February 12, 2014 @ 11:59am

      There lies the problem....your NCW claim to bring people back to the church who have strayed away from the church....what people??? Majority of the people you have recruited are already in the church...your NCW just caused a major division within the Catholic Church not just on Guam but everywhere else in this world! Explain to us Catholics what is the main point of having to speak during any of our catholic masses? If you so claim to be bringing people back to the church...are you saying that the church you are proclaiming at is not a church??? If you want to proclaim or to evangelize or to educate people back to the church DO IT OUTSIDE THE CHURCH WHERE IT IS NEEDED!

      1. Your NCW has become a hypocrite claim to bring people back to the church who have strayed away but in actuality you take people away from the church who are already with the church.

      2. You claim that your "way" of receiving the Eucharist is valid when in fact it does not follow with the GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal). You have been misinformed and yet you still refuse to conform to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

      3. You have laypeople speaking in place of the homily...which already you have been informed is wrong yet you still do it.

      4. You hold your own celebrations for your own people and to make it worse...your own celebrations outside the church..get it? YOUR OWN CELEBRATIONS OUTSIDE THE other church group separates themselves from the church.

      5. Your "way" is a movement not a church group...hence... Keep on moving outside the church because by following kiko and carmen and not following the Magisterium of the Catholic Church you have placed yourself outside the church.

      Just a follower of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church who reads this blog and educates herself with the teachings of the church!


    6. It is not persecution, for goodness sake. It is criticism, and there is a BIG difference. Persecution is perpetrated by the powerful on the powerless. In this case, the Neocatechumenal Way has the power. You have been taught by Kiko to call it persecution, which is a classic technique of a cult or sect.

    7. vocations? for the local church? I think not
      rebuilding families? how about destroying families? rebuilding marriages how about telling spouses to leave because the other half is not kosher to "the way"? how about destroyed faith?
      how about making people feel so insecure that they cannot live without kiko? fruits? the mormon church can make every claim that you have just made, still doesn't make it the church that is founded on the Rock!
      P.S. there is more than one aspirant that has been turned away because they don't want to join the NCW.

  9. Anon 11:59AM....please think, think real hard what you are asking a "CATHOLIC".

  10. @3:57pm - One Aaron Q. in decades? You should be ashamed of your comment! You obviously know nothing about what is happening behind closed doors. How many men have come forward to ask this Archbishop for sponsorship? They were all denied! Some went to the Capuchins and others just let it go. What an injustice to them and to our people! Fr. Richard Kidd fought for how many years just so he could attend St. Patrick's Seminary and become a priest.
    In your arrogance you believe that you were "called here to serve." Do you not think these men are also called to serve? They want to serve in this Archdiocese. They want to serve their people. They want to serve the Lord. What is wrong with that? Fr Jeff San Nicolas once said in a homily that there was a response crisis to vocations in this Archdiocese. That response crisis was not from local boys but from the dictators on the Hill. Who are the Neos to say no to vocations outside of the NCW? You are acting as judge, jury and executioner. If it's allowed for you, why can't it be the same for all?