Tuesday, March 4, 2014


As we have become quite accustomed to, the neo-defenders, driven to carelessness by their mad obsession to "WIN", tell us much more about their agenda than we could ever expose by any investigation. And here's a good one.

You are not winning. While you are blogging, many NCW communities are being made. Rome knows what we are doing and.how we are doing it. We made the changes they requested. I am sure they have observers who watch. If it was such a problem we should be done and over with. Fron what it seems, you doubt Rome, you doubt the Pope. You doubt basically. See to believe? Reminds me of somebody. 

Let's take a look at this:

"You are not winning. While you are blogging, many NCW communities are being made." 

This says a lot. This tells us that the NCW is about "winning". This tells us that the NCW is about taking over the church by numbers. This tells us that the NCW is about smashing the opposition. This tells us why Apuron continues to wage war on the rest of us. This tells us what they have already told us, that we are "dead" and they are the new church. 

But ultimately this tells us what we already know about you: that you are about the world, the numbers, the number of people you can sucker, the number of bishops you can buy, the number of churches you can destroy, the number of neocatechumenaries you can build. But we've got your "number", and it is "Legion". Expect a call.

"Rome knows what we are doing and.how we are doing it. We made the changes they requested." 

Okay, so you are willing to state before God and everyone that you have conformed your liturgy to the liturgical books except for the exceptions allowed in the Statute? So you are willing to state before God and everyone that the priest first consumes the sacred species and the distributes communion? So you are willing to state before God and everyone that neo-communicants consume immediately upon receiving the sacred species like the rest of the church is required to do? Go ahead, state it.

"I am sure they have observers who watch. If it was such a problem we should be done and over with." 

Actually, you don't need to state it, because you admit in your very next statement that you HAVE NOT conformed by referring to "it": "If it was such a problem..." How often have we seen this on this blog? That because you are getting away with it, that because you have not been condemned, that because Rome hasn't publicly spanked you, that this equates to a permission??? Can anyone say "immature child?" Perhaps you missed the story about the Legionaires of Christ who got away with IT for 60 years.  What you don't understand is that Rome, because it is concerned with avoiding scandal and saving souls, sometimes just waits for the person at the source of a heresy to die. And so they wait. 

"From what it seems, you doubt Rome, you doubt the Pope. You doubt basically. See to believe? Reminds me of somebody." 

No. I just read the pope's exact words and repost them. Here let's do this again:
"I am sure you will attentively observe these norms that reflect what is provided for in the liturgical books approved by the Church." - Pope Benedict XVI, January 12, 2006, to the leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way
Time and again we have only asked that if you are no longer required to "attentively observe these norms", then show us. But you haven't because you can't. And you admit it in your stupidly worded attack on me, telling us once again that the only permission you have is that you haven't been caught yet by "observers". Yes, you do "remind me of somebody," ...Father. "The floor of hell..."

By the way. Who's "Yolanda"? I was told to ask the Archbishop, but you'll do.

P.S. By the way, the reason we know we ARE winning is because cowards like you can't put your names to your comments. 

P.P.S. Let's take a look at this comment which is made below:

You implied this is a war Tim. In a war you pick sides, the goal is defeat and win. So really, you are about winning. This will be an unending battle with you and the NCW, at least it seems. It's funny how you you stated this blog had nothing to to do with The NCW but it is mainly for it.

I made a reply, also below, about the "war" thing, but we should also note that:
1. He doesn't correct my addressing him as "Father", so bingo!
2. He doesn't respond to my request to state ("before God and everyone") that the NCW is distributing and receiving holy communion as they are required to. Bingo again!
3. Still waiting to hear about Yolanda.


  1. Uh oh Tim always has to say the last word. Hahahaha. What a waste of Tim. Blog geek who does not have a gad like your minions.

    1. No. I just have the "next" word. Comments are open. Feel free to display more stupidity.

    2. Putting this here bc I don't know where else to post it. But my observation of those neo folks close to me by friend and even family has been that in selecting godparents for their children, they always choose from the neo group. Do u know if it is a requirement or preference of theirs to choose neos vs nonneos? Are we not good enough?

  2. You implied this is a war Tim. In a war you pick sides, the goal is defeat and win. So really, you are about winning. This will be an unending battle with you and the NCW, at least it seems. It's funny how you you stated this blog had nothing to to do with The NCW but it is mainly for it.

    1. We have always known that you were making war on the Catholic Church. You were the ones telling us all how your lives have been changed thanks to Kiko. Your comments on this blog have told quite a different story. And in the beginning the blog was not about you, just about Fr. Paul's situation. However, you made it about you. I and others have only responded to your attacks. But thank you for telling us the truth about your making war on us. However, the war isn't mine. It's a world war, or haven't you noticed:






    2. I noticed that you did not correct my addressing you as "Father."

    3. To anonymous at 7.40
      You are so funny.
      We now, know your techniques fairly well.
      If you cannot shoot the message....shoot the messenger.
      The problem is that it no longer works. Your pathetic attempts to make it personal with Tim and/or any of us, just underline the weakness of your own arguments.
      We know that you like to portray yourselves as martyrs to your cause. Kiko even rationalize this issue.
      So, you tell us this is a war. Thank you for letting us know what we already knew.
      The Catholics on Guam have lived it as a foreign invasion. Another one.... But this one is more pernicious and hypocritical.
      I always encourage the readers of this blog to pray the prayer of St Michael the Archangel, who defeated Satan. There is a reason for that. When faced by evil, he is the best inspiration to steel our resolve in facing people like you.
      The de facto representative of lies, deceit, and division.
      But, may be you should read, (since obviously you have not) the works of St Augustine on War, and its necessities.
      While I digress from some of his opinions on other issues, I find these reflections educative.
      Certainly it would broaden your field of vision.

  3. We did nothing to make it about. It was your viewers who implied that the NCW was the reason behind this all. Criticizing and calling us names. While in the beginning, many tried to be nice, but the negativity kept spreading. Nobody is without sin, how do you think people will react if they were insulted by comments as such? We are not robots, we do have feelings. This is because the Archbishop is in the NCW. Your problem is with him, not with the rest of the members. Your blog gives a general idea of the NCW and that idea is only negative. Then you have Catholics hating Catholics. Then you say we are cowards when we use Anon, but many of your followers do the same. Question, if you and your followers are sooo right and sure, then encourage them to post their names as well. What is there to hide? I mean, you guys are right, right?

    1. Let's see now you've had 15 years of unfettered access to our parishes, our people, our money, our time. We sat patiently while you interrupted our Masses with your commercials, a true abuse of the Mass since we are under the pain of sin if we do not attend or if we leave before Mass is concluded.

      But you have it upside down. The anti-neo people on this blog didn't start hating the neo with the beginning of JungleWatch. This has been going on for a long time. They have been stomped on, lied to, abused, stolen from, disparaged, had their faith criticized, impugned, and belittled LONG BEFORE JUNGLEWATCH. In fact, not only are they NOT my followers, I am there's. I only entered this mess a few months ago. These are people who have been angry for years.

      But the real question is WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE? Your catechists and your "presbyters" tell you to stay away, and yet you disobey. Had you not come here we would only be talking to ourselves and we would have gotten tired of it and moved on to other things. But you continue to provide much fuel for their flames.

      In addition, don't you know that we are necessary? Kiko teaches that we Judases are necessary for your sanctification. You are to be thankful for us and bless us for the persecutions. What are you complaining about? We are only doing our job and helping you all become better Kiko-Christians. You're welcome.

    2. @Anon at 10:38 am -- How can you say with a straight face that Tim or Jungle Watch is the source of the problem, or that Tim is the one who has pitted Catholics against Catholics? The NCW is 100% responsible for this. The NCW is the one that is trying to destroy regular Catholicism and replace it with the NCW. My personal experience may be enlightening here as I am sure that it is similar to many of the other anti-neos here. The first time that I listened to a Neo speak at Mass I was shocked and appalled. I could not believe that the priest had invited someone up to the pulpit to instruct us that the church that we belonged to -- that is, the regular Roman Catholic Church -- was spiritually dry and that as congregants thereof we were all lukewarm in our faith. The speaker was very clear that his church (whatever church that was) was better than ours, i.e., the regular RCC. Here's the important part of the story. At that time I had no idea who the speaker was or who he represented; nor had I ever heard of the NCW or the "Neos." Actually, given the way the speaker disparaged the regular Catholic Church and the value he placed in his material success following his new conversion, I half thought that he was a Protestant. So, us regular Catholics are not upset with the Neos because anything said by Tim Rohr or because of any preconceived notion about the Neos. Rather it is based upon our personal experience of being attacked and disparaged by the Neos at Mass. It is you the Neos who are on the attack. It is you the Neos who have pitted Catholics v. Catholics. Us regular Catholics on Guam are fighting for our mere survival against the predations of the NCW. I am sorry that your feelings have been hurt. Your protestations, however, ring hollow so long as you and your cohort continue to try to convert Guam away from regular Catholicism to the NCW. It is not Tim but you and your fellow Neos that are the problem: a problem that long predates Jungle Watch.

    3. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchMarch 5, 2014 at 4:35 PM

      Anon at 3/04 @ 10:38AM
      "We are not robots, we do have feelings. This is because the Archbishop is in the NCW. Your problem is with him, not with the rest of the members."
      Before Jungle Watch you could claim ignorance. But now that you know you are responsible for your own actions. So comply with the Church, and demand that the Archbishop comply. Maybe he will listen to his own brothers and sisters. He certainly won't listen to Cardinals, the Pope, or the "rest of his flock".
      Now be a mature Christian and do the right thing. If they continue receiving improperly, you do not have to. You can consume immediately upon receiving, and you can encourage others to do the same. Make God smile by showing you are faithful to the magisterium.
      Demand better from the Archbishop and the responsibles. You are on the inside, it will be easier for you to make the change than for us. Unfortunately, even the NCW faithful will likely be ignored in this area. Then the choice is yours, who do you follow. Holy Mother Church, or Kiko?
      I will pray for you. God bless.

  4. This is my first post to this lovely blog. My sole goal is to point out some major issues I have with the Neo movement. I don't oppose them, nor do I consider them the enemy. They're my brothers and sisters, bother literally and figuratively.

    My background:
    I've been a Catholic all of my life although I won't qualify as a practicing Catholic if pushed to explain my current views. Religion and spirituality are very personal to me, regardless of what some guy wearing a funny hat in Hagatna has to say about the matter.

    My concerns with the Neo are laser-focussed on the pragmatic rather than the symbolism and mysticism that the organized church claims divine authority over.

    They are:

    1. Your new family is the Neo. My Neo-practicing siblings miss many family celebrations if they happen to conflict with Neo events - even small Neo get-togethers. Is it okay that their dinner trumps the birthday celebration of our aging parents? Or if my kid graduated from school and they chose instead to listen to some stranger testify that she's sorry for doing drugs and sleeping with her best friend's husband?

    2. The extended community is used to a fault, namely when my nieces and nephews are left overnight with strangers. That truly horrifies me. If their parents say it's okay, then it should be okay right? That's a mighty cavelier attitude to take where a child's innocence and safety is concerned. You're not much of a protecter if you assume only good things happen in this world.

    3. The testimonies they give during their celebrations can be damaging both to the person compelled to open up as well as the people they talk about.

    4. The long-winded celebrations can last way past the witching hour. Other than its ethereal value, why do public confessions and drum-banging have to last from one day to the next? Unfortunately, that just makes for a dangerous drive home.

    1. As a former member of the NCW I witnessed the above. And more. I agree wholeheartedly with 10:38ams observations.

      1. It can be added WYD pilgrims look forward to the audience with Kiko more than hearing the pope. More than once I've heard them, even live on KOLG once. The masses of NCWs attending yearly convivances here in Guam go wild when videos of Kiko are presented.

      2. Having listened to a woman read the statutes word for word the -hard cover book- statutes were sold. This was at NCW convivance in 2008. The crowd cheered as if they had won the world cup. It was insane: truck drivers, nurses, lawyers, surgeons, teachers, mothers, fathers were very emotional. They drank the kool aid. Thanks be to God I escaped back to the Church.

    2. Mar.4, 5:31PM- Welcome Home!

    3. AnonymousMarch 4, 2014 at 5:31 PM you are free to go at will. My take I was given pearls that I'm not about to throw away to the Pigs. I treasure these pearls and the Neocathechumenal gave me life. No one forces anyone to stay but I choose to because it gives me life.

      Peace be with you with love.

    4. So there you go folks. Add "pigs" to Judases and the other names they have for us.

    5. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchMarch 5, 2014 at 4:55 PM

      Dear Anon Mar 5, 10:07AM had this to say: "... you are free to go at will. My take I was given pearls that I'm not about to throw away to the Pigs. I treasure these pearls and the Neocathechumenal gave me life. No one forces anyone to stay but I choose to because it gives me life."
      I can excuse you for your ignorance because you have been de-formed by Kiko and his false/heretical theology. I was taught the same crap in my years with this group. But the life you have in the Way is not real life. God gives real life, and God also respects our free will. My experience is that the NCW has no respect for free will. Yes, they are trying to make us better, but they also use the will of God scheme to try to keep you in for purely selfish reasons. So as I say, I forgive you for being a complete dumb ass when it comes to matters of faith and morals.
      That said, you comment about the rest of us being pigs is completely unwarranted, even though that is the subliminal message the leadership instills in all its followers. An apology is in order and I know who you are. You're lucky I don't reveal your true identity because there are a lot of boys in Agat who would love to kick your *#$!

  5. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your post.
    You are just underlining the pernicious issue many of us have with the "way" and its Sect like mentality and practices.
    The estrangement of the family and loved ones, the separation from parents and siblings. The abandonment of children to other members of the sect.
    We have described it and pointed it on many occasions.
    This unfortunately is only the tip of the iceberg.
    We pray that you and your family might reunite in a happy and loving way.
    Welcome to the jungle.

    1. Define Sect Frenchie? DID YOU NOT READ? Ratzinger and Pope Joh Paul II who urge the iniator of the way? A repeat of your taunt, where you drop when you were born? LMAO

      guy from Mangilao Parish. NON NEO GUY believe it or not.

    2. Frenchie you ever read what you write, the devil is like that who mock and disrespect folks like you do. Do you think would GOD really do this. You are sick? Really sick person, are you really Catholic. Read what you write.

      Lady from Toto

    3. 3:22 & 3:47 - Irony alert!

    4. Guy from Mangilao, Lady from Toto, Old man from Santa Rita....all the same person I'm sure! Why don't you just sign your real name? After all, you've already been unmasked! Asking you the same question you asked Frenchie: Do you ever read what you write? The mocking and disrespect is coming from you and not from Frenchie. Praying the St. Michael prayer now.

  6. To Anonymous March 14th at 10:38 AM: Yes, many of use do not identify ourselves because unlike you, we are afraid of retaliation by the folks on San Ramon Hill. So, we have empowered Mr. Rohr through this Blog to expose the truth. You may not have caught it, but Mr. Rohr does not make a representation unless he has the evidence to prove it. I, for one, have given him documents to substantiate claims and representations. And how real are these threats?Take a look at Fr. Paul, Aaron, Fr. Manny, Fr. Jun, Fr. Simeon, former members of the AFC, and others. Forgiveness, charity, and mercy are not in their vocabulary. If it were, this Blog would not exist!

    1. Since your so right. Prove your claim right by showing your name then share your experience with everybody on how you are treated like the others. Or are you going to be like me, a coward?

  7. So that I can be crucified? Silly me, why don't I just do that. But I won't because I can better serve the Church by doing what I am doing now to expose the rotten apples within our Church.

  8. To anonymouses March 4th, 3.22 and 3.47:
    Ahahah! you guys are so funny!!
    Sorry to answer so late, but I was on a business trip and just came back.... (no, no the chancery did not pay for it)
    I always love it when the pot call the kettle black.
    You ladies and gentlemen are an endless source of bad jokes and informations, despite yourselves.
    It looks that anybody with half a brain gets it, but not our dear little neos! noooo!
    They have to prove that they can play in the jungle, even at the expense of their own reputation of sort.
    By doing so, you just continue to prove :
    A) that you cannot even read the post that you are criticizing.
    B) That when you try to do so, you are unable to comprehend the meaning of the post
    C) when you decide to answer, you show that you are not wise enough, not to attack on an issue you are weak on.
    As I, and many sensible people on this blog have pointed since its inception, first you try to argue, but since you do Not know how, then you resort to insults and personal attacks.

    Then again, when you finally choose the low road, your attacks are so pathetic and poorly presented, that you end up looking like six graders in a courtyard.

    So to anonymous 3.22 if you want the definition of a sect: just read what I answered that poor person, and the thing she describe in her expose. This falls directly into the American Association of Psychologists description of how a sect works.
    I also describe it much more in details in other post. Feel free to research it, you would benefit from it.
    "where you drop when you were born" obviously you meant to ask "were you dropped when you were born" but then I guess orthography is not your forte.
    I will pass on your babbling about Cdl Ratzinger and John Paul II, since Tim and many of us have already answered this broken record argument time and time again.
    As you see when you are in quick sands you should stop fretting.
    Anonymous at 3.47, Ah!! here we have the typical example of the passive aggressive in a frustrated stage of despair.
    Whoa! so much anger!!!
    I will pass over your poor syntax, this would be too cruel.
    So, yes I do read what I write! Actually I usually read myself back at least two or three times.
    I learned this from my Jesuit teachers way back in middle school. I correct my errors, I often edit a passage or two that might not be appropriate, then I read the final version another time before I post. You see that I am not taking this lightly. May be you should try too, you might be able to correct your English, and articulate your thoughts more clearly.
    Now you go on the attack. Ah! we are getting serious, first you compare me to the devil, because I am mocking and I disrespect folks.
    Here you are wrong...(sorry) I am not mocking or disrespecting folks, many times I am praising people, like I praised the family member worrying about her kins in the Way.
    I encourage people to pray, I console, I empathize.
    The only time I do contradict people, is when I read imbeciles like you who think they can push people around.
    " Do you think God would really do this?" Frankly I would not dare trying to think like God, or try to attempt to imitate him! How vain and conceited!
    I can only try to follow his teachings on a day to day basis.
    I would kindly remind you that his son, our Lord Jesus Christ did chase the merchants from the Temple.
    I can see a strong parallel between this incident and the actions of the Neos in this Diocese. We might have to chase the merchants out of the temple as well....Get it?
    Finally, sorry for digressing, but you got me going. For your last two questions: (which were in fact your passive aggressive manner to attack me while feeling you were nice to me) the answer is NO I am not sick, and YES I am a Catholic.
    Wishing you the same.
    Pax Christum

  9. To anonymous 6.36 and 7.00, thank you for noticing the incongruities of my detractors, and thank you for your support.
    As you see the people who are told they are the victims of the Judas (us) in fact love to denigrate anybody that does make a little bit of sense.
    This week apparently the attacks on Tim, Ro, Chuck, myself and many others have increased.
    As I said earlier the devil does not like the light we are shining on. The lies, the anger and the spitting are his way to show his discontent.
    I guess we must get closer to our goal. I expect these attacks will continue and even increase.
    God loves you, keep on praying and we shall overcome this evil.
    Pax Dominum

  10. 5:31 pm this is more frightening than I ever suspected. Sort of seems like we will be watching a movie of these goings on one day after Members Walking are deprogrammed or come to a tragic end one day. The mention of the professional people ( we know them) cheering wildly for Kiko the madman makes me really feel sick.

  11. Of course we can give NCW option to buy RMS. For the market price. Proceeds going yo real needs of Church of Agana. Poor, sick, children, education, worthy Chuch buildings , extended warranty for Equus which should last a long time.