Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I think it's becoming quite clear who this person is, but no matter, we'll continue to let him hide. See here for the context. 
"And "idiot"? What else to call people like you who make malicious and ignorant generalizations like the one you just made about the supposed group I belong to. For the record, I only know one person in that "group" who opposes the NCW."I invite you to check again and clarify. There are bad apples who are making your "group" victims of this generalization. 
That's strange. You're the one making the generalization and thus making them victims, victims of your generalization. That's intelligent.

I know for a fact of more than a handful of people who attend the TLM who are on this blog commenting against the NCW. There are others who also on your JW Facebook page are "liking" your anti-NCW posts and you say you only know of two. 
Well then name them because obviously you know more than me. I went to the JungleWatch Facebook Page and counted 3 people who have "liked" the page who attend the TLM. One who already uses her name (Mary Lou), another who rarely comments here except on links to his own posts (Chuck White), and another from whom I've seen no activity and who has never mentioned anything to me. But even if every single person who attends the TLM, all 40, including children, supported my expose of the you Kikos, they still would only make a tiny fraction of the VERY ANGRY whole. Who do you think hired Fr. Paul's canon lawyer? But I'm glad you tried to do this. You have once again demonstrated that you are unable to engage the argument. And you are unable because you can't. And you can't because you know THE LIE. 
By the way "ad hominum" is defined:An ad hominem (Latin for "to the man" or "to the person"), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument. Everything I have shared is relevant in regards to the topic. When you enter into a debate or argument everything about you is relevant. Even the selection of jurors for a court case is extensive because of this. 
Merriam Webster definition of "ad hominum":
1. appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect
2. marked by or being an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made.

Here, let me list again the "contentions made" and see if you can respond to them on their own merit. I know it'll be a challenge, but challenge yourself:

  • I have seen both Kiko and the Archbishop give Rome the finger and that is WRONG. 
  • I saw the Archbishop abuse his power and bring false allegations against a priest whose spiritual and material well-being has been entrusted to his care. 
  • I saw the Archbishop try to give away a major asset of the Archdiocese and then illegally terminate the members of the finance council who opposed him, a council tasked by Canon Law to keep out of control bishops from doing exactly this. 
  • I saw the people of Guam lied to for a decade about how RMS was our seminary for our priests, and when confronted with the truth that it was not, we all saw a fake seminary "erected" to cover for that lie. 
  • I saw a son of Guam LIED TO by the Archbishop about why he could not attend a non-Neo seminary.
  • I saw a neo-priest incardinated here in an instant while beloved priests from the Philippines were denied incardination, some of whom have served us for decades. 
  • I saw the Archdiocese lie about its mission status so that it could keep sucking money out of the Catholic Extension Society - money that could have been better used for true mission lands - while we spend hundreds of thousands flying guys in here from all over the world, putting them up in a palace, "educating" them, and flying them all over the world so they can do things like spend Holy Week with their homies. 
  • I also see "priests" being spit out of the Yona presbyter factory who have serious psychological problems, who are seriously theologically deficient (since they were fed Kiko's), who abuse the confessional, and who don't even know how to say Mass.

Go ahead, just try one. Or shall we again see you default to "an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made."
You already know this but you choose to mislead your readers. This is why I choose to comment here, for the love of those who do not know better, those who are being misled by their judgments and by your influence. 
Oh, that's too good. Another one of those who believe Guam Catholics are stupid and can't think for themselves. Is this the Archbishop by the way?
Ive tried to share with you also but you have denied because of my anonymity. You wanting a name shows the amount of faith we are dealing with. 
To accuse me of ad hominum is false. Joy! hope you be man enough to post this up. 
At least one of us is a man. 


  1. I am not a member of the TLM. I have a mind of my own to freely express my opinion on what I believe is right in my heart. I do not need anyone to push me to post here. I post when I see the need.

    If this is the Archbishop....then you probably would shyet in you pants if you truly know who I am. JOY!

  2. The Pope fully supports the NCW. Why is that hard to accept? Unless you are giving him "the finger."

    1. David. In the words of Zoltan the Wise: SO WHAT!

    2. So you are saying you dont care about what the Pope has to say and stick to what you believe? Dont take Zoltans words as a generalization of how the NCW members think.

    3. David. I'm going to ignore the taunting tone of your comment and attempt to answer your question clearly and directly.

      On more than one occasion recently, the Vatican has had to clarify the difference between remarks made by the pope in private conversations and interviews versus official papal directives and stated church doctrine.

      The pope can say whatever he wants to Kiko and your clan, but the only thing that gives the Neocatechumenal Way official legitimacy is the approved Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way.

      The pope has the authority to amend the Statute, or even to grant an exception to it, but so far, he has not.

      We have simply and always pointed out that in the manner of distributing holy communion, the Neocatechumenal Way is not in conformity with its own Statute.

      Your only defense has been that you're getting away with it and no one has slapped your hand yet.

      David, popes don't normally don't go around slapping hands. Example: It is no secret that the majority of Catholics contracept in contradiction to Catholic moral teaching. However, the pope doesn't go around hunting down Catholics who contracept. The pope upholds Catholic teaching and urges us to embrace it.

      This is what Pope Francis, as well as his predecessors, have done. They have spoken to you like adults, expecting you to maturely accept the norms accorded to you by the Church in your Statute. But while the popes treat you like adults, the Kikos act like children and say, as Zoltan said, "So what!"

      Zoltan is not speaking for himself. He just put into words what you and every other Kiko (the Neos who know better) does when you engage in practices that are not permitted in your Statute.

      Ordinarily this would have remained a small thing which few would have paid attention to. But it became a big thing when the archbishop publicly defied the directive because it symbolized the split between the NCW and the rest of the church and showed us where his loyalties lied. And they aren't with Rome.

    4. It shouldnt be a slap on the hand. The Eucharist is the highest form of prayer. And if the NCW is abusing the liturgy, the Pope would have said something. If Kiko really disobeyed the holy father once and still continues that calls for a red flag does it not? But apparently there is no red flags.

    5. Alas, poor David you are beyond repair. So because there is no slap on the hand, that amounts to a papal Moto Proprio? Kiko-think at its best. Just as an FYI, the Eucharist is often abused. The ordinary use of what are supposed to extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion is an abuse. Just one of them. But here's the kicker, David. The POPE is NOT the ordinary guardian of the liturgy, the bishop is. The pope actually expects the bishop to guard the liturgy from abuse. And that explains a lot, doesn't it.

    6. And if the Bishop fails to guard the liturgy (as you claim) then what happens next? nothing?

    7. David. 12:36 PM. This is why St. John Crysostom said "the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops." The buck stops there.

    8. "They have spoken to you like adults, expecting you to maturely accept the norms accorded to you by the Church in your Statute."

      Oh, really? Who are you Tim to police what is according to our Statutes or not? Unless Vatican finds and states violation of the Statutes of the NCW, all your criticism is just a figment of your own imagination that amounts to nothing.

      You can entertain your crowd though until they became your loyal, brainwashed foot soldiers to do the dirty job for you. Once you get to the point that you incite direct violence against any member of the NCW, you will deconstruct yourself once and for all. Do you get that, Tim?

    9. Wow. The demons are out. But then that's to be expected when the truth becomes undeniable and there is no more hiding. Thanks for bumping up my numbers though.

    10. Thank you for introducing yet another thing to rid this island of the Neo mindset of creating false premise and dangerous accusations, April 30 at 2:26PM.
      Your projection of violence has been noted. Just remember, it was your mind that created that thought, it was your heart that decided to reveal it, and it is your hands that submitted it to the public.
      Good luck with this mark you leave on your soul.

    11. Anon2:26... No, you are brainwashed a nod have become foot soldiers of Kiko and Carmen. When they say, jump you jump!

      We don't go around saying "THE STATUTES ACCORDING to!KIKO SAYS THIS...WE MUST FOLLOW!

      I follow the commandments and other decrees of the church using my catholic bible as a guide to reflect on. I don't need a freaking statute to tell me how to be an honest and true Catholic.

    12. 2:26 pm why are you bringing up violence? No one has incited violence on this blog except NCW members. (The other was Sinajana guy who said a bat had Tim's name on it)

      This is very telling of you folks.

    13. It is the very logical next step you guys are going to take. The hatred in your hearts won't calm. There is no other way around, guys. I'll pray for ya.

    14. Our faith teaches us that only God can know the heart. So now you're God. Go for it.

    15. Anon at 5:49pm. Your revelation speaks more about yourself. You should know (and anyone else posting threats) that your isp is recorded and if anything were to happen via your threats of violence, you can and will be apprehended! Many people who threaten online have been caught and persecuted, whether they posted their names or not.
      Continue with your veiled threats and you will find out that placing yourself as "anonymous" doesn't guarantee you are hidden.

  3. Mr. Joy said: "There are others who also on your JW Facebook page are "liking" your anti-NCW posts and you say you only know of two. "

    Not only does this person continuously retorts with personal attacks (ad hominem? True!) they are also stalking Tim's face book page!

    How deep are the depths of this person's obsession of Tim that compels them to lurk on this blog and creep on Tim's FB page?

    I hope "Joy" seeks help to curtail his degenerate activity of stalking Tim and his FB friends.

  4. The Neo movement is just about the only movement that has caused great divisions not just here on GUAM BUT ALL OVER THE WORLD! So Sad!!!!!!!!

  5. "I've tried to share with you also but you have denied because of my anonymity. You wanting a name shows the amount of faith we are dealing with."

    Positive identification leads to one's credibility or lack of...

  6. * You have seen according to your own premise. Show me the facts.
    *What false allegations has the Archbishop placed against Fr. Paul? A Letter was sent to Fr. Paul for his removal and the reasons as to. Fr. Paul has denied it and this is where we are at today.
    *The RMS Seminary was acquired as a gift. The archdiocese did not invest a dollar into its acquisition. Show us the Facts behind the termination of the council, the reasons.
    *The RMS remains a seminary for Guam and the World. All priests formed there are under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop. They belong to Guam, there is no lie in this. The other seminary was formed because Junee Valencia declined to be formed by a NCW RMS and the discernment continues for Junee who was also a postulant with the Friars.
    *Aaron was not lied to. What Aaron needs to do is ask how did Richard Kidd avail of his off-island formation? This is where the truth lies. I guess Aaron is not on Msgr Benaventes favorite list. It is true though, today Guam has two seminaries who the people refuse to support. By the grace of God and His faithful providence, it continues.
    *Do you know why we have these filipino priests? Because Guam did not have enough priests. There was no one entering the program. These priests were brought to Guam but they somehow forgot that they were at the service of the Archbishop and the faithful. Record speaks for itself, almost all of these priests have refused and have chosen to be disobedient. I dare you to call any of these parishes that are housing these priests and see if they are willing to go beyond the front doors of the parish. Fr. J. de los Reyes continues to use his financial influence as his weapon to stay untouched in Dededo, hes actually been winning.
    *Guam has not lied to the Extension Society. You do the math. We are sufffering and have been way before the NCW arrived. If you dont agree with the existence of the RMS then it is not worth the dialogue, you do not support it period.
    *Your judgement of the Fruits of the RMS is a personal one and since you are very firm in those judgements, I will not waste my time. We dont need good priests, what we need is Holy Priests.

    Guam Catholics are not dumb. If youve never been taught basic math I cannot cite you for your addition mistakes. The same is with the vast majority of people who do not know the NCW, its not their fault that they criticize or persecute, but they do need to be given the truth. I am a member, I have experienced it, I know the truth. What I share is not limited to what I have heard, read or seen but also based on my physical and spiritual presence within the NCW. I stook around for more than one day, one month or even one year.

    You assume again that I am a person of church hierarchy, I am not the Archbishop. I am a catholic who can lay claim to a parish of my own. I have a community of believers who are sinners, people I can say, I know and share in their sufferings. I am a catholic who goes to Eucharist every Saturday evening and again on Sunday morning. I try my best to make it to daily Eucharist on top of the Word Celebration I have within the community. I continue to support our Seminaries, I do not withhold what I have been blessed with. I am a cheerful giver of my time, talent and treasure.

    I do not boast of my Natural Man, this man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God. So if you want to continue to acclaim your manhood, go ahead and be a man. Joy!

  7. I emailed a synopsis of the Roman Catholics vs. Neo (the parasite that's eating at our money....and the firing, hiring and firing of Fr. Gofigan. The celebrity priest said that the NCW is approved by Pope Francis. and sanctioned by the Roman Catholics. He did not reply to my report that Fr. Gofigan was humiliated and fired by the bishop. I am disappointed that he didn't look into the money problems....no wonder we're confused....