Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Again, as noted many times, we get more from neo-defenders than we can come up with ourselves. And this is one of the most telling comments yet received.

Anonymous writes: 

Aside for Chaput, there is Ryklo, Scola, Aviz who are strong supporters of the Neo.

The context was a discussion about Cardinal Schonburn, Archbishop of Vienna, who, like Archbishop Chaput, had been appointed to the Pontifical Council of the Laity, which oversees the activities of the Neocatechumenal Way (as well as over 100 other lay organizations). 

Anonymous had noted that Schonburn was "very PRO-NEO". I had replied with evidence that Schonburn was pro-whatever he needed to be: conservative, liberal, whatever the situation called for. 

As one example of Schonburn-ism, I contrasted his contributions to the composition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, upon which he worked alongside then-Cardinal Ratzinger, to his more recent push for the Church to "give more consideration to the quality" to homosexual relationships, and his allowance (at his Cathedral) for "people with homosexual inclinations to receive a blessing for their longing for love."

With Schonburn effectually discredited as a worthwhile Neo supporter, Anonymous then responded with:

So Cardinal Schonborn is a wishywashy type. Aside for Chaput, there is Ryklo, Scola, Aviz who are strong supporters of the Neo.

Let's make some observations:

Anonymous is most likely a member of the clergy. Aside from the obvious familiarity with the appointments to the Council, there is the added familiarity of the use of only the last names of these high ranking prelates. Normally lay persons will also use titles. In fact, we can assume that our commenter is probably a ranking member of the clergy himself. In fact, we can probably assume that he is a very high ranking member, possibly even personally familiar with the named prelates. Hmmmm.

But far more interesting than this little detective work is an otherwise unnoticeable slip-up which tells us volumes about the actual practice and beliefs of the Neocatechumenal Way. Father (or Bishop) Anonymous lets on that he is anxious to validate the NCW by attaching to it the names of high ranking prelates who are "strong supporters". 

We must ask: WHY? Why is it important to find "strong supporters" for the NCW? The Statute of the NCW has been approved since 2008 and its catechetical directory approved since 2010. The NCW is about as "supported" and approved as it's going to get. 

Why, all these years later, are they still spending so much energy trying to damn critics like me and recruit episcopal supporters? Their Statute already licenses them to establish themselves anywhere in the Catholic World. 

Why does the NCW need "supporters" is doing something that it is not licensed to do?? 

  • Unless it is teaching something other than what was approved in the much edited and much corrected 13 volumes of its catechetical directory - which are not available to anyone but Kiko's catechists. 
  • Unless it is celebrating its liturgies outside the norms allowed by the provisions of the Statute.
  • Unless the Neocatechumenal Way is actually something other than what it presents itself to be.

How else to explain this hyper-sensitivity to the merest of questions? How else to account for this mad quest for ever more validation? How else to understand this unending parade of name-dropping and photo-ops? And how else to comprehend the frenzied rush to this blog to smash our heads with the tiniest tidbits of news that have the slightest hint of some possibly pro-neo news?

And why else are my "whereabouts being monitored"? Oh, so you think I didn't know? Well, so are yours. You don't think people don't recognize your comments on this blog - even when you try to disguise them with misspellings and bad grammar? Did you really think you could hide behind "Anonymous"? 


  1. Anybody from the seminary could rattle those names off head also, and many catechists could too. If NCWs pay attention at Fr. Pius' announcements and annual convivances -where Kiko is showcased in video clips announcing in rapifdfire Spanish his pronouncements- they may know these names too.

    1. Possibly. But this one has a distinct smell.

    2. Yes. You smell a rat, at its name is 6 letters beginning with Ap and ending with ron. Glad he is able to remain anonymous though.
      Sure would be great to hear from him directly, after all, he has no need to be afraid of himself, hath he?
      But maybe so, since many know he is a loose canon. Maybe his handlers have finally succeeded in keeping him quiet unless there is a carefully crafted script. But as reveal previously, this rat is the biggest of liars! Proof is available from his own words. He cannot deny what was sent to every parish and force viewed by parishioners island wide last year.
      Gotcha Tony!

  2. Of course Tim, you are calling it right.
    Cardinal Schonborn is indeed his own man. A prince of the Church, he is also one of the last survivor of an old tradition of nobles in the Church.
    Christoph Maria Michael Damian Peter Adalbert Schonborn Count Von Shonborn und Buchheim is a prince of the old Austro-Hungarian empire.
    He can trace his family to the Hohenzollern-Hechingen Family (a famous line of Holy German Emperor) and to the Royal family of Savoy-Carignano, which gives him a ascendency to the infamous Colonna Family producers of several of the most corrupt and decadent popes in the darker side of the History of this Church.
    As such Christoph is everything Kikho is not.
    First of all he is extremely well educated, as would be any descedent of these families. Speaks several languages fluently including Latin, and has had a stellar academic career before lunging in the more political side of the corridors of the Curia which he is well versed in.
    He can be extremely astute politically as he proved in solving the huge scandal of sexual abuse by his predecessor Cardinal Groer. His world is in total opposition to the world of a Kikho, who is a former declared atheist and follower of the catholic hater John Paul Sartre. After his 360, Kikho actually used his connections in the Franco regime to gain access to the right connections in Rome.
    On one side the most traditional Catholic Prince coming from a long line of political Nobility, On the other an opportunist extraordinaire who loath and envy people like Schonborn.
    Both of them are of course very well verse in temporary alliance and using the strength of their enemy against them.
    Declaring Schonborn an ally of the NCW is totally misreading the man and his politics. People like Schonborn actually despise everything Kikho represents, and while they are very good at hiding their sentiment, this is an impassable barrier.

  3. Someone once wrote that “The oddest thing about Hitler was not that he was mad, yet thousands followed him; but, that he was obviously mad and yet still, thousands followed him!”

    We need to bring out our Catechism of the Catholic Church (or get one if you don't own one); get to know our Catholic Faith’s authentic teachings – especially about the “Liturgy of The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass” and about the REAL PRESENCE of Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist and thus the respect and reverence owed the Sacred Host when we receive it in Holy Communion at Mass.

    By the Catholic Church’s Authentic Teachings will we all be able to recognize the heresies of the neo way -- thus prevent falling for and following a movement based on madness, arrogance and pride.

    1. Good points. The neos have only taken to the next level what most of us have already allowed and accepted: communion in the hand, Saturday night masses, irreverence, pop music...

    2. Yes, preventing the Neo takeover is only the first step. Next, we need to do something about the rock bands, Josh Groban songs, pop tunes and the applause during Mass. None of this would be tolerated by an archbishop that loved and understood the Mass and cared. Next, we need to do something about the homilies. Yikes, many are scary bad. Long, incomprehensible, pop psych with a few bad and totally non-germane jokes throw into the mix does not make a homily. Of course, a decrepit Church is exactly what the archbishop wants. It makes it easier for the Neos to prey upon the Catholics. Of course, for every Catholic that converts to Neo probably another three become Protestant and another ten simply abandon Christianity. In a broader sense, these are the fruits of the Neos, strange fruits.

    3. Bugnini reformed liturgy in the 60s started the decay.

  4. stranger than dokduk nuts