Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am often asked about what am I trying to do with this blog? What is my end game? What is my plan? I am told I will "not win" as if I was trying to win something. 

While it wasn't my plan to begin with, what has become my "plan" is to simply create a forum, NOT so that those who oppose the Neo can air their gripes, but for Neos to tell us what they are really being taught deep within the bowels of the Neocatechumenal Way: the "catechesis" that is not accessible to us unsalted Judases or even to neo-newbies. 

We have learned much so far: Church documents governing the liturgy are subject to interpretation by the community; mere communicants consider themselves to be concelebrants; within a diocese communities govern themselves apart from the bishop; and so much more. 

But today we get to the heart of the matter. Today we get to the thing that is at the root of the suspicion that the Neocatechumenal Way is another religion or at least a schism waiting to happen. Today we get to the thing that some of us have long since sensed, but couldn't get any neo to admit. 

However, today, Zoltan does us that favor. Thanks to Zoltan we learn what Kiko really teaches about the eucharist. Here it is:

Actually, Kiko has an excellent explanation as of what happens when the bread turns into the Body. In fact, the texture of the bread remains bread and the make-up of the wine remains wine. But the Body of Jesus will appear mysteriously in it in a real sense. The same real sense as he is present in the communities and in His Church.
What Zoltan has just described here is Luther's theology of consubstantiation: the belief that the bread and wine does not actually BECOME the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, but that Jesus Christ, at the moment of consecration mysteriously appears "in, with, and under" the bread and wine. This is why Zoltan/Kiko can go on to say that this "presence" is the same as that "in the communities and in His Church." He is only spiritually present, not ACTUALLY and SUBSTANTIALLY present. 

This is why Kiko says he has no need of "altars". This is why Kiko feels he can play fast and loose with liturgical norms and interpret them to his own ends. This is why the neos feel they can handle the consecrated bread as they do (since IT is not Jesus - he is only mysteriously present). This is why being in a state of grace is not a condition for the worthy reception of Holy Communion in the Neocat "eucharist." This is why many of us, while only aware of the externals of the neocatechumenal eucharist, sense that something is wrong. This is Lutheranism. 

Transubstantiation is the very thing that we believe as Catholics that no other Christians believe. We may have much in common with our separated Christian brethren, but we part ways at transubstantiation. And here Kiko's theology parts with Catholicism. 

But then, for people who believe that Church teaching is only a "guide",  that instructions are subject to interpretation, and that the authority for interpretation lies with the community...all that matters is that the community believes it to be true. And today there are 33,000 plus groups who call themselves Christian who believe the exact same thing. But they at least have the integrity to call themselves something else. 

Understand that this is not Zoltan talking. This is Kiko talking. And talking to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Agana at the invitation of, and with the permission and protection of Archbishop Apuron. But according to Zoltan, the Archbishop has nothing to say about it anyway. (See previous post.)

P.S. Just remember that we are being asked to pay for all this. 

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