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As per a post in Diana's blog by Bernie. Could this be Bernie ...?

I wonder what was the purpose of the Jungle blog by withholding confidential information about the Cardinal Tagle invitation.

If you read the thread of the blog you see how the information was deliberately withhold post by post in order to incite emotions. This followed an evil script to entice and entrap the readers of the blog who fell to the scheme with no exception. Just read the comments when the confidential Tagle letter was eventually exposed. It was a shameful hatchet job what the Jungle blog did by manipulation and delaying confidential information that was obtained by an international plot and therefore was known by the blog much earlier!

This evil scheme was designed to thwart attention from the real thing that happened in the Philippines: the visit of the International Catechist Team that will be followed by establishing hundreds and hundreds of Neocatechumenal communities all around. The flocking of people into the new formation will ensue a spirited renewal of the whole Catholic Church in the Philippines. This is the truth that happened on June 6th, 2014. ;)


As usual, there is so much here that challenges even the simplest intelligence. But let's try. Here's how my "evil scheme" unfolded. 

I had seen the story in the U Matuna on May 18 and didn't think much of it. I didn't know much about Cardinal Tagle, and usually bishops and cardinals are always polite hosts. Plus, even if the story was fake it would not have surprised me, being already aware of how Kiko uses the media. 

Here's an example. Of the 33 lay people appointed as members and consultors to the Pontifical Council of the Laity, guess how many stories Zenit did about each one. Ummm, ONE would be correct. And you would also be correct if you guessed which one, even though the NCW is only a medium sized organization amongst all those represented. But back to our story. 

I am so used to Neo-spin that it hardly interests me, and given the total Neo control of the U Matuna, why should there be any surprise that the spin would be printed there? So I was not surprised and never even cared to investigate the story.

However, on May 31 someone asked me about the date of the event. I don't keep copies of the U Matuna so I went to the website and couldn't find the story. I searched every possible way. All the other stories were there, but not that one. I then went to Google and typed in the names Tagle and Arguello and assorted variations. Nothing about a meeting in the Philippines came up...IN ALL OF GOOGLE! So I figured it was typical Neo tricks and went to bed. 

The next day someone from Manila who had gotten wind of the story called me and let me know that Cardinal Tagle in fact had not invited anyone to the event and that he was upset about his name being used. The Cardinal had first gone to the rector of the RMS seminary in the Philippines to see if the story had originated there. When the rector confirmed that it did not, the Cardinal was left to believe that since the story had only been printed in Guam that the story had also originated in Guam. He then wrote the letter of correction to Jennifer Dulla.

I found this all very typical but figured if I was going to do a story on it I needed a copy of the letter, so I sent a request to my contact. This was about June 4. But let's stop here since "Bernie" accuses me of withholding information for the purposes of perpetrating an "evil scheme". 

The Caridnal's letter was dated May 29. And who was it addressed to? Jennifer Dulla. And who was it copied to? Tony Diaz and Sister Marian. So WHO had the information as of May 29. In fact we know they had a copy because that explains why the story was scrubbed when I was looking for it on May 31 (which is when I posted the story DELETE). 

And because of the seriousness of the letter and who sent it, it would have been an absolute dereliction of duty to not notify the chancery of the letter immediately. So unless you want to label Jennifer, Tony, and Sister Marian "derelict", we have to assume that at least one of them notified the chancery immediately. So WHO had the letter? The U Matuna staff and the Chancery. And who is the Chancery? Archbishop Apuron, Msgr. David C. Quitugua, and Fr. Adrian Cristobal.


When my contact eventually procured a copy of the letter and sent it to me, he also let me know that I was NOT to post the letter on my blog unless the U Matuna did not print it. And I was told that the instruction came directly from Cardinal Tagle. 

So I obeyed the Cardinal and waited to see if the U Matuna would print the Cardinal's letter. I also wanted to give the Archbishop the opportunity to do the right thing. It was his duty to set the record straight. It was his newspaper that misused the name of the Ordinary of another diocese. It was his decision not to correct the record himself and take responsibility for it. And it was with his sanction that the whole affair was organized under false pretenses. 

So, like the episode I recently posted about the lie we were supposed to tell on KOLG, I WAITED for the Archbishop to do the right thing. And like with the KOLG cover up, he did not. And neither did the U Matuna. 

The reason I waited till the evening of Friday June 6 was because I do not have access to the U Matuna before anyone else. I had to wait until it was released. And not seeing the Cardinal's letter and only the pathetic "it's nobody's fault - we all make mistakes Erratum", I posted the letter. 

Diana and her sad little friends have tried to pass this off as some minor printing error, noting that the PDN will sometimes print similarly worded corrections. But there is NO DENYING that Jennifer Dulla herself knew the truth on May 29 and no attempt was made to communicate that truth to the communities (otherwise Diana would have known). There is NO DENYING that the ruse had begun as early as April and those who had originated the ruse did nothing, even after getting the Cardinal's letter. There is NO DENYING that the Archbishop himself knew all of this was a lie and did nothing and is still doing NOTHING. 

Oh, but that evil Tim Rohr!

And these are the people that are to bring a "renewal of the whole Catholic Church"???


  1. Tim, according to Bernie, it is a renewal of the WHOLE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE PHILIPPINES! That was the reason for the Presence of Kiko and his Kikomaniacs. Sounds like the Filipino people do not know much about their Catholic Faith according to Bernie!

    What a slap to the Philippine's Catholic Church! To Archsbishop Apuron, if you think that by being there in Manila proves that you are more of a Shepherd than Cardinal Tagle, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! I do not know what you are trying to prove. Because of your personality, you will NEVER have the charisma that Cardinal Tagle has!

    A Kababayan from Cubao!

    1. Yes, and thank you for pointing that out. The "in the Philippines" was added because the meeting was in the Philippines. However, they believe that they are the "renewal" of the Catholic Church wherever they are. I'd agree with you that it was a pretty big slap at Tagle. But they don't care. He's a Judas too according to them.

    2. Could this be Bernie Santo Tomas whose son is a seminarian at RMS? What do you mean? You shut names trying to make your blog interesting! Are you still going to communion after all these hatred and calumnies? Why do you think bad about people? Even if you are right, who are you to defame people. Somebody must be behind you!

    3. Ummm, 10:57, I didn't say that, the commenter did. As you should have been able to see, the sentence above says: Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "NOW CLICK HERE": If you click on the word "comment" you will see the original comment. Why are you playing in the Jungle anyway?

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    1. Contact....it's me the kababayan from Cubao! This is all you need to know.

    2. @Anon. 11:13....your statement is useless since you didn't put yor real name. Anyone can say "kababayan from Cubao."

    3. Not sure if one anonymous demanding the name of another anonymous is going to go anywhere???

    4. You do not need to know who I am the same why I do not need to know who you are!

      Peace Be with You!

    5. So funny!


  3. "international plot, evil scheme, evil script, withholding confidential information"...Bernie, that's classic "doublespeak", LOL. As Miss Nancy on Romper Room used to say, "Let's put on our thinking caps!"

  4. Now, that the letter of the Archbishop of Manila including the date is now in the open and heard Tim's explanation of events, shouldn't Anonymous June 9 8:55pm apologize to Tim for wrongly accusing him. Come on, do the right thing. I have to admit that before reading Tim's explanation, for a while, I believed that Tim did maliciously delay sharing important pieces of information on a timely manner. I apologize. Now, Anonymous June 9 8:55pm, it is your turn.

  5. Kindly change my comment and add Bernie's name. I just realized the anonymous June 9 8:55pm put a first name. Sorry!

    1. Not sure what you are asking. Try again.

  6. Amazing! At a gathering this evening this was the conversation between two women sitting next to me.

    Mother: I didn't mind the one day Baptismal class, it was what happened during the class.

    Other: What went on?

    Mother: A NEOCATECHUMENAL COUPLE came in. They asked if they could come to my house or I could go to theirs.

    Other: And?

    Mother: What was I suppose to say, No! I was afraid that my child wouldn't be allowed Baptism, so I said yes!

    This is conversation was about the San Vicente Parish in Barrigada. A PLOY by the Neocatechumenal Way to recruit this Mother. This is nothing more than a COMMUNISTIC TACTIC. DECEPTION TO RECRUIT! This is where you can see the abuse of one of the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT.....installing the FEAR OF THE LORD into this mother.

    If you are seeking info about the Sacrament of Baptism at the San Vicente Parish in Barrigada, and are not WALKING THE WALK, this is what you can expect.

    1. Interesting! Deception! Ask the RMS Priest who invited married couples to go on a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage they did go on. Not knowing where their day would end was shocking. Asking the RMS priest where they were headed, response was don't worry!

      Well they ended up at the hotel where the Sweetheart's Ball was being held. Not prepared for the occasion or the payment, these people scrambled to the ATM machines to draw out what they needed to pay.

      Why didn't they question? Being polite and brought up not to question, they didn't want to embarrass themselves or the RMS priest. Pure deception in the part of the priest.
      RMS Priest you know who you are. Did you confess your sin for deceiving these people? Did you personally apologize to these people? True forgives comes from not only asking pardon from The Lord, but from those whom you have deceived.

    2. I can attest to the crazy tactics that goes on at San Vicente. During one year RCIA candidates had to go to the cathchesis to get their sacraments. In fact they had to go all the way and go to the convivence were they make the new community and were asked if they wanted to continue. Of course if a panel of people including a priest asks you youd say yes. But many of these people aren't walking anymore. So bad for getting that big community huh?