Tuesday, June 10, 2014


So we all now know that four important neo's either had a copy or knew of the letter from Cardinal Tagle on May 29: Jennifer Dulla, Fr. Adrian Cristobal, Msgr. David C. Quitugua, and Archbishop Apuron (and most probably Fr. Pius too).

So "Bernie" and Diana, instead of accusing Tim Rohr of: 
  • withholding confidential information
  • withholding said confidential information with the intent to incite emotions
  • following an evil script
  • following said evil script to entrap readers
  • conducting a shameful hatchet job
  • manipulation
  • collusion with an international plot
  • and engaging in an evil scheme

...why don't you just ask the people named above, your supposed allies, your fellow walkers, your neo-community buddies, your leaders...why don't you just ask them why THEY DIDN'T TELL YOU?

Bernie, look. It was these people who let you hang. It was these people who left you twisting in the wind. It was these people who withheld the "confidential information". It was these people who set you up. And it was these people who walked away when you all fell.  

It was never MY responsibility to share the Cardinal's letter. It was THEIR'S!

So why don't you hold them responsible? Don't you see what you have made of yourself and the Neocatechumenal Way by going after me like you did? Really? International plot, evil scheme, hatchet job? Sorry, but your leaders let you roast, NOT ME!

So since you won't ask them and they won't tell you, I will. They did not let you know of the Cardinal's letter because they all had been lying to you for weeks. They never thought Cardinal Tagle would find out. But he did. 

To let you know of the letter would mean that they would have to take responsibility for their lie. They couldn't afford that because once you knew they were willing to lie at that level (using a Cardinal's name), you might begin asking about other lies! Thus their only option was to just hide the letter and print some measly no-name erratum and hope it would all blow over soon. 

Look, Bernie. These people are showing you who they really are and what you really mean to them. Obviously you mean nothing to them, since they had no problem just letting you all hang, of letting you buy the lie, of letting you march right into the fire, of letting you show up in Manila UNINVITED by the person you were told had invited you. 

They had the truth and THEY DID NOT TELL YOU.  And had I not posted it myself, THEY NEVER WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU. They based their whole hope in covering the lie in you not finding out. Do you really want to believe in and follow people like that?


And another P.S. EVEN if your leaders were not involved in the origination of the lie. Even if that was just a mistake. And even if they displayed gross incompetence by allowing the false invitation to be propagated and printed without corroboration, ON May 29, EVERYTHING FROM THAT POINT ON BECAME A LIE BECAUSE THEY HAD THE TRUTH AND DID NOT TELL YOU.


  1. OOOOHHHH MMMYYYYYYYYYYY G-----------------!!
    This is so wrong at so many level!

    1. Care to elaborate/correct, @3:59? Or PROVE Tim wrong on so many LEVELS? Since you seem to know better.

    2. Not sure if 3:59 was referring to what I wrote or what I wrote about. So leaving the benefit of the doubt. But thanks for the support.

    3. Be careful, I was not referring to Tim; but at the extent of the Lies and cover up the archbishop and his men are willing to reach. We normally read this stuff on big government cover up.

      This is an orchestra with many Conductors; the band are all confused, who's supposed to play what and at exactly what time, it's one big MESS.

    4. 2:03... got it

  2. Sad. As a freelance writer, it's key that we verify our sources. Many reporters suffer much by protecting their sources. This should not have happened. Integrity is needed. We teach our students to cite their resources and give credit where credit is due. This correction is embarrassing for our people. So sad.

    1. True. But like Watergate, the story may have been the error, but the cover up is the crime.

  3. Simply put..... Diana and Bernie and every other proponent of the way that "Continues to play in the JUNGLE" have only one answer to everything, "My catechist said so therefore it has to be true!" I know this because I once was naive to the crap being spoon fed to the NCW Brethren.....

    Kenneth G. San Agustin

  4. Anybody for the THEME SONG....sort of wild Tuesday in the Jungle.