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From: Dennis Santo Tomas <>
Date: Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 4:30 PM
Subject: Local Teen Denied Sponsorship to Off-Island Seminary, Archdiocese's Reasons Unclear

Dear K57 News,

If you are going to publish news then present the facts as they are stated in online publications and not just one person's viewpoint or opinion.  In your PNC story entitled "Local Teen Denied Sponsorship to Off-Island Seminary", you stated the following: 

What is here, according to the theological institute’s website, is an affiliation to the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. The affiliation, the website states, “would be a guarantee of the continuation and growth of the Catholic faith in the Pacific.”

But Rohr has some deep concerns about this new seminary and its involvement in the widely criticized neo catechumenal way.

"The archbishop says, well too bad, you’ll have to be a neocatechumenal, you’ll have to go to our seminary. Well that seminary is not accredited," he points out. "They have this sort of fake institution that’s supposed to give you a certificate or something like that when you get done with it, but it’s not the equivalent of a college degree."

The local RMS Seminary on Guam is directly affiliated with the Pontifical Lateran University also known as the Pope's University (URL is  Has Rohr presented evidence obtained from this university that proves that it is not accredited as he so states? [I didn't question the credentials of the Lateran. I questioned the credentials of the Blessed Diego Institute. What are its standards? Where is the documentation of affiliation with the Lateran? Where is the report of the recent visit by the Lateran? But aside from that, my point was that the certificate from the institute is NOT the equivalent of a college degree, which is what every other real U.S. seminary requires. See the reply to Aaron from Professor Bosco Corrales.] Shouldn't your news require evidence that proves the Pope's University is not accredited before you allow such a harsh statement to be published? [No. As it does when it interviews opposing politicians, it is not the job of the news organization to get documentation. It is the job of the news organization to present both sides. The reporter called Fr. Adrian to give an opposing view. Fr. Adrian declined. He said he doesn't respond to "rumors", even though the "rumors" were his own words to Aaron Quitugua as shown in this email.] Is Rohr claiming that all the cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignors and priests that have been trained at this university is not recognized and is not accredited?  Then he should provide the evidence to back up his claims rather than just make allegations. [I said nothing about the graduates of the Lateran. The BD Institute is only "affiliated" with the Lateran. It is not the Lateran. Graduates from the Lateran get real degrees. Graduates from BD Institute only get a certificate, certifying what and according to what criteria, we don't know.]

Secondly, Rohr also states the following:

The local seminary, the Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores, at the Redemptoris Mater, however, is fairly new. It’s not yet accredited and, as Quitugua points out in the concerns he voiced in his email, it will not transfer the college credits he’s already earned from the University of Guam.

I suggest your reporter go to and read paragraph 5 which is titled " What is the difference between the two seminaries?"  This clearly states that there are two Seminaries on Guam.  Once which is the RMS Seminary in Yona associated with the Neo Catechumenal Way and the other which is the John Paul II Archdiocesan Seminary in Malojloj which is not.  This clearly proves that the local teen has always had the choice to choose between the Yona or the Malojloj Seminaries on Guam and never had to join the Neo Catechumenal Way to enroll , as Rohr so states.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase,

[Really? There are two seminaries? Care to show us the faculty and staff at the second one? The Umatuna, (12/15/13) states that the Archbishop "announced this week that he has decided to erect a diocesan seminary for Guam." That's pretty fast. In less than three months the chancery has already erected a new diocesan seminary complete with faculty and staff to form diocesan priests for Guam? NOT! The other "seminary" is nothing other than a place for a lone seminarian to sleep, and when he does go to school he goes to the neo-run institute. Some "choice" for Aaron Quitugua! But of course the real issue, the issue you try to distract from is that Fr. Adrian, speaking for the Archbishop, LIED to Aaron. If the real reason was that Aaron's educational needs could be fully met locally then that is all Fr. Adrian had to tell him. But he did not. He told Aaron that the Archdiocese didn't have the money to send him. But he didn't expect Aaron to come up with his own money. And he didn't expect Aaron to keep a copy of the BIG LIE. Thanks for giving me another opportunity to show it. Send me some more.]

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