Monday, March 31, 2014


The page is an internet translation from the Italian and in some places it is not translated at all or poorly translated, but you get the story. It's like all the rest who have escaped the Way.


  1. "I seek those who, like wolves dressed as meek sheep, have as their aim to provoke division in My Son’s church, division between brothers and sisters, and with this: the Great Schism that I have announced." revelaciones marianas, Mary Most Holy 3/10/14

    "the "Gospel according to Kiko and Carmen"
    "The Way spreads due to divisions among Catholics"
    "banners, guitars, and bongos"
    any questions??

    in english w/ pics & comments

  2. Zenit 1/20/12 quotes Kiko "What is important, above all, is the fact that the Pope has reiterated that the communities can celebrate the Sunday Mass as a community. It is a sociological fact of immense importance, which means that the small community is the salvation for the New Evangelization. The Eucharist, in fact, creates and forms the Christian community, it makes it stable, unites it."

    1. Typical of just about any Kiko quote, this one allows for several layers of analysis, some of it psycho.

      First let us note that it says "Zenit quote Kiko". The name "Zenit" should be your first clue (in the tank for Kiko), and "quotes Kiko" is the second, and in fact should suffice to discredit what follows.

      However, let's look at what follows. He takes a very simple and tightly worded allowance for the celebration of the Sunday Mass as a community.

      First, Kiko is not referring to the parish community. He is referring of course to his version of community which is the small-closed community of the NCW.

      Second, he uses the words "Sunday Mass." He's a master of rhetoric. Amongst his neo brethren he would never use the words "Sunday Mass". Those words belong to the church he is attempting to replace. However, he is conscious that he is speaking to a mostly non-neo Zenit audience. So - as per Alinsky Rule 2 - he speaks the language of the people he is speaking to, even though he means something different.

      The permission to celebrate the obligatory Sunday eucharist on Saturday evening in the small community is found in the final version of the NCW statute. It is an allowance within the context of the larger mission of the NCW which is supposed to be at the service of the parish, which is essentially a path of initiation or re-initiation to full parish life. The permission is only valid insofar as the NCW serves the purpose laid out for it in the Statute.

      Of course we know that Kiko believes parish-based Catholicism to be dead, so he has no intention of fulfilling the prescript of the Statute, however the Statute affords him the legitimacy he needs to operate under the cover of the Church and to access its resources.

      This is why he immediately goes beyond the very small and very limited permission granted in the Statute to establishing a "sociological fact of immense importance" and hailing this small permission as "the salvation of the New Evangelization."

      Of course Rome said no such thing. But it doesn't matter. Kiko did. We have seen such men before. And the world has paid dearly for it.

  3. Bishops and priests, when oh when will you open your eyes to see the heresies of this movement!
    And don't talk to me about the "fruits" any protestant church can also produce evidence of "fruits"
    If you follow the link you will find many other testimonies of those who have "walked" and finally woke up and walked away.
    Not for a few years either...

    1. The priests of Guam did not do enough to protect The local church.


    The Immaculata, the Exterminatrix of all heresies

    "Our Lady, Destroyer of All Heresies": Sermon by Fr M Holden

  5. If only Apuron were as smart to walk away from this movement. Unfortunately, Kiko thrives on those who have low self-esteem and need to find their place somewhere. It's sad that people are used this way for his gain. I know someone who claims they are trying to get out of the Way; however, they state how difficult it is. The phone calls and the interrogation are unceasing. This person said that many people in the Way are good people - they are just severely misled and brainwashed.
    And our Archbishop chooses to be part of this, perhaps just for the sake of power in the red hat?

    1. He sold the people of Guam to gain personal wealth and power. The people allowed this to continue . Only Tim Rohr defended the truth.