Tuesday, March 4, 2014


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To Tony from a lot of really pissed off people of Guam:

$1,000,000 per year to train these 40 or so priests, and only one really belongs to us...Junee Valencia? Some will go back to Samoa, Dallas, or elsewhere. All the Neo, most of whom come from outside our community (Guam, not Neo) will eventually be assigned by Kiko and Giuseppi to Africa/Asia. Wow, $1,000,000/year that could be used for schools, parish outreach, Catholic Social Services, and so much more. It could be used to reduce the parish cash drain so they would not have to charge for funerals and weddings. $1,000,000 per year so Kiko can have us fools on Guam train priests for his charism that insults the Church with lack of respect/obedience. All the while he gets super rich off all the merchandising he has going with communities not allowed to be truely Catholic. That is quite a story, but saddest of all is that it is reality. 

I will no longer fund the Yona seminary. If Kiko wants us to be a training ground then he will have to pay the price for formation for his legions. Wow, it just struck me...$1,000,000 per year for the last 12 years. We have been taken for a ride to the tune of $12,000,000, and now they want us to contribute more? Sorry Deacon Harold, Deacon Julius, Deacon Vincenzo, but you may have to call your families and tell them to pay for the final part of your formation. All the others living at RMS Yona, you should definitely call your families and communities back home and have them start passing the trash bag every time they gather. They will definately need to send gobs of money here to Guam because the people of Guam will no longer fund a foreign training facility that is unaccredited, and for the use of Kiko.

Tony, I have resisted in sending comments for a while, thinking and praying that you might come to your senses. But your dog and pony paper this past weekend was just over the top. Instead of making things better, you seem to have a knack of making them profoundly worse. I hope your advice was way cheaper than your seminary.

Good luck with the AAA, what little money you collect would be better spent sending real priests for badly needed training and advanced degrees so someone local will be able to fill your position when Rome has finally had enough. At least think of us in this little way by making succession plans now...and please don't include any current advisors in those plans...you do not want them to face a more arduous and painful conclusion to their ministries!


  1. That is a lot of money...! I see a whole lot of local politics here that I am unfamiliar with. But honestly, I have never thought a small place would have that kind of money for collection. Woww!

    Of course, the ongoing missionary activity puzzles me by the same token. Is the locality a valid missionary target? What I read is the neo-catechumenary is not neo-Christian although it could be affiliated. The point is that they serve as a pre-school for the seminary. They provide education for the initiated. Only those join who want to go on mission. That is its purpose. Is that right? For some reason the neo-catechumenary is popular on Guam. But where this influence is coming from? Rome seems to be far away...

    The contention is that after Vatican II there is an ongoing discussion about the roots of the Church. It is understood that the Christian-Jewish relations must be improved. This is the only way to go.

  2. To Oleg:
    A few things:
    The neos are powerful on this island because the local Archbishop not only "walks in the way", but also has given privileges and special treatment to the Neos.
    The Neo Catechumenates are NOT popular on Guam they are imposed from the outside by a small clique, who is getting rich in the process.
    The Archbishop has further hurt the Church on Guam by ridding himself of popular priests that do not tow his line.
    The latest example being Fr Paul Gofigan, whose illegal firing has been a catalyst for Catholics on the island to start saying:" enough is enough, we are not going to take it anymore!!!!"
    Please read the post "if you are a new reader to this post"
    As far as your fascination with the Jewish influence on this church or some of the movements in this church it is totally another discussion that merits a whole section of its own.
    I do not know what it would bring to this ongoing debate we have had here.
    Tim being the owner of this blog will judge when and how, he deems necessary for it to be discussed.
    But it appears some of us already have answered your attempts to lead us into that debate.
    Pax Christum

  3. Hi frenchie, I reacted on the Menorah pic on the table. I agree, but only with the stipulation that one candle should be lit at a time, 9 days altogether. I don't understand some other points you raise, I guess it is local politics. You have to live on Guam and be a Catholic to have a grasp. I don't understand how the neo-catechumenary is strong if it is not popular? Or the other way around? You local bishop "walks in the way"? What does it mean? He wants to become a missionary himself? Lol!

    As far as I see this debate, it should be placed into wider context. Vatican II, Jewish-Catholic relations, etc, but I understand that local issues dominate at this moment. Somehow it is like a turf war for local resources, but it is puzzling how embittered some comments are. Fr Gofigan looks like a casualty of the turf war, but perhaps I don't understand all the circumstances.

    My basic question was about the missionary relation. How is it that a missionary movement, the neo-catechumenary, is gong to Guam and builds chapels etc, while the area is not even a valid missionary target? I am still very confused about the whole thing.

  4. I have been reading and I am hoping and praying that we the people of Guam, wake up and take action. What can we do? Write and voice your opinion to those who can do something about how our people are being treated. We have many young local men who want to study to become priests for our island but refuse to study at the Yona seminary. WHY? Do some reading and research! This is the time for our people to come together and act for what is good for our island. I am still waiting for equal treatment for our local seminarians and local priests. It is a shame how Tony treats them...I see it too often. I definitely will not support the charity appeals...if Junee needs our support, I will support him, but will not give to the appeals. SORRY! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Anyone know what we can do about helping our local seminarians and priests? I am ready!!!!