Thursday, June 12, 2014

SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH (Actually quite good!)

by Tripudio has left a new comment on your post "DONT' RUSH THE BRUSH!": 

a few weeks ago I found your blog. I admit I've been surprised how much your blog is similar to ours here in Italy (Osservatorio sul Cammino Neocatecumenale secondo verità: "truth-respecting observatory on the NCW") and our friends in Spain (Crux Sancta). Roman Catholic faith is the same everywhere in the world... and NCW cult is the same everywhere in the world.

Fun fact: you published a page "Kiko catechizes the Pope" a few days before we transcribed Kiko's actual speech from Youtube and published with the same title: "Kiko evangelizza il Papa" - before knowing anything about this blog).

This is why I wrote a page to review Jungle Watch, pointing out the similarities with things happening here in Italy.

We do not use our actual names in our blog because of many kikos actually annoying and attacking us (yes, up to episodes which required Police intervention). Also, one of their standard slogans is "Popes praise us, you criticize us, then you are against the Popes" (fun fact: all those slogans have the same scheme; example: "Kiko's songs are biblical, you criticize Kiko's songs, then you are against the Bible").

90% of the world NCW communities are in Italy and Spain. Thus most of the NCW-related texts are either in Italian or Spanish languages (do not rely too much on automatic translators, like GoogleTranslate: Italian and Spanish languages are sometimes quite hard to render in English). Having access to speeches and documents in their native language is a great help.

But most of the kikos rage come when some "unauthorized" photo or video come out. For example, you may have noticed that some time ago RMS websites wiped out every Communion-related image. "Unauthorized" means that they first make things public (on youtube and facebook), then attack us because we blogged about their public photos and videos - for example, the one when Kiko asks for "cefale" (Italian term for female mullet fishes), that is, NCW girls to go to "China" to support NCW missions and (literally!) attract young Chinese guys to the NCW "catechesis"... or the one where the lay Kiko says he «exorcized the entire China... sending devils to the Gobi desert».

Another fun fact: "you are famous, if someone opens a blog against you". We have here some "Diana's" and their NCW-praising blog, fighting against any easily recognizable fact. Italian "Diana's" and "Zoltan's" ("Pasqualone" and "Jeff" and others) use the very same style and words (and lies, and propaganda, and so on) we're reading about here. We wonder why "a gift from God" (the NCW) has such a strong need of hypocrisy and lies.

Sorry for my poor English. 

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  1. It's happening in Boston like this also!! Thank God for these sites!!