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Let's take a break for a bit on the current conversation and try to save some babies a horrific death and their mothers a lifetime of pain and regret. The Esperansa Project and many supporters have worked for over 5 years to be able to get a simple booklet into the hands of mothers thinking of an abortion, a booklet that would provide information on the life that is within them, their rights, and their alternatives to abortion. In order to get the bill passed we had to offer to pay for the printing of the booklet ourselves since the Legislature (some members) complained that there was no money for this. Send your check NOW to Kamalen Karidat. RIGHT NOW. Lives hang in the balance.


From The Esperansa Project
March 18, 2014

Over the years, since we began our fight to legally protect the unborn and their mothers, we have had many offers of financial assistance. We now need to take you upon those offers.

At long last the printed materials called for by the Womens Reproductive Health Information Act have received final approval. In order to fund their printing we need to raise $9,400.00:

  • $8,200 for the licensing of the images used in the informational booklet, and 
  • $1,200 to print 1,500 copies of both the booklet and the checklist. 

We need to raise this money as soon as possible. Lives hang in the balance. 

Kamalen Karidat will oversee the collection and disbursement of funds. Kamalen Karidat is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and donations are tax deductible.

Please make checks payable to Kamalen Karidat and send to:

Kamalen Karidat
P.O. Box 326623
Agana, Guam  96932
If you prefer to drop off your donation in person, call Iris at 477-9266.

Please note on your check's memo: Women's Right to Know. Along with your donation, please include the attached donor form. A receipt for the donation will be executed by a representative of Kamalen Karidat and sent or emailed to you. 

We will keep you informed via email and www.esperansa.org as to how our fund raising efforts are going. As mentioned, we need to raise this money immediately. 

Please FORWARD this letter to others who you know may care about this need, or feel free to use any portion of it to compose a letter of your own. Getting this booklet into the hands of women thinking of an abortion is (next to prayer) our greatest asset in the battle to save babies from death and women from regret.  

For those who want more information about the history of this legislation, the following is provided.


After a five-year struggle that involved the introduction and defeat of two previous bills, and hundreds of hours spent drafting and defending the bill against attacks from opponents in the Legislature and abortionists and their legal counsel, we finally succeeded in obtaining the passage of informed consent legislation on Guam. On November 1, 2012, Governor Calvo signed Bill 52-31, TheWomen's Reproductive Health Information Act of 2012, into law.

Why this legislation is so important
The new law, PL 31-235, requires abortionists to provide women who are considering an abortion - at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled abortion - certain critical information related to the decision to undergo an abortion. This is information that, but for PL 31-235, such women might not otherwise receive. For instance, PL 31-235 requires that at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled abortion, the abortionist provide each woman the following:

  • The gestational age of the unborn child
  • An anatomically accurate depiction and physiological description of the unborn child
  • Information regarding the father's legal obligation to support the child
  • Information about government programs that provide pre-natal, postnatal and child rearing assistance
  • Information about adoption

In short, PL 31-235 requires that women who are contemplating abortion receive accurate and unbiased information about the unborn life that lives within them and the non-abortive alternatives that are available to them. When presented with this truth and these options, some women choose not to undergo an abortion. When this happens, a human life is saved.

One of the most compelling features of PL 31-235 is that it requires that the abortion provider distribute an informational booklet to each woman contemplating an abortion at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled abortion. This booklet contains 20 bi-weekly medical illustrations that depict the development of an unborn child from conception to 36 weeks. With this booklet, amother can, in effect, see her unborn child.

In response to objections regarding implementation costs raised by certain senators during previous attempts to pass similar informed consent legislation, we agreed to provide the booklet, (as well as the other informational materials required by the law), to the government at no cost.

We modeled the booklet - which we drafted ourselves - on similar booklets used in states where informed consent legislation has been enacted. The illustrations that we included in the booklet were made by a well respected and certified medical illustrator. In arguing for the passage of Bill 52-31, it was important that we were able to show the Legislature that the illustrations contained in the booklet were accurate and unbiased and made by a well-credentialed artist. Quality, however, comes at a cost. And this is where you come in. If we fail to raise the $9,400 the booklet will not be completed and PL 31-235 will not be implemented.

Based upon the decrease in the national abortion rate following the widespread passage of informed consent legislation in the States, we know that if PL 31-325 is not implemented then each year on Guam 15 to 20 unborn children who would otherwise have been saved from abortion will be killed.

Please help us to save the lives of these unborn children and to protect the mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of their mothers.

Due to copyright restrictions, we are not able to attach a sample copy of the printed materials. However, Guam's informed consent booklet is, with permission, modeled directly off the informed consent booklet produced by the Department of Public Health and Human Services of the state of Louisiana and can be viewed at:

If you have any questions about this letter or want to learn more about this and other efforts to fight abortion on Guam, please feel free to contact any of the following (all of whom are familiar with PL 31-235 and have played an important role in supporting and promoting the cause of life on Guam):


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  1. Tim, I just dropped a check for $200 off at the Agana post office this evening after mass for Kamalin Karidat for the anti-abortion booklets. Although I see no other comments here I hope others are responding to your appeal and are just too modest to say anything. Although I am not an activist I do care. The worry is that many women will not read the booklets because they want to pretend they are not carrying a child. But your effort may save some lives that otherwise would not have been saved.