Saturday, May 31, 2014


Go to Click on the search icon at the top right. Type in the name "Tagle". Hit enter. Two articles come up, both from 2011. That's it.

What happened to the big headline story from May 18, 2014, where Ms. Dulla begins: 
"His Eminence Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, D.D., Archbishop of Manila, has invited initiators of the NeoCatechumenal Way: Kiko Arguello, Carmen Hernandez, and Fr. Mario Pezzi, a priest of the Diocese of Rome to hold a Vocation Meeting with the youth of the Philippines on June 6."

Where's the story on the website? It was there a few days ago. It's gone, scrubbed, deleted. Hmmm. We soon shall find out why. 

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